metal musicians write a pop song in 24 hours

metal musicians write a pop song in 24 hours

26 thoughts on “metal musicians write a pop song in 24 hours

  1. Gimli has a good voice.

  2. Still waiting on a tab to learn that mini solo. Too good

  3. Fuck my life, I wish this was an album I could buy

  4. It’s too „hard“ for pop song!!! 😂😂

  5. Why do I love your humor ? 😂😂😂

  6. I dont think you would have a solo in a modern shit pop song…

  7. Umm there's a guitar in this song it's obviously not pop. It also sounds like real drums not just a programmed click track with a clap on the 2 and 4.

  8. dude how old was you like 10 lol just palyin was pretty spot on for the pop station where I live well except for guitar skills and you blow the pop songs away ps aint autotune geat it can even make tone deaf me sound like a platinum selling artist…talentless hacks

  9. Franchement, c'est pas mal xD

  10. That changed my opinion of Hagrid <3

  11. Jésus Christ he got a Hell Of a Voice 👏👏👏👏👏

  12. IE think it's good, but this is TOO good for pop. It has to be a mess and obvious you don't know what you're doing.

  13. This ain't pop. There's too much talent for this one and no computer generated music.

  14. is this available on spotify?

  15. I like Gigli but where is Legolas 🧝‍♂️?

  16. No pop i need to get cured "play's paranoid"

  17. I reckon that was pretty cool

  18. Accidentally breaks the record for amount of guitar solos in a pop song lol.

  19. Too much talent for pop

  20. This sounds more like pop punk but you're getting there. (not a bad thing, pop punk is better than pop)

  21. This is what pop music needs to do more of. Creative, harmonic, catchy, awesome. 🤘💞

  22. Best pop song

  23. Lol, thankfully still alt rock

  24. inaccurate, there isnt supposed to be actual musical instruments and theres not enough auto tune smh

  25. Pop Lovers: what’s that thing this Jared guy is holding?

  26. That little lick tho

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