Meet The Barista Named ‘The Da Vinci Of Coffee Art’

Meet The Barista Named ‘The Da Vinci Of Coffee Art’

– In honor of Sookie St.
James being here today there’s a little Gilmore
Girls reference for y’all, if you didn’t know, I thought we should celebrate with coffee. I love coffee. And if you watch that, Lorelai’s always getting her coffee, so check these out. That’s incredible. – [Audience] Yeah, yeah. – [Host] Like what? Like these were crafted by a man whose been called the
Da Vinci of coffee art. He is here with us right now, please welcome Michael Breach, y’all. Stand up Michael. (Audience cheers) He’s cute. – Thank you. – I mean, it is incredible what you do. I’m impressed by the damn heart or leaf — – [Special Guest] Wow thank you. – [Host] Like you know, like that’s How did you get started doing this? – So, I was working as
a barista late nights, and I just got into latte art, and I just got bored one night and drew like a little
face in one of them. And I posted it online, and it tried to tag it as a person. And that’s when I just said, “Oh, maybe this could be a thing” so ever since then I’ve
done hundreds of events. I’ve done at least
10,000 pieces world-wide. And, I’ve had all kinds of
really cool clients like Joe Jonas — – [Host] Yeah. – Even the prince of Kuwait just — – Wow — – [Special Guest] Yeah. – That is a range. That’s quite a range, yes. – [Special Guest] Yeah quite a range. – Yeah. Nailed it. Does it break your heart though, when you work so hard on
it and then they drink it? – [Special Guest] Not, you know — – And you’re like no. – [Special Guest] No. – [Host] Yeah. – Actually you know, I really like that they disappear because it really lets
people enjoy the moment and people love — – [Host] Oh nice. – [Special Guest] Yeah, you know. People love getting
their selves in coffees or their loved ones,
especially their pets. – [Host] Yeah. – [Special Guest] Um yeah. – [Host] Oh my gosh you’re
killing me with the dog. Oh my God well you are
incredibly talented — – Thank you. – Such a cool idea. Thank you so much for coming Michael.

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  1. big up

  2. yay im early!

  3. Joe Jonas wow

  4. Wow that’s amazing!!!

  5. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎨🎨

  6. Bring Steve Harvey Back.

  7. Would like to see him doing it, making coffee art I mean☕

  8. Meanwhile I can barely draw a stick figure, cool.

  9. Boa noite,uma verdadeira arte do café da manhã.Adorei o vídeo.

  10. This guy is amazing! What a cool way to make someone's day.

  11. Michael Breach

  12. Everyone deserves a cheerleader like the guy behind him! Keep it up ya'll and pay if forward. You never know when you'll make someone's day!

  13. Very cool! I went to art school after I graduated just for the hell of it. I would love to learn to do something like this on top of an object that's not stationary, definitely not an easy thing to do. Have to be quick which is tough!

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