Max & Ruby: Ruby's Big Case / Ruby's Rhyme Time / Max's Library Card – Ep.75

Max & Ruby: Ruby's Big Case / Ruby's Rhyme Time / Max's Library Card - Ep.75

[♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] ♪ Max and Ruby ♪ ♪ Ruby and Max ♪ [♪] Max and Ruby… Ruby and her
little brother, Max… [♪] [kids shouting]
Max and Ruby! [laughter] Red Alert!
Red Alert! Rescue! This Bunny Drew Book Club
was a great idea, Ruby! Well, as Grandma says, the only thing better than
reading a Bunny Drew mystery, is sharing it! That's why she let us
borrow her very own book, from when she was
a little bunny. Here we are: Bunny Drew brought
everyone together who was in the room when the emerald
earrings disappeared- The maid, the gardener
and the mysterious uncle! Uh huh. She asked them to do exactly
what they were doing when the earrings
went missing. "Then I'll be
able to prove who stole the
Emerald Earrings!" I'm sure the mysterious
uncle did it! That's the great thing
about Bunny Drew mysteries: You might think you
know who did it, but you never really
know till the very end. I can't wait
to find out! Bunny Drew watched
the maid and the gardener and the mysterious uncle, "I know who stole the
Emerald Earrings!" It was the–" –Duck! AHH! Red Alert!
Red Alert! Rescue! I know you
love playing with your Search
and Rescue helicopter, but maybe you should
ground it for now. We're having our Bunny
Drew Book Club meeting. We're reading the
Mysterious Case of the Missing
Emerald Earrings. And we have to
be extra careful. It's Grandma's book and it's very old
and delicate. [gasp] Why don't you play
with something else, until we finish
the story. Thanks, Max! Okay, let's get
back to reading. I can't wait to
hear how it ends. Rescue! You know the only
thing I like better than reading together? What, Ruby? Drinking lemonade
while we read! Hehe! LOUISE:
Me too. Except mine's
all gone. Mine too. Why don't we
get some more before we read the
end of the book? As long as Max's
helicopter stays here… …and Max stays
over there, Grandma's book will
be safe and sound. We'll be right back, Max! Rescue! [bird tweets] LOUISE:
Okay, now we're ready
to finish the story! Good. Max is still over there, the
helicopter is behind the chair – and our Bunny Drew mystery
is right where we left it! Then let's get reading! Oh no!
The last page! It's… missing! We can't find
out who dunnit if we don't have
the last page! But where could it be? BOTH:
Max! Did you take the
last page of the book? There's only one
thing to do, Louise. We have to solve "The Mystery of the
Disappearing Page!" Right! How do we do that? Well… we have to think
like Bunny Drew. What would she do? [gasp]
I know! Max, we need your help. Rescue! You can play
search and rescue after you help us
crack the case. First, let's get everyone
to go where they were before the page
went missing. Just like Bunny Drew! Great idea, Ruby! Okay, the last time we
saw the missing page was just before we went
inside for lemonade. I put the book down,
like this… Right, and then
we went inside. RUBY:
Okay, Max. What happened next? A-ha! Just as I suspected! Max's helicopter blew the
last page out of the book! But… that doesn't explain how
the page disappeared. [gasp] Look! She wants to use the
pages to make her nest! It's just like
a Bunny Drew mystery! The thief is never
who you think it is. I guess we'll
never know who stole the missing
emerald earrings. Not without the
last page of the book. Rescue! Max!
What are you doing? [gasp]
Look at that! [laughter] Max!
You got the pages back! Bunny Drew
watched the maid and the gardener and
the mysterious uncle. "I know who stole
the Emerald Earrings! It was the…
gardener!" [gasp]
The Gardener? I was sure it was going to
be the mysterious uncle! Well, as we discovered in the Mystery of the
Disappearing Page, you have to wait till the very
end before you find out… Who dunnit! [laughter] [loud roar] [loud squirt] [laughs] Hi Max! Guess what we're
going to do? Huh? Oh! I stepped
in Gorilla Goo! Ha!
Did you hear that? I made a rhyme! I said: "Guess what
we're going to do! I stepped in Gorilla Goo!" A rhyme is when two
words sound the same – "do" and "goo"
sound the same. Get it? When you make up a story
with words that rhyme, that's called a poem. And that's what we're
going to do today – write a poem! I have to write a poem
about my favourite things for the Bunny Scout
Poetry contest. And since so many of my
favourite things are outside, we're going to go for
a nice nature walk! Great poets
also think better when they have good
healthy snacks to eat. Snacks? We'll save them for later to
give us energy when we need it. Why don't you bring some
of your toys, too Max? Poets are inspired by all
kinds of things in nature – like that! I'm going to start my poem
with a rhyme about roses! This spot is nice… Oh, but what
about around here? [Max sighs] Oooh, this side
is pretty too. No, I think I like
this side better. Yes!
This is perfect. Snacks? The snacks are
for later. Hmm… Now let's see,
how should my poem start? Oh! My favourite flower
is the red, red rose! Perfect! Now I just need to
think of another word that rhymes with "rose". Hmmmm… [zipper dragging] Max?
What are you doing? Snacks? You're so funny. Trying to get snacks right
out from under my nose. [gasp]
Nose! That rhymes with rose! My favourite flower is
the red, red rose… It smells so lovely
to my nose! Did you hear that? I've written the first
two lines of my poem! Look at this maple tree. Isn't it beautiful, Max? I think I'll write the
