Meet The NBA’s Favorite Custom Shoe Artist

Meet The NBA’s Favorite Custom Shoe Artist

25 thoughts on “Meet The NBA’s Favorite Custom Shoe Artist

  1. Kickstradomis is back at the top of the custom sneaker game — dozens of the top NBA players wear his shoes in games, including players like James Harden, Damian Lillard, and Karl-Anthony Towns. But the come-up wasn't easy — an accident back in 2016 left him with serious injuries and a new set of obstacles to overcome.

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  2. yo the fact that he's color blind & had to train his mind to see colors differently is actually amazing. perseverance at its finest!



  4. I’m happy for your success air brother!

  5. Does custom shoes – wears boring shoes


  6. Yo get this man some colorblind glasses

  7. title of the track played on the part please.

  8. Who's Better Tho Kickstradomis or Sierato?

  9. great story and all but I honestly prefer sierato

  10. Holy shit the rick and morty shoes are badass!!!

  11. The reason they haven't been in the league is because they recently lifted the shoe ban

  12. can you do my kyrie lows

  13. Dude this guys is colour blind and he still makin Art peices

  14. seirato or this guy they both dope

  15. Yo i feel like people like dizz should have their stuff online, best way to create something is with , good luck with that bro, start your own store online.

  16. sierato is still better but this dude is pretty good too👌😂

  17. that shirt "BASURA"….pretty cool men

  18. Jus wondering what the patch under your chin is all about , is that spot void of growing facial hair or am I trippin

  19. Somebody protect this man

  20. He should be managing the making nike shoe colorways

  21. Talented young man.

  22. He kinda looks like 6ix9ine

  23. This man paints custom sneakers for NBA players and is Colourblind. Mad Respect.

  24. Sireato is better

  25. Ya think he's better than sierato ? Or they on the same level?

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