MASSIVE Austin McBroom Allegations, Ace Family Counterclaims Of Extortion, & LeBron James Backlash

MASSIVE Austin McBroom Allegations, Ace Family Counterclaims Of Extortion, & LeBron James Backlash

100 thoughts on “MASSIVE Austin McBroom Allegations, Ace Family Counterclaims Of Extortion, & LeBron James Backlash

  1. Andddddddd I’m going back to bed. Enjoy the show you BBs. <3
    Timecodes: LeBron James/Hong Kong 00:54 – TIA (SPONS ALERT!) 7:27 – Austin McBroom Allegations 9:32

  2. "…bodies smashed and bones ground to powder." is absolutely chilling and all to similar to the Tiananmen Square Massacre, where tanks were used to crush the bodies of dead protesters into bloody-pulp and then hosed into the sewer drains with water.

    This image is illegal in China:

  3. Please cover Turkey and Syria!

  4. Technically, Austin was sad about "Defamation of Charterer" I assume someone said something bad about one of the founders of his corporation.

  5. LeBron needs to just shut up and dribble.

  6. I had a vasectomy, but they didn't give me the option to be asleep. Only freezing.

  7. I hope this reminds people of what a motivated group of people can do. I hope they don't kill them. A group of people with a valuable cause will gight till the end.

  8. That's not very Pooh of Xi.

  9. Lebron is clearly a puppet

  10. I hope cole goes to prison. Extortion is a huge issue and it's especially awful in the cancel culture of today. People need to stop believing the victim and instead belive the facts.

  11. Lebron just lost all of my support. Seems like he is saying HK is on the other side of the world so it doesn't matter. However his pay check is here and more important. I personally don't care about what politicians side you take I just always point out the worst and suspicious in someone's choice. But lebron is ignoring everything. Like he would ride with North Korea just for a paycheck. Such a sellout speech mercenary

  12. I recognize you put the world news first and the YouTube story last for this PDS. I actually enjoyed that more. My millennial brain can sometimes zone out when you get into the more political stories at the end of the video so having them upfront made me more attentive. Hope it doesn't throw off the algorithm =P

  13. Whether the allegations or true or not sexual assault is not something to be taken lightly. There are many women and men who never get justice because no one believed them when it happened, and unfortunately there have been people that cry wolf on this and end up ruining somebody’s life because of it. The reason to tell your story is to help make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else, and it shouldn’t be used to get a pay out or just to “cancel” someone. I understand that because the accused is a public influencer it is a more popular story, which also makes others question of what is happening is for attention, a payout, revenge or if the allegations are true. It’s sad when we have to wonder if something as disgusting as this is true or false, because like I said there are people who never get the justice that they deserve. I also understand that there are people who retract their stories because they are either threatened, offered money to stay quiet or fear of having their lives destroyed by speaking the truth and it’s sad to think that something like this could be one of those situations. If this is true I hope the women involved get the justice that they deserve and if not I hope things are made right for those who are involved in the allegations of this assault. But I do hope the truth comes out and we can learn and help people understand that assault of any kind (whether it’s by someone in the public eye or not), isn’t something to mess around with.

  14. That's one way to prepare for NNN.

  15. James just cares about his $$$

  16. I really love your coverage of real news, but almost half the show today is dedicated to YouTube celeb drama. I'm gonna have to start looking elsewhere for world news.

  17. Time to put Winnie the poohs face over LeBron James

  18. As someone that's been watching Phil for years now has anyone ever responded to to him like I don't remember him interviewing anyone that wasn't a friend

  19. God China is trash

  20. "Professional sports star surprisingly stupid! New at 11."

  21. Thank god you got a vasectomy.

  22. I assumed LeBron meant that the rockets manager was putting the Rockets in danger by tweeting that while they were in China, which made sense to me. However from everyone’s reaction, I can’t see that probably wasn’t his intent

  23. 1. I don't understand why Lebron will bend to China while Chinese mainlanders are cursing US to have more 911
    2. 6:28 nice one hahahahaha LOL

    And again thank you for stating the fact. We HongKonger are fighting very hard. I hope you guys know the 15 yrs old girl "suicide" case and there are more and more deaths are covered up by the police.

