Hey my name is George Holiday I am a
freelance songwriter and producer we’re in Croatia at the minute at
festivals because I’m doing some songwriting and some performing with some artists I have loads of friends that are guitarists and singers and I was so
jealous I’m just getting on planes going and like sitting on the beach and
recording and writing really cool music and then as a keys player I never got
the opportunity to do that so I was gonna buy Sprinter van and then
my mum actually found this bus. She was like I know this isn’t what you’re
looking for but are you interested in going check this out and then the next
day I put the deposit down so now it’s a 10 meter vehicle I have an HTV licence
to drive like 30 tonnes now and now I live in it full-time as well
I never thought I’d like want to live full-time in a van or a bus and I
absolutely love it. Having musicians call me and say and “I really want to Italy I
don’t know what the sound of Italy is like” I can take them there and then we
can just live and travel it’s just like a texture that you can’t get in the
studio. This is my Mercedes it’s an eight one four is the model. diesel engine four and a half litres, gets about 20 miles to the gallon a 2001 model it’s only done
like 85,000 miles used to be an old library bus in the UK they just go
around schools so used to be owned by the council sort of serviced every 3,000
miles we’ve got three solar panels on top which gives us I think it’s six hundred
watts of power we’ve got the equivalent of this for our leisure which is
underneath the bed these are our big batteries that like run the bus
these are 155 amp hours each quite a lot and now they have got flat on us once which is not fun because you can’t move the whole bus without
these working another thing that I love about this bus is like here you can
block off all the Isolators when we stood still I can turn that off and then
I can also isolate and turn off all my lights like if I’m going out for the
evening I can turn that off and know that everything’s not draining any
battery we have a hookup but I rarely use it actually because most of the time
we tried to do like wild camping as much as possible tech geeky stuff for all the
electrics so we have like isolator switches fuse boxes I have a battery
charger in here that’s running for like 24 volts they also charged in 12 volt
but our whole system on here is 24 volt 24 volts simple answer is just because
all the gear I already use is 24 volts my favorite little feature is this
reversing camera in the back here I have a huge heater keep all my gas and we
have all of our like Isolators so that when we’re driving we can just lock it
all out it makes me feel super safe but then and I also keep quite barbeque in
here this is like the exhaust from the boiler that’s like inside for the heater
I always go through the driver’s door the reason being is my all the other
doors are like bolted from the inside for extra security and then on the
outside I have this great big a lot called a UFO lock these are really great
because you can’t like just wrench all the screws on the inside you can’t just like
wrench them of., so inside, so inside my dad is a carpenter so he helped me with like cupboards and built stairs and helped with like a lot of the decor in
the kitchen and and helped with ideas I brought a lot of ideas to the
table and he’d sit there and go “no you don’t want to do that” or he’d sit
there and go “yeah cool I think you should do it like this though in a
different way” so like these tables fold flat I would have just built solid
tables so his ideas have been great yeah he was a big part of like helping make
this like a reality I’m very much like it an ordinary guy that’s just tried to
build something so you know I’m a musician not like a craftsman
it was tough process but like I think you just gotta throw yourself in and
learn along the way the main focus of building this bus was that I wanted a
studio in it the first bit that I was like thinking about and how much do I
need as a producer I used to have loads of loads more gear like loads of
outboard get here and there in my little studio at home with technology being so
good I was just like how much do I need to have and really its speakers as a key
player I need a keyboard and a laptop for all the sounds. Adam a7 speakers. I’ve
built like a bit of a bass trap wall behind this which is useful as well
because that’s part of where the door goes to it only came to here but it’s
not like a big bass trap wall which is great because I don’t need a sub on here
now my favorite keyboard ever is the Nord Stage 2 we have azden microphones on
board they pretty much record anything not just vocals like they’re great for
Strings and guitars. Focusrite is what we use for our interfaces because they’re
just super small and light and easy sometimes we do like video work for
brands and it means we can like pull up into their business go in and start
