A new urban legend about a cursed number has
spread on the Internet. Momo has been with us for some weeks, but
it has already become one of the creepy virals of the year. Today, we are talking about her, but before
that we wanna remind you that you can subscribe to our channel if you havent done so yet,
so we are encouraged to keep making videos! This curious Whatsapp game started in Spanish
speaking countries, but it is already terrifying users all around the world. Maybe you cant wait to add this number to
your contacts and play. But we wannna advice you not to. It can be dangerous, but not from a supernatural
point of view – when contacting this unknown number you might be exposed to personal data
theft, blackmailing and cyber bullying. So, first of all, DONT DO IT. Enjoy this viral from far away, thank you! After this warning, let’s talk about the
Momo phenomenon. It all started some weeks ago, with a fake
challenge that started as a Whatsapp chain message. A Facebook user shared on his wall a picture
of a weird figure, the face of a woman with swollen eyes, scary smile and greasy black
hair. She had two horrifying black claws. In the description, there was a telephone
number with a japanese area code, and a message in japanese that means “People call me L”. Suposedly, when you add the contact to Whatsapp,
you can see the disturbing picture on her profile and the nickname Momo, hence her name. It didnt take long for screen shots to become
viral, as well as videos of people talking about Momo and challenging her. Theoretically, she can answer back in different
languages and start a conversation. Memes (miims) and videos of youtubers trying
to contact her led to the rapid expansion of Momo’s fame. Among all the stories people tell about what
they wrote to Momo, there are some where, suposedly, this terrifying user had information
about their personal lives. They also say Momo sent them scary pictures
and insults. The challenge of “talking to Momo” has
several versions – talking to her at 3am, the cursed hour, or not letting Momo type
more than twice in a row. When you see Momo’s image for the first
time, you rapidly get scared. She is like a quite realistic spectrum, but
dooont wory, she is not real. Momo’s image comes from a sculpture displayed
at the Vanilla Gallery, a museum in the district of Ginza, in Tokio. Rhis place is known for having exhibitions
of alternative art and, often, of a horrific tone. The sculpture was created by the Japanese
special effects company Link Factory, and in 2016 it was part of an exhibition about
ghosts and spectrums. This humanoid piece of art of the bird-woman
called the attention of many visitors at the gallery, and if you search different social
networks you can find pictures of people taking pictures with the sculpture. . Since Momo’s appearance, there has been
lots of phone numbers pretending to be this disturbing creature, so behind this whole
creepy prank there can be really bad intentions, apart from simply scaring us. Be very careful when dealing with these threats
and never access any link you are sent. We have to enjoy memes, but remember you cant
believe everything you find on the internet.

100 thoughts on “MOMO | Draw My Life DO NOT CALL THIS HAUNTED NUMBER

  1. Me

  2. Me:(calling my lil sis)
    Sis: Oh, heck i know her shes the chicken lady!
    Me: (Laghing loud)
    Sis: Oh….heck your crazy….
    Me:Thats highlarious

  3. I clicked so fast when I saw this :3


  5. There is no monster momo is not reall

  6. Bah!

  7. if she were in my dreams, she would make me die of laughter

  8. Me calling momo which I never did

    Momo: Hi SiSTeRs WASAP

  9. Why are you talking about Momo stupid this might scare little kids

  10. And I’m only little
    And what creepy music

  11. McDonald's we got to find her to make new chicken nuggets

  12. What's it's number

  13. This actually how to spell tokio it's like tokio but it's tokyo

  14. Elmo is kind of my crush, but I kind of like her but I don't like her because her face and scary. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no no, no, no.

    Me: Yeets Momo/Chicken Lady Huh? It didn't work?
    Momo/Chicken Lady: MUAHAHA
    Me: XD I'm not afraid of you!
    Momo/Chicken Lady: You sure your not scared? Grabs knife
    Momo/Chicken Lady: Chases her, then stabs her
    Me: oof @[email protected]
    Momo/Chicken Lady: VICTORY!
    I YEETED the chicken Ladys/Momos Career, But it did not work beacuse She took out a God damn knife and Stabbed Me! REEEEEE F* YOU CHICKEN LADY/ MOMO! >:(

  16. What the hell is momo challeng

  17. This namber was here when it was like 2019

  18. I am a horor fan

  19. I called her

  20. Please no More momo

  21. Ftege

  22. Why am i thinking about Momo from Twice??


  24. Momo's face was so ugly!!!!! Like ugh!!! Get out!!!!

  25. Bruh that's a Filipino legend

  26. Momo has claws.
    how does she text-

  27. That is not a girl that is a boy !!!!

  28. But it look like a girl

  29. Momo is not.haunted its because a japanise artidt created thus esculpture and put it in a art gallery if you want you can search it up on google you welcome😋😁

  30. (Peeps call meh L)
    Maybe the mean like loser well she is

  31. When my class first mentioned MoMo, I was like “who da hell is mOmO”

  32. Of course mono is not why because so the woman with the ugly face tock a picture then some one made it meme after other
    Person saw it and tock to next level and made it scary then the woh called the person who made it scary will answered the phone
    and then send creepy stuff

