Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Motu ki shaadi | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Motu ki shaadi | Wow Kidz

Boss, what happened? Why are you laughing so much? This time I have got such a lightning idea in my devil’s mind that Motu Patlu will be forced to leave this town. Boss, every time you get flown away in your own lightning ideas. No it won’t happen this time, listen to my plan, Number 2 I am going to get you married. I will get married! I will be groom! Not the groom, you will become Motu’s bride and marry him. I can’t marry Motu, I will not become bride. Do not worry, you have to disguise yourself as a lady. And you have to pester him a lot to get married so that he leaves Furfuri town forever. And what will I do boss? Number 1 you will become number 2’s sister and pester Patlu for marriage. So that he also leaves along with Motu. And I will become both of yours father. Hey tea vendor, please show us where is Motu-patlu’s house? Why? What happened brother? During childhood I had fixed my daughter Chameli’s wedding with Motu. But he did not come back when he grew up. That is why the bride herself came here on horseback to take the bridegroom with her. What are you saying? In my 20 years experience this is the first time I am seeing a bride has to take groom away. Hey madam, come here and have some snacks and tea. Oh shut up nonsense man, we have not come here to eat snacks and drink tea. We are here for wedding. Where is Motu-Patlu’s house? Come behind us. Motu brother, open the door. Congratulations! For what are you congratulating me? On the happy news of Marriage. Oh good, for news of happy marriage, come on let’s have some dance. No, son it does not look good that the groom is himself dancing on his own wedding. Who is the groom? Yes tell us who is the bridegroom? Motu son you are the groom forgot, see this is Chameli your bride. During childhood your wedding was fixed with this Chameli. Today she has come to take you, come on now sit on the horse. No! My wedding was never fixed. Appa dabaa dabaa chppa tappaa chppa. Hey what is this language she is speaking? She is saying my dear love golu molu, still you are the same as you were in your childhood days. Get me married to him now. Oh no, run from here! What is this trouble not called for? You charming man, I have heard very good things about you. Will you marry me please? I am ready to wed with you. But I am not ready, run! Chingam sir, help! Hey Motu, what happened? Why are you in such a hurry as if riding a horse? I am not on horseback, the bride is on the horseback. Hey, what is this? This is a police station not a horse stable. Inspector sir, Motu has come here, please bring him out, the bride is here to take him with her. Oh my god! A good person like you will get your daughter married to Motu? Motu is a criminal. I have caught him after a lot of trouble. If you marry your daughter with a criminal her life will be spoiled. Appa dabaa dabaa chppa tappaa chppa. What is this language? What is she saying? The bride is saying that it was her dream from childhood that she should marry a criminal. Now her dream would turn into a reality, now call the Priest quickly. We will get married here in the jail itself. I will also get married to Patlu now itself, he looks like a good criminal, I like good criminals. No!! Patlu, do something! Motu Patlu why are you banging against the ceiling? We want to run away breaking through the ceiling roof. If you want to run, go through the gate. Big brother please save us, this trouble is following us everywhere. Please help us. Motu my friend, do not worry I will do something. Bring out Motu and Patlu, their marriages are fixed to my daughter. Sorry uncle but one chemical of mine has fallen over Motu-patlu. And they will remain colorful for their entire life. Appa dabaa dabaa chppa tappaa chppa. she must be saying, daddy let’s go home I don’t want to get married to such a colorful person. The bride is saying she likes only colorful people. Now the marriage will be permanent, call the priest quickly. Show us the bride’s face once. Motu think quickly, where shall we hide? My brain does not work on an empty stomach, you only think something. Where are you hiding groom? I think Motu Patlu have left the town, my plan is successful. Boss, this time your lightning idea has become successful. Now John will be Don. So this is the story, John and the goons are making a fool out of us. Come on Motu, now we will teach them a lesson. What is this? Why are you sitting on a chariot? Hey we have come here to take the brides, both Motu and Patlu are ready to get married. Both of them are criminals, then also the girls are ready to marry them. Where will they get such nice girls for whom husband is everything? This is why Motu and Patlu are ready for marriage, congratulations! Yes, we have brought the priest also along with us. Appa dabaa dabaa chppa tappaa. Hey what are you saying aapa tappa chappa? What can I do the groom is ready? Let’s go, I am ready to get married. Boss help, we don’t want to get married. We will leave you only on one condition, first both of you beat up your boss too much. Boss, always in your lightning ideas we are the ones to get beaten up. They had come to make us leave town, now they themselves are running away on horseback.

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