enicmatic marshmello is a dj and productor of electronic music genres fiujurfasck, trap and electrohouse Like other electronics djs like Deadmau5 and daftpunk marshmello wears a mask in public appearances but unlike others about their identity is unknown He began to win popularity in 2015 when he started to upload themes in internet incluying remix of songs of Jacku and Zedd among others, marshmello name is a derivation of the word English to marshmallow which means Marshmallow and him helmet is literally like a marshmallow with a happy face on their appearances always goes all dressed in white, usually with pants and long-sleeved shirt his current white helmet is made of white ledd colored lights that flash dynamically making anywhere nightclub in January 2016 she released her first album “JOYTIME” which reached fifth of the Billboard dance on the album are songs like “KEEP IT MELLO” “with marlins rapper or theme “summer”, wich this video is Lele pons the star of internet sack early summer hit “ALONE” with the Canadian label Monstercat which became very popular especially in social networks YouTube video has over 450 million visits in August began his world tour with over 50 dates that lasted until January of this year, October 27, 2016 Skrillex seal debuted in Ousla with the song “RITUAL” their live performances are very loved at festivals with its lively, cheerful and youthful style achieved always conquer the public Then there are always full of surprise guests mellogang is the name given to the family of marshmello composed of people from all corners of the world who admire his positive philosophy dj identity may not be as mysterious as it seems is much theorizing about who is inside the helmet and marshmello is taking a lot of mood electric dance during the carnival las vegas 2016 to the end of his marshmello in September announced it would unveil the identity behind his mask, and suddenly appears nothing more and nothing less than the legendary Dutch DJ Siesto what is said maximum troleada the theory that seems more reliable but not confirmed that the target could be the American dj cris comstonk also known as dotcom whose style could be similar to marshmello escriller marshmello as referred to in an interview chris Besides both have the same mind and supposed manajer they have the same tattoo and birthdays 2017 began full of collaborations ookay work and released the single “CHASING COLORS” voiced by Noah Cyrus later collaborated with esluchy on “TWINBOW” on May 5, 2017 she released her third single of the year called “MOVING ON” marshmello is one of the most popular DJs of the moment thanks to their trax enigmatic image, remixes and shows He is going around the world and is becoming a sensation of electronic music ha and if you like electronic music we invite you to visit DYJMixes a channel of a friend where you can find the best tracks do not forget to subscribe and give like if I liked you, and you can also follow us on our social networks facebook, twitter and Instragram until next video 🙂 Subtitle review by Miau and Eve! Draw productions TikTak

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  1. [✖‿✖] #mellogang

  2. (× ×)

  3. Obviamente el es dotcom hasta lo comprobo en un videos

  4. Citate. Lamascara

  5. Mi cancion favorita de ese dj es Friends

  6. Y happier????

  7. Holaaaaaa. Tinda

  8. X). X)

  9. A mi me gusta frens

  10. Yo sé su identidad

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  12. Alone marshmello

  13. A mi me gusta alone y Happier

    Cada ves que den like pondré esto 🎤 háganlo por Marshmello


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  15. You copy draw my life tiktak?!

  16. You copy draw my life tiktak?!

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  18. Yo soy fan de marsmhello

  19. 💛yo cielo😘

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  21. Marshmello es mi cantante favorito viva marshmello

  22. Uno de Paloma mami ñlis

  23. Yo en el 2012

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  27. Me gusta Marshmelo y la canción de Hapier

  28. Na broma

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  30. Alone

  31. lo siento tik takers no conosco ninguna cansion de mashmello

  32. Yo conozco el verdadero rostro de marshmello es Christopher comstock

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  35. y que pasa con daft punk

  36. [ X>X ]

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  38. =》 ♡

  39. Le le pons

  40. Marshmello es el más crak en la música electrónica, like si piensas lo mismo

  41. [メ ‿ メ] mashmello

  42. Quien sabe el nombre de la cancion de inicio?

  43. Yo ya escribí una historia de terror, me inspire en los cripastas a ver si me dicen que sí puedo enviarles historia

  44. visita

  45. Yo si se quien es marshmello

  46. Falto happier y fried

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  48. Esto es un TIK TAK DRAW o como yo le digo… TIK TAK DRAW.

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  50. Esta re mal ese draw mi life

  51. 1 abre la mano
    2 pide un deseo
    3 dale like
    4 escribe lo en otro vídeo y mañana se te cumplira

  52. Puede que Marshmello sea muy popular pero nunca le llegará a deadmau5 en la calidad de producción

  53. [× _×] MARSHMELLO ❤️❤️

  54. Falto la cancion HAPPIER ;3

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  60. Falto la canción frends

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  69. No me agradaba hasta que hizo una colaboración con Migos

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  79. En que año nació marshmello???

  80. Mi hermano ve marshmello

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  82. yo se quien es marshmello dentro de la máscara

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  85. justo cuando esté canal no podía ser más ferfecto

  86. Dibujas muy muy bien 😊👍 y Marshmello es mi DJ favorito

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  98. Un vídeo medego traumado casi unos dos meses

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