filming and doing all the things we need to do and then we come back here start
editing on the screens and then by the end of their working day we can get the
bosses in to sit down and literally watch what we’ve been doing. I guess the laptop
is like the workhorse of everything. Upfront I really wanted an area that we
could all like sit down on have meetings and like sit and chat but also people
can sit and get away from the writing session a little bit but still be
involved in it so these free chairs all spin like individually and they lock in place for like driving and stuff and here is the screen
for the reverse camera like my favorite thing black and white and sometimes it
flickers but what you can’t do with new TVs is like whack it and you can whack
this one and it works if I whacked that one it would break this was one of my
favorite features when I got it as a library bus that was originally in here
and I wanted to keep it so when I have guests this is one of the beds it hides
all of the tech stuff so I’ve been little lock on this side that slides out behind
here I keep all my like I’ve got a water tank 75 litre water tank which it isn’t
that big that it works out great for like two people living on here my heater
sleeping bags to people when they’re in the tent we have a tent on board so we
can keep all that stuff like Wi-Fi router box just bits and bobs you don’t
need that often that drops down and there you have a bet but it means we can
have like you know two extra people and we also have a Z bed that goes down
here so we can sleep like five people but it gets quite cramped so we don’t
tend to do that too often kitchen was like something I really wanted to keep
feeling like it was in a flat I wanted actual cooker because I really
love cooking it’s my way to switch off gas for when we’re off-grid and when we
plugged in it’s also electric which is super useful but it’s it my main thing
was that I wanted a gas like fire cooker pretty standard sink but most people
like love that this thing drops down just to create more counter space and we
also have like a fridge freezer this one’s actually 24 volt which I’ve
sometimes felt was an issue if we’re like off-grid for quite a while sucks up
a lot of power for like the freezer so I’m potentially going to downsize to like 12 volt
so back here we’ve got like a double bedroom so we have like TV up on the
wall which isn’t necessary but it’s so nice to have film nights tons of storage
a whole bed as well lifts the whole bed lifts up I mean we don’t
have like a back door so we couldn’t build it up and do like what they what
people doing like transits and Sprinter vans this is their only other
alternative actually saving space under the bed batteries are also in like
another locker that’s underneath there a full-size wardrobe for hanging shirts and the
bathrooms in here it’s quite a basic bathroom we have a full like electric
flushing toilet quirky features is the tap becomes the shower
and it’s hot water so you can have like a proper shower storage above as well
but keeping it like pretty basic small but very satisfying features all the
blinds pull them down and they just stay IKEA
fully recommend IKEA for stuff like that the most popular question I get about
travelling in this bus is like how did you afford to do this and it works out
like 6,000 pound a year is what I’m on track for like so far like spending wise
the cost of the whole thing to do I bought it for 11 and a half thousand
pounds spent three and a half on it because I was trying to recycle an
upcycled as most of the deposit yeah the whole projects was like 15,000 pound
it’s definitely cheaper than people think it’s gonna be and I know a lot of
people that do it that still have their jobs and they haven’t they don’t travel
too much they just live in it because it’s just cheaper to do. you can see and
experience so much more like living in a bus whether you’re a creative person or
whether you just want to bring your costs down anyone that’s like not
afraid to make some sacrifices in terms of like you really realize how lucky you
are turning on your tap at home where as here you’ve got to think about it a little
bit more it’s a small sacrifice to be able to see the world I don’t have a ton
of money and I still get a sea view like every day so that would be my biggest
recommendations if you want to see the world and change your view every day and
feel just like different inspiration from different places 100% do it


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  16. Ahhh so many lovely messages, thank you all! We have a channel for all our adventures, definitely come over if you’re interested in the projects we’re doing 🙏🏼😊🚎

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    Good tiny Beatsampler are Op1 Po33 or Sp404
    Tiny Synthesizer O Coast Behringer Crave or Roland Boutique
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