Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Chingum ka farmhouse | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Chingum ka farmhouse | Wow Kidz

Chingam, you’re friends haven’t arrives yet. The auspicious time of our farm house entry is passing away. Mother, they might be reaching. Sorry, we are a little late. Look Motu, what a beautiful bungalow has been built by my father. It is such a beautiful farmhouse! After retirement, they will settle here only, my father has worked hard to build this bungalow. This is a beautiful farmhouse and a strong bungalow indeed. This bungalow is so strong that even an earthquake can’t break it. Let’s break the coconut and enter the bungalow. Give me, I’ll break the coconut. Oh sorry everybody, I will get the coconut right now. Oh sorry buffaloes, by mistake the coconut hit you, sorry. Oh no! If bubble gum sir sees this crack then, he will break my head. What had happened Motu? Nothing much, I just took time to search the coconut. Oh my lord! I have twenty years of experience of breaking the coconut, give me I will break it. Bubblegum sir, you have made a brilliant farmhouse. Thank You! You all can go see each room in the house at ease, mean while I will cook something. Ok mother. You all see the house, meanwhile I will go and help mom. Motu, have a look, this is a machine to shred the fodder. By moving this handle the fodder for buffaloes and cows can be made edible. Patlu, that buffalo seems to be little angry, I will go and feed her. Motu, you have just eaten samosa, don’t put too much pressure or else the machine will break. Don’t worry Patlu, look how fast I will cut the fodder. What did you do Motu? Who told you to turn the handle so hard? Sorry Patlu, this is the second wall which has cracked now, do something. What! Second wall? Meaning, you have already cracked a wall before. What happened Motu Patlu? Nothing at all Chingam sir, we are just walking around. Motu, now walk silently and don’t touch anything. Look there, the horse is openly roaming around, he will run away, let’s go and tie. Oh my lord! It seems like the horse is getting angry. No, don’t be angry, I will give you fodder. Hey! I’m telling you all let’s run away, the horse is about to attack. May all medicines goes in your mouth, It broke the entire wall. Hey! From where did the light come? I felt the same. Let me check it. Everyone come inside, the food is ready. Chingam sir, we were thinking of going in the farm and work on the tractor. I like to drive a tractor. Ok, mean while mom is preparing sweet dish, come soon. Start. Big brother, the tractor isn’t moving ahead, please push it from behind. Motu, you have made blunder twice, if it’s not working then leave it and let’s go back. Patlu, I know to drive a tractor very well, you guy just push it from behind. Even I will push it now. What! so much of wet mud? This is the reason why tractor isn’t moving ahead. I have no idea where all three went away, first I will clear the mud from here. See, now it’s moving, you guys didn’t push it properly. Where did you all go? Big brother? Patlu? What happened to you three? You’re asking us what happen,after getting us stuck in the mud you’re asking us what happened. Oh my lord! Stop fighting and stop the tractor first. Oh my god! What was that? Hey Patlu, I felt something unusual inside the house, what was the noise about? It’s nothing, Chingam sir, let’s go and have food. Yes, I am damn hungry. Chingam, did you leave the jeep on? I can hear some noise. No dad, Jeep is off. Motu, go and turn off the tractor or else it won’t take much time to break the wall. Yes, I will go right now. You all start eating, I guess I left my watch outside. Oh my god! Motu, what have you done? Stop! Or else I will put you in prison. Motu! You broke the wall of my new house. Chingam’s Dad, cool down, it’s just a wall. Motu! Take the tractor outside. But aunty, the tractor is not in my control, the gear is broken. Chingam! Arrest him, he broke the second wall too, arrest him, Motu is more dangerous than an earthquake. Don’t get angry, cool down, tractor isn’t in his control, just two walls are broken, don’t be angry. Now get angry, now nothing is left, show your anger. Oh my god! Gold coins! Our ancestors treasure, my father dug it somewhere in this ground. We searched a lot for it but couldn’t find it, today we found it. Motu, you are great, you found our treasure, thank you very much. Motu, thanks a lot for breaking our house. If you would have not broken our house, then we would have never found our ancestral treasure. We are very happy.

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