Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Motu Mobile | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi |  Animated cartoon | Motu Mobile | Wow Kidz

Hey Ghasitey, listen to me please, you will never again get this type of opportunity. Wear this phone setup, believe me this time my experiment will be successful. You will get the opportunity to serve the common people. Oh my lord! I will never wear, please leave me, all your experiments are dangerous. Motu likes to serve the people. Look Motu Patlu are coming, let’s trick Motu into this as always. I have twenty years experience in tricking Motu. No not you, never. I will take this opportunity to serve the people of Furfuri nagar. No, not you. I will do it. Big brother, what is happening? Why are you both fighting? You Motu keep aside I will do the community service. I will do it. I like to do community service, you both don’t fight, give me I will do the service. Motu first ask them what it is they want you to do. I am agreeing because of Motu. Motu my brother, nobody can do better community service than you. Big brother, what is this? Go, Motu my brother, my friend, from today you are a public phone booth. Go and give free phone service to the people for a week. People of Furfuri nagar can call anywhere in the world for free. You have made a joker out of my friend, remove this. Its paining. Now this cannot be removed for one week, you can remove this only after one week. I will go and give this good news to entire Furfuri nagar. Let’s start with the first service from here itself. Look, this Ghasitaram has already put up your posters everywhere.I am not going to leave him. Excuse me. Boxer brother what are you doing? Please ask first. Who asks in a public phone booth, this is a free phone so why should I ask? I I am calling my mother in America, keep quiet and stand still. Hello mummy, I am speaking, your son Raju, how are you mummy? What? You are cooking food. Ok doesn’t matter I will hold on. Hey you, what is the meaning of “I will hold on”, put the receiver down. It means till the time she doesn’t finish cooking I will wait here, it is a matter of one or two hours. One or two hours!! My friend will not wait here. Hey, this is a public phone, why won’t you wait? This phone is for our community service. Chingam sir, help!! We are in trouble, come quickly. Tell me quickly, where to come? I will not spare you. Where to come they didn’t tell me, now where shall I go, how shall I go? First me. First me. I will call first. Chingam sir help, Dr Jhatka has tricked me. Look, all this queue is for making phone calls, they are not even allowing Motu to go to the bathroom. Hey, what is this show? Get aside everyone, stand back. Oh my god!! I also wanted to make a call, where have they run away? Boss, have you heard Motu has become Motu Mobile. Anyone can make free local and international calls from Motu Mobile. I have heard it. Come let’s go and see what this Motu Mobile is? Motu Patlu, where are you running away? Wait, I want to make one international call. Entire Furfuri nagar is running behind me to make the calls and you also started the same. Motu, go and hide behind the bushes. If you don’t mind, shall I make a call? No, never. Ok, then I will call the crowd back, they will make thousands of calls. Ok, you can make one call. Hello I am Motu Mobile, is this Moustache Don speaking? Yes, I am Moustache Don speaking. Your face is like a crow’s beak and your moustache is like a monkey’s tail. Your eyes are like a cat and your ears are like the Elephant’s. Who are you? You just wait there, I will not leave you. Come, I am not afraid of you, ask anyone where is Motu Mobile, everyone including the small kids also know me. What are you doing? You are threatening him and taking my name. Sorry, very sorry. Now, Moustache Don won’t leave you. He will trace your number and send you up in heaven, haha!! Bye bye Motu. And we won’t leave you. Muchchad don sir help, look Motu Mobile is beating me up, he calls me a dwarf, he calls me a short fellow. Don’t worry; I am also searching for him. Motu run from here, he is Moustache don and he is searching for you only. Wait everybody, first I will deal with him and after that you people do whatever you want to do with him. Dr Jhatka, you have got Motu in trouble. Tell me how to remove this phone setup from his body. Patlu my friend, suit cannot be removed, it can be exchanged, there is a red switch on on the back. It can be exchanged by pressing that red switch. Whoever presses the switch the suit will get fixed onto his body. Ok, thank you Dr. Jhatka. Motu do not allow anyone to press the red switch on your back, if anyone presses the switch you will blast. And good riddance from Motu for lifetime, haha!!! This Motu will put my plans to failure, let’s go and catch him. John you have only one chance, press the red switch. Boss!! Do not press it, wait!! One thing I did not understand, why would Patlu help me to blast Motu? Long live!! Friends now the public phone booth is there. Go and make free calls. Now Moustache don, now shall we and you try to be even. No need for that, my enmity is with that phone and not with you, now I won’t leave John. First I will call, first I will call, no no first me!!! Dr Jhatka, please detach this suit, please help. Sorry John my friend, now it is one year’s recharge, now it won’t come off before one year. No!!!!

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