  33. Momo is also a combination of a girl and a chicken

  34. OMG😱

  35. Momo kill a kids

  36. Momo: hello-
    Me: oh hell nah

  37. Twice momo left the group:>

  38. Momo is fake because it is a creepy statue in China

  39. Stop believing on her it sucks its fake

  40. Me

  41. What is “Nop nop” ?.?.

  42. I was watching all the Momo videos and my mom said Where you watching this girl and showed me Momo I started Crying I was so scared And my mom said it’s ok she not real

  43. Do siren head

  44. e e

    (Replace the O with the E's and see what it becomes)

  45. RAD

  46. To the 3% who saw love the first time…… please no stop please and who the 10% who laughed….. why

  47. Momo comes
    Me:wanna watch jimmy neutron?

  48. This is so scary

  49. Momo is real

  50. Me: Gasp there's a chicken Me: graps shotgun Momo: WHAT no don't kill me Me: guess I'm having chicken for dinner

  51. When i first watched this ….
    All I see is creepypasta crap

  52. Moms is fake even though I dreamed about her or him!


  54. And she is fake.

  55. Momo means mother Bird

  56. Who didn't wanna watch this at first imagining how many faces of momo are in this video?

    Just me? okay… 😅

  57. Ahahah the most annoying person that momo texted was in Phillipines
    Momo:show me a cut in your hand if you want your family to live
    Kid:*writes the word cut*
    Momo:no I mean a cut
    Kid:*puts a cute kitten on his hand*
    Momo:no I mean a CUT
    kid:*writes a cut word again*
    Momo:you are the most annoying person that I have texted!!!

  58. Momo is not even scary

  59. Hirai Momo

  60. You make,me remember momo I'm trying to forget him in 2017 – 2020 he's at my dream every night he's my biggest fear how am I going to forget him today! 😩

  61. Me watches this
    Wait is this Michal Jackson?
    Mo mo no I am a chiken lady get it right

  62. TikTak: don’t call Momo

    Also TikTak: Don’t worry, she’s not real

  63. I'm waiting this in 2020

  64. Hi momo!

    Momo: hello…. 🙂

    What's up?

    Momo: you…

    I what?

    Momo: will

    Will what??

    Momo: die..

    Yay! No more school!

  65. 2019 baby

  66. who knows his number

  67. Who is watching in 2021 like if you are

  68. ok i know this is childish but
    Is anyone else scared of her face?

  69. I got a good joke
    Joke:why did momo cross the road
    Answer:because everybody's trying to eat her or him or chicken

  70. 2:20 goes up to 3:28

  71. Mono is not that creepy and I’m 6

  72. Who mom or dad just show you this or I just have crazy mom and dad

  73. Momos so boring that if she called when I was sleeping I would fall in a deeper sleep ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  74. Meh duur

  75. I saw this pic of two children and their mum was momo I think everyone knows that btw

  76. For dome reson momo looks like jeff the killer

  77. I used the app just to text my freinds im mexican to


  79. Momo. Live. Ni. The. Darkwip. Nach. Poelp. Up

  80. She is real

  81. well momo was actually a meme

  82. Momo: Hurt Yourself Me:Takes out uno card Momo:Dang It,

  83. Can we have the story be a little less scary 👌👌👌

  84. Call me my phone number is 269-601-6696

  85. this is the scariest creepy pasta for me UvU also so u won’t get scared here I’ll giv eu cookie:
    ‘’ 3 ‘’
    | >🍪

  86. Se quien eres (means) I know who you are (I know it cuz I’m Spanish lol)

  87. Momos fake

  88. 7 year old me: goes in yt sees a thumbnail of momo
    7 yr old me: LoL sHe LoOk FuNnY
    Few years later….
    Me now:* sees a thumbnailmof momo*
    Me now: AaAaAaAh ShE sCaRyYy

  89. hold up didn’t the watchers scared the crap out of momo

  90. Momo is not popular anymore means I don't care momo if she call or text me I will thak like a BAG GUY >:D dei momo I'm a kid 9 year and I'm not scard you scard of freddy haha the not scary robot in the world only set RAAa iiii baaa laaaa ? Nvm

  91. And momo is meme….

  92. Noooooooo i'm scared of momo

  93. Me (Says to people in my class about Momo)
    Everybody : (Gets scared)
    Also me (Guys no need to be scared she's a chicken)
    Everyone : (Oh okay)

  94. Oh my gosh is momo

  95. Momo: I'm gonna try to be a horror figure!
    Momo Yaoyourozu: Am I a joke to you?

  96. If u add a vertical line at the back of both o's it becomes mama

  97. She is just a piece of art

  98. Tokyo not Tokio

  99. When i fisrt saw MOMO i got scared and i cannot sleep and about 5 days later i tried to make a meem about her and i forgot about her.

  100. I got moko watsapp

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