  24. To LeBron James: blink twice if china is watching you and has you at gun point to use you to further their communist propaganda.


  25. Cole needs to grow the actual hell up.

  26. Honestly I do not have video or anything this is only hearsay!!! I do not ever remember giving him consent!!!!! – Jesus

  27. Phillip DeFranco, why your voice so high?

  28. 9:32 Aren't those both the same guy? One with makeup and one without?

  29. Lets be honest condoms were just getting to expensive for phil 💯💯💯💯💯

  30. Yay for men taking responsibility for their fertility!

  31. Weird when sports get tied into politics 😶

  32. Congrats on your surgery, Phil! I had a tubal a couple of years ago. For me, I didn't want any children ever, but I approve of people taking control of their reproduction. Very happy for you!

  33. The Chief executive has amazing english

  34. Looks like phil got ahead of NNN.

  35. Fake news with that F A. G NEWS JUST ANOTHER W H. O. RE that wants attention

  36. at 6:35 my american chinese ass went:
    "Bitch AGAIN??"

  37. Is this the girl that was on the phone saying the NBA player had sex with her without consent? Then she says she wasn't raped? How does that work…

  38. oh i remember why i don't watch phil anymore
    no offense i just find the news so fucking depressing

  39. Can we get some “F” in the chat for phil’s vas deferens

  40. So why didn't you call the police the night of the incident why post on YouTube for "justice"

  41. ''Bodies smashed and bones grounded to powder'' so the usual atrocities for China. Bitchie the Poo speaks like any small man with too much power on his hands.

  42. With regards to tequila definitely try Corzo they have at BevMo and it’s great IMHO. With regards to your surgery it would be interesting to know if you had any emotional/mindset changes after. Personally I felt like I was 10 yrs younger and just had incredible energy/drive after. Kind of wondered if it was my “selfish gene” (Dawkins) saying frak you, you will continue to pass me along. Or maybe it was my lady hitting her prime.

  43. At the end of the day money rules the world unfortunately…

  44. I had surgery too yay lol

  45. Imagine being an actual victim and all you say is watered down by clout chasers who spent weeks bragging about having sex with "that guy from Youtube" before changing their mind to follow a trend.

  46. When Phil jumps right into it without saying lets jump into it

  47. Damn dude Phil over here bustin it out so much he had to get a vasectomy

  48. It should be mentioned that the lakers and nets were scheduled and were in China just after the tweets. I think that is why he said it could have waited a week meaning "wait until we are out of China". I think that is the main reason he was saying about the ramifications for others. I still don't like him saying it though.

  49. We don’t wanna hear about your gooch pain

  50. Thank u soooo much for being open with getting a vasectomy!!!! I think having men who talk about it, makes it easier for other men to! Appreciate it!!

  51. You could say LeBron dropped the ball on that one.

  52. NBA has about $500M in contract revenue coming in from China, plus who knows how much from merch sales, etc.
    Nearly 40% of Nike shoes are made in China.

    Enough said.

  53. The Hong Kong protests aren’t just about democracy. Police brutality and corruption are serious issues there. They’re in the midst of a housing crisis with the highest rent and land prices in the world. The protest isn’t coming out of nowhere, their lives are at stake.

  54. If this is 100% fake then what low lifes people are. They just want to get Fame from other people's "undoing" and on the other hand if this is real then shame on Austin for doing this horrible thing

  55. Philip I have never made any suggestions for Your show and I am sure Your team is more than capable to find new and important stories. This article though left me totally confused. Is there any chancve those border patrol officers get some rewards for detaining people? Even when this family would really, really want to go to the US (illegally) as the officials say, no civilized human would arrest them, but just turn those people around and show them the way back to Canada.

    The border between Canada and the US is not the Iron Curtain. I have to know it, because I lived behind the real Iron Curtain and I have fled the Eastern Bloc in 1984 as a teenager. I remember the terror of the East German – West German border. This story somehow made me remember the September night '84 as I crossed at Helmstedt-Marienborn into West Germany on tourist papers. The soldiers somehow knew I would never go back, but they let me go. Not even the Eastern German State Police were so inhuman as this US officer.

