Manisha Koirala Unblushed | 78 Girls | #DearManisha

Manisha Koirala Unblushed | 78 Girls | #DearManisha

Annie taught me that existence is not merely in speaking, it’s in listening too. Meghna taught me that life isn’t just black
and white, there are other colors too. Shubhangi and Madhu taught me, that identity
could lie in metamorphosis. And Rajjo taught me, that the one vulnerable,
is also the one with strength. Sheetal taught me, that being stubborn and
foolish, are the essence of growing up. Shaila Banu taught me, that the only way to
truly love, is with abandon. And Maya taught me, that the most honest relationship
you can have…. is with yourself. I’m these 78 girls in one… And the 79th woman… me, Manisha Loves them all, because they all shape me…into ME.

100 thoughts on “Manisha Koirala Unblushed | 78 Girls | #DearManisha

  1. lots of love and best wishes..

  2. This was great! She is a truly inspiring person in so many ways to us. Congratulations on the new movie, it looks promising. We love you!! All Love from Nepali fans!

  3. you r a natural beauty.. the work u have done in ur movie "man" is commendable


  5. unbreakable and incredible Manisha 😍

  6. #DearManisha, late but not deleted Bollywood still loves u. though not in super commercial way (movies) you were and are a piece of Gorgeous Artist true to yourself and world. yup many complain about ur underrated there. But actual movie lovers do respect your talents.
    hope you live 100s years and do some meaningful acts like before.

  7. Stay happy

  8. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  9. #dearmanisha mam hope more girl borns here in Nepal lyk u who have a strong motives,spirit, good thoughts as urz nd the last that never loosing hope on urself that self esteem gets on every girlz nerve!! Jai Nepal!! lov u mam hav a good lyf ahead

  10. you are a strong women…

  11. #Greatcontent.#greatlearning #sharing #creativemachine

  12. Dear Manisha…

  13. so beautiful.. love you manisha

  14. #dearmanisha I loveyou god bless you your best beauty in bollywood ever

  15. This is amazing! 🙂

  16. totally nailed each n every character. lots of love from nepal #DearManisha

  17. great manisha keep it up sidrah from pakistan

  18. loveeeee u

  19. What a perfect tribute a beautiful and strong woman

  20. she was most beