Men Running on Tanks and the Truth about Book Editors

Men Running on Tanks and the Truth about Book Editors

Good morning, Hank! Good morning, Hank. Good
morning, Hank, good morning, Hank… I wonder if I’ve ever said any three-word phrase more
often in my life. Anyway, it’s Monday. I hope you enjoyed Venice,
Florida as much as I enjoyed Venice, Italy; I was there because the Indianapolis Museum
of Art, where the Yeti is a curator, commissioned the 2011 ‘American Pavillion of the Venice
Biennale’, which is a REALLY fancy deal. For example, not to brag, I went to a party
with Micheal Stipe, the lead singer of REM, who wrote the song ‘Stand’ which you and I
choreographed a dance to in 1989, which our dad videotaped and then blessedly lost. The artist the IMA commissioned is called
Allora & Calzadilla, and the pavilion is a total success – it involves overturned tanks
and Olympic decathletes and gymnasts and an actual ATM machine that is also an actual
pipe organ! [pipe organ music plays] Hank, this is the first time the commission
for the Venice Biennale has gone to a museum that isn’t on either coast or the Art Institute
of Chicago, and I’m really proud of everybody at the Indianapolis Museum of Art for making
it such a huge success. It makes me super happy to be an Indianapolisian. Or Indianapolisicist.
Or Indianapolicious. Indianapolicious. Hey, where are you from? Oh me? I’m Indianapolicious. In other news, Hank, this is my book! It arrived
today from New York, where my editor and publisher Julie Strauss-Gabel sent it to me, you know,
with all of her comments on the pages and everything. I’m very excited, Hank, because even though
Julie and I have been revising this book for more than a year, we finally reached the point
where she, like, writes on the manuscript, and we can do the fun stuff like fighting
about how to spell the word stormtrooper. And she can write little notes making fun
of me, like about how in my fictional universe every day is Friday. This is a big problem with my writing, Hank.
I’ll often write, like, “On Friday, Augustus Waters called me. Three days later, on Friday,
we went out to lunch,” and Julie’s just like “Are you even trying? Are you even trying
to figure out what day it should be?” and I’m like “No! I’m not trying! That’s your
job.” But in fact, Hank, while that’s the public’s
perception of what an editor does, the truth is somewhat more complicated, as usual. The
real heart of the editorial process happens way before we ever start fighting about whether
“stormtroopers” is one word or two, and whether every day can be Friday; it starts when I
send Julie a draft and then she sends me an editorial letter. And that editorial letter isn’t about comma
splices–it includes sentences like, “As we crack open Augustus’s philosophy and contrast
it with Hazel’s more connected sense of living, I also think there’s a lot of room to look
more at the question of the nobility, and frankly the epic sexiness, of sacrifice/violence
versus the unsung struggle of illness; in short: what constitutes martyrdom?” As you can see, Hank, that’s not about spelling.
By the way, Julie, if you’re watching this, I am not changing my spelling of stormtroopers
unless and until George Lucas himself calls me and tells me that it’s two words. That
said, you’re right about everything else, and, no matter how happy it would make Rebecca
Black, I agree with you that every day should not be Friday. So, Hank, I think the assumption that editors
exist primarily to, like, fix grammar errors is really incorrect. I mean, I could just
read the universe through the Chicago Style Manual; I don’t need Julie for that. But!
I also think it’s incorrect when people think that the main reason editors exist is to,
like, censor your work, or to somehow make it worse. Without Julie, Paper Towns would be devoted
largely not to Walt Whitman’s poem Song of Myself but to an incredibly boring history
of the machinations of the United States Postal Service. And without Julie, instead of Colin
and Hassan hunting for feral hogs in rural Tennessee, there would be this 75-page–and
I’m not making this up–how-to guide about how to take a roadkilled raccoon, skin it,
and then tan its hide. I don’t know what I was thinking, Hank, but
back in 2005 I was really interested in hide tanning. And without Julie and before her my amazing
mentor and first editor Ilene Cooper, nothing that anyone likes about Looking for Alaska
would be in that book. In short, Hank, while God knows I’d like to
think that writers are more important than editors, the truth is that we may not be.
I mean, there is a reason that The Great Gatsby and The Sun Also Rises were edited by the
same guy. Hank, I’m going to get to work. I’ll see you
on Friday. [laughs] I didn’t–I didn’t even do that on purpose, I promise. Ohhhh, it’s
like I have calendrically specific dementia.

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  1. I have a friend that is one of those people that believe that editors are useless and that your blood is blue and that your hair is made of dead skin cells and I can't ever convince her otherwise because she's so stubborn that she won't even listen to SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE! 

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    i love nerdfighteria because phrases like this exist within it.

  11. Watching John discuss the editing process over the course of the vlogbrothers has made me incredibly driven to become an editor. Before I got into watching these videos I was considering it as a career path but I was largely sticking to a childhood ambition to go in to law. Now I finally have a dream for my future that I am completely in love with.

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  15. I recently re-found this video and it reminded me that this video in one of the things that inspired me to aspire to become an editor. I graduated from college last summer and got a job as a copy editor in September—a job I greatly enjoy. I am learning a lot and I still aspire to one day become a book editor who helps people tell their stories. (Basically, I want to get paid to send email like the one you read from your editor 🙂 ) So, all this to say thank you. Thank you for being thoughtful and making everyday inspiring things 🙂

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  19. I've known that I want to be an editor for years now, but this video has reaffirmed my wants and has killed at least fifty percent of the doubts I've began to have on whether it is what I want to do, so thank you 🙂 

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  21. John, I know this is not the proper place to write this but I just wanted to tell you that The Fault In Our Stars was one of the books that helped me to open my eyes up to the world and realize our time here is fleeting and to live each day as if it were my last. Of course I smiled and cried through so much of this book, I couldn't stop the tears from falling for more than a week. That said I am so happy I choose to read your book versus seeing the movie first because sometimes when you do that it sort of kills things. I just wanted to know if there will be a sequel to this book or if AIA is a real book? Thanks you so much you have given with this book. Your an inspiration to me.

  22. Dear 2011 John,

    Tomorrow is June 6, 2014 (a Friday, actually), exactly 3 years after you posted this video.  And tomorrow, this story that is a stack of scribbled-on pages on top of your head, will be a movie released in theaters.  It has been a project nurtured by people who value your story, who have worked hard to do it justice, and who have respected you in the creative process.  It currently has an 8.6 rating on Rotten Tomatoes. And your life will be very different in 2014 for many reasons.  But just know that starting tomorrow, your story will live on the silver screen, and we are all so, so proud of you.  Because even if it's not technically your movie, it is your story, and it inspired something beautiful.

    Best Wishes,
    2014 Kelsi

    P.S.: "Calendrically-specific dementia" is still probably the best phrase anyone has ever said ever.

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