next lines of my poem about the maple tree! Snacks? Snacks are for later. Why don't you play
with your toys while I write
my poem. Now, what can I write
about the maple tree? [loud roar] [loud squirt] Uh huh. The maple is my
very favourite tree. What rhymes
with tree? Max? Hmmm. Are you looking
for this? Snacks. [chuckles] Did you really think
I wouldn't see you take my backpack away? Of course I'd see! [gasp] See!
That rhymes with tree! The maple is my very
favourite tree… It grows as tall
as you can see! I wrote the second line
of my poem! It's so pretty
by the creek. There has to be something
I can write about here. [gasp]
Butterflies! I love butterflies! I'll write about
them in my poem! Huh? Hmmm… maybe you should
play with your toys a little farther away. We can have snacks
in a while, but right now, I have to
concentrate on my poem. Thanks Max! [gasp] Snacks… My favourite insect
is the butterfly… Now what word rhymes
with butterfly… No, that doesn't work. I need my eraser. Huh? What's my backpack
doing up in the sky? Wait a second! Sky rhymes with butterfly! [grunting] My favourite insect
is the butterfly. It flits and flutters
through the sky. Perfect! Come on, Max. I have one more rhyme
to find for my poem. Snacks? Yes, Max! It's finally
time for snacks! [gasp] I know what the last
lines of my poem will be. Thanks, Max! And now here's
Bunny Scout Ruby. My favourite flower
is the red, red rose. It smells so lovely
to my nose! The maple is my
very favourite tree It grows as tall
as you can see! My favourite insect
is the butterfly It flits and flutters
through the sky My favourite food
to eat is snacks But no one loves
them more, than- Max! Mmm! Magic! Hmm…Magic? Looks like you
could use some help with your magic act! And I have just
the thing you need! It's your very
own Library Card for Ruby's Lending Library! A library is a place where you can borrow
all kinds of books. See? I've set it up back there. And as long as you
have your library card, you can borrow books
from my library. Like this Bunny
Drew Mystery book… or this picture book… OR this magic book! [gasp]
Magic? That's right! It's full of magic tricks – like how to make
things disappear – and then reappear again! If you borrow
this magic book, you'll be able to do
any magic trick you like! Magic! I really think you
should borrow this book before you
try that trick. LOUISE:
Hello? Is Ruby's Lending Library
open for business? [gasp]
My first customer! Coming! If you decide you
want this magic book, come and visit my library. Just remember to bring
your Library Card! [gasp] Hi, Louise! Welcome to Ruby's
Lending Library. Hi, Librarian Ruby!
[giggles] Nice glasses! Thanks, I got
them from Grandma! Now, what kind of book
were you looking for today? I have a fancy
party to go to, and need help
deciding what to wear. I know the perfect
book for you! Here it is! The Beautiful Bunny Book
of Fabulous Fancy Fashions. Wow! Look at all the
beautiful bunnies in their fabulous
fancy fashions! I'll take it! Library card please! I can't wait to look
through this book and get some ideas
for the party. I love the way books give
you all kinds of great ideas! Me too! Magic! Looks like you've got another
customer, Librarian Ruby! [giggles] See you later! May I help you? Oh, I see you'd
like the Magic book. Magic! May I have your
library card please! Magic! Did you lose your
library card already? Hmmm. Maybe you put it
in your pocket? No. There's nothing
in your pocket. [laughs]
Well well well. It's very busy at
Ruby's Lending Library. Are there any books
left to borrow? Lots and lots! Why don't you go look
for your library card while I help
Mr. Huffington. How can I help
you Mr. Huffington? I'd like to do
something special for Mrs. Huffington
and Baby Huffington. I know just
the book for you. A how-to cook book! Mr. HUFFINGTON:
A how-to cook book. I never thought
of that. Here's one:
The Hungry Bunny! It's full of
yummy recipes. You could cook Mrs Huffington
and Baby Huffington a very special meal. I'll take it Ruby! Here's my Library Card! Thanks, Mr. H! Thank you, Ruby! I can't wait to use
this how-to cook book! I love the way
books help you learn how to do so
many new things! Me too!
Bye Ruby! Okay!
Thank you Mr. H. You definitely need
that Magic Book, Max. But first you need to make
your library card appear! Maybe you tucked the
card inside your sleeve? No. Nothing up
your sleeves either. Hmm… Magic! Tell you what, I'll put this
magic book on special hold so no one else
can borrow it, until you find
your library card. [sighs] It has to
be somewhere – it can't just
disappear! Is this Ruby's
Lending Library? Yes it is, Grandma! What kind of book
would you like? I'm looking
for something that will transport me to
another place and time. I know just
the book for you. A travel book! Here you go,
Grandma. Around the World
in Eighty Hops. [laughs]
Wonderful. Now I can visit
different places without leaving
my comfy chair. Here's my
Library Card. Thank you. [sigh]
I love the way
books can take you to exotic far
away places! Me too! Oh! Is Magician Max going to
do a magic trick for us? [gasp]
I told you, Max! You can't borrow
a library book without your
library card! And you can't saw
one in half – ever! Oops! Oh!
[laughs] Oh! [laughing] Where do you think
you're going? Magic. Max wants to borrow
the Magic Book but I keep telling
him he needs his… [gasp] Your library card! You made it appear
out of nowhere! Like magic! There was nothing
in your pocket and nothing
up your sleeve. How did you do that
magic trick, Max? BOOK!

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