    Read more:

  56. LeBron: Guys, give me a break! It has been a rough week for me and my team. The millions of dollars rolling into our bank accounts are not rolling fast enough.

    Boy, am I glad I have never been a sports fan.

  57. So what I got from the Ace story. might not have raped the girls, but they did have sexual relations along with his dad and NBA player, and security guard. And his wife is totally ok with him cheating on her.

  58. LeBron James, The New Uncle Tom

  59. This Ace family situation is basically the andy signore situation

  60. I'm a Lebron fan from today onwards

  61. LeBron has never ever had a tough week, ever. Elitist garbage human

  62. Wow the Winnie the Pooh picture made me laugh out loud. Oof the shade there…

  63. So Darly Morey speaks up and LeBron says he shouldn’t but he supported Kapernick speaking up? This shows his values…which is his money

  64. "Allegations of assault, extortion, and defamation of character." Phil i think you're forgetting something. Just one tiny little thing. The rape accusations

  65. Lebron James started by saying that a person who was thinking of the people suffering in Hong Kong wasn't thinking of others. Lebron's very first sentence drips with hypocrisy and ignorance.

  66. snip snap huh phil

  67. “You’re prioritizing your bag, instead of all the body bags coming out of Hong Kong.”

    Damn. Lebron wasn’t ready-

  68. He SAYS the surgery is painless & basic but it can be anything but. For some reason the anesthetic didn't work when they were doing my left side. Imagine enduring a pain similar to but many, many times worse than being hit in the testicles while being completely unable to flinch in the slightest because you have a very sharp instrument in your body.

  69. Maybe a warning would have been good before the audio clip of the victim telling her story. I was at work and it just made me uncomfortable but for others it could have brought up bad stuff for them. You've been good with warnings in the past so this one caught me off guard.

  70. People should have at least 3 kids to continue population increase. Helps keep the economy going. Allows us to compete with China and India

  71. Really disappointed in Lebron. Wouldn’t have expected that from him.

  72. NBA ignorant af, dont support communist Chinese Gov if you value freedom. Simple af

  73. No one:

    Philip: Is completely unable to have children ever again 💀

  74. Easy to criticize America where we actually have freedom of speech.

  75. We all knew Austin was such a great guy. Crazy this could happen

  76. Everyone saying the ACE family is disgusting either way, what about this kid who may have made false allegations? The ACE family may be ignorant and annoying but that doesn’t necessarily mean Austin is a rapist. Let’s all just take a second.

  77. Free Tibet

  78. Boycott Lebron

  79. LeBum just proved him and Trump are cut from the same cloth: money above all else

  80. fuck, and i cannot stress this enough, the chinese government. Poohs gotta chill

  81. Hard to trust anybody that is completely fake…

  82. Even if they just are allegations, I'm inclined to believe that this could be on the realm of possibility of something he would do. Especially since the lollipop incident which was disgusting. I think Catherine needs to get her act together if she has any care for her children.

  83. LeBron trying to make sure space jam 2 gets that China money 😂😂

  84. There are so many other reasons that the ace family sucks, there's no need to be making stuff up smh

  85. Some of these yters are braindead I swear

  86. Make sure to dump all the ammo !

  87. As soon as you guys put up Winnie the Poo picture i grinned from ear to ear, fucking love you sxePhil and the crew!

  88. Congrats Philly D on getting to hit it RAW 🙏😤

  89. This channel has changed so much for the worst, long time subscriber lost

  90. +1 on the vasectomy, best money I ever spent!!

  91. No one should have ever watched ace family… I looked and there was zero content. No substance… only stasis…

  92. please talk about Sulli the kpop artist to spread awareness of cyberbullying

  93. Phill had a discectomy cus y'all kept calling him daDDy

  94. Lost a lot of respect for Lebron today…

  95. Please cover about Sulli from F(x). Another idol commited suicide.

  96. lebron also said to a reporter on the side saying that what he really meant about the ramifications is he felt that the players on their way to china as well as their families would be put in danger cause of it

  97. LaBron must have been taken hostage!

  98. all china has to do is get Trump to say something negative about China and 1/2 the world will flock to chinas defense. TDS is real.

  99. Took your balls man damn

  100. NBA Straight up does not support democracy wowee.

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