Monster High Repaint – Ava – Cyberpunk OOAK doll – English Sub

Monster High Repaint – Ava – Cyberpunk OOAK doll – English Sub

Hi! Nice to see you again! For this second video I chose to work on a secondhand Monster High Robecca Steam. I had her without arms so I was inspired by the theme of cyborgs. I had to find a solution to replace her missing arms and so this theme appeared appropriate. In addition, Robecca’s body is covered with steel plates which makes it even more interesting. To prepare the doll for customization, I cut her hair as close to the head as possible. Boil water to soften the neck clip to remove the head from the body. When it’s done, I scratch the inside of the head to remove the rest of the hair and glue. Then I erase the makeup with acetone and then dip her in a good bath with soap. Out of camera, I create a hull that serves as a base for her wig and hair extension with yarn. Then I come to lay the wefts that I have prepared one by one as for the Captain Silurus from my first video. We start with the back of the head; we hide the hair extension so that harmonizes with the rest of her hairstyle. I cover the head above her ears. Then I add wefts on the sides to finish with the line. No curls this time, I keep my straight hair. No curls this time, I keep my straight hair. I decide to paint some plates from the top of her body first. A black acrylic paint as a base is indispensable for the desired effect. After the black base, I paint silver. Robecca has a heart on her chest, I paint it with iridescent green to bring it out. When the paint is dry, I pass a black wash over the steel plates. Finally, I choose to put a shiny varnish on the surface. Two layers are necessary, so I wait for the drying time indicated on the bottle. When the upper body is well dry, I can do the same steps on the legs watching out for the joints. watching out for the joints. For the shoes, I chose the pair of another version of Robecca, also a secondhand and I paint them in black. I underlay the details of these shoes in white such as pipes, laces and sewing stitches. The steel parts are repainted in silver, I choose to put a light green as the basis for the pipes and I first paint the laces in dark green. Last coat of paint for pipes, an iridescent green to give a metallic and cyber effect and cyber effect. Little info, I don’t show it on video, but the underside of the shoes is also painted. We don’t forget the little details that make all the difference! And we put the second layer of greendarkened on the laces. I’m adding a black wash to the entire shoe. When it’s dry, I matte the leather, and shining the metal parts. I chose to make her interchangeable arms. For this I use another Robecca for the right measure and a solid wire that will be the base of the arm. She will be able to equip herself with clamp arms, cannons, lasers and even sword. Cool huh? Her arms are made from rod cotton stick, cardboard straw, toys, foam and various recovered elements. The end of the wire must remain accessible because it fits into the arm of the doll as if it were part of her. I’m just hiding it with a foam armband. After manufacturing, I underlay everything with black paint. Then, with a silver and green paint I highlight the details of each arm. When the paint is dry, I protect it with a shiny varnish. From Raven Queen’s header, I add computer mouse elements to create a scouter like in Dragon Ball. So my character is able to define the power of her opponents. I paint the elements black, silver and green. After drying, I protect the set with a shiny varnish. To accessorize the legs, I use Frankie Stein’s bag to which I remove the straps. And I cut the ends to create two batteries. I add foam and some pieces of broken headphones. I add foam to the two legs I paint in black. Yes, then I realize I should have used black foam ! I glue the batteries to the legs, I reproduce the pattern of her body plates off camera on the foam to unify. I decorate batteries with fine electrical wires from an old USB cable. I unify it all in black and paint the details in silver and green. As for the rest of the body, I lay a black washing to age the steel. I protect with a shiny varnish while respecting the drying time between layers. I’m careful not to touch the joints. Legs are over, I continue with the bust and shoulders. For this, I put a black foam this time to form an armor. I also install a belt made from a joystick component. I try to follow the form of the plates already existing. When I put everything down, I paint silver to cover the black except the belt that will be green. Again, I add a black wash. The steps of creating this character are very repetitive… Then I’ll put it on the line, I’ll protect with shiny varnish. In the final step of the body, I touch the black paint of the panties and I varnish with a matt as for the boots. For the socle, I have the idea to create a reloading base for the character. To do this, I cut into foam the shape of the Monster High socle that I will glue over. I don’t forget to mark the opening location. I place the cut part of Frankie Stein’s bag in the center to mark the shape and cut. Outside camera, I glued it and then I added elements with scoubidou to create the cables of the doll’s connection. I decide to recreate the steel plates as on her body and the details are made with varnish-glue. I underlay it all in black and green. Then I color the elements in silver and iridescent green. As for the body, I apply a black wash and a shiny varnish. After polishing the head with MSC, I start the makeup with the preparation lines of the eyes, nostrils and commissures. I draw the base of the eyebrows in green like her hair. I’m careful not to overflow the little nails of his face that I’m gonna paint. With dark brown pastel, I create shadows to give relief to the face. Then I go to the black dry pastel to contrast with her already dark skin. I’m reworking the eye preparation features. I draw the lip contour with a black watercrayon. I redefine the eye contour and draw the lower eyelashes. I paint the mouth with black acrylic paint as a base. Until the mouth dries, I paint the sclera with white paint. You come back to her mouth with silver paint. As a design, I decide to make her different eyes. One is normal, human, dark brown, and the other is a purple cyborg eye. To give relief to the dark eyes, I draw smaller, clearer details with my fine brush. I also painted the base of the eyebrows in green. For the cyborg eye, I choose a purple iridescent paint and draw an electronic circuit with white paint. I define the eyebrows with a dark green paint. Robecca’s face is covered with plates and nails, so I paint them in black first. Then I add silver paint. When the makeup is dry, I protect with MSC first, then shiny varnish for eyes, mouth, nails and steel plates. The doll is finished. I created a little decor with cardboard and paper to make nice pictures. I can now put on her boots, her scouting, and decide which arms I’m going to put on for original poses ! Ava is an antivirus. Thanks to her many interchangeable arms it reunites to fight the of the matrix. She feels no emotion, no feeling except perhaps the rage to defeat her enemies Analysis completed. This video is over, thank you for watching it. I take part in the Swap of Retro Dolls on the theme of Galaxy Glamour, it’s my first I’m very excited about it, so we’ll see you soon for new adventures ! Hi !

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  1. Wow u did a wonderful job

  2. Magnifique ! Je suis fan de ton style 😉

  3. Sélène! You have done it again 😱. She looks amazing! All the details and hard work 😱. It is so much fun watching you create everything.
    Can’t wait for your next upload! 😍

  4. Ps. For ppl that don’t speak French; captions are working.

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  8. Love it. Amazing and cool stuff you created to her clothes.

  9. SHE'S AWESOME! She looks like someone who might get into a fight with Battle Angel Alita.😊 Great work, luv! Have fun with your first doll swap!

  10. That is so cool!!

  11. [ English subtitles are available in the video options. ♥ ]

  12. à nouveau du très beau travail. j'ai une robecca sur laquelle je peine à trouver l'inspi, je ne pensais pas qu'elle pouvait être aussi intéressante, une fois repeinte en argenté/métallisé. j'imagine que tu n'avais pas prévu l'armure dès le départ? parce que dans ce cas-là c'était pas indispensable de peindre le tronc. dommage de t'imposer le double de travail, enfin je comprends l'idée, l'épaisseur de l'armure la fait paraître moins nue. le seul détail que je n'aime pas ce sont les sourcils, que je trouve trop grands. pour le reste, c'est plein d'astuces et de recyclage, pour un ensemble final très cohérent. bravo!

  13. She is magnificent! Truly excellent work!

  14. looks amazing , i Love it ! 😍
    Crear job !!

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  18. Your attention to detail blows my mind. Your work is stunning and gorgeous. I really admire your art style

  19. Je suis super fan! Le style de tes custo est excellent, avec tous ces détails, ces effets patinés ou vieillis, ça donne du naturel et de la profondeur! Mais ce que j'apprécie particulièrement, c'est que tu récupères des éléments comme des pièces de souris, ou les fils du cable cassé ! La récupération couplée à la créativité, moi ça m'épate! Et puis, le travail que tu apportes à tes socles aussi… Je regarde beaucoup de vidéos de custo de poupée, et tu es la seule jusque là qui inclut le support à la customisation, je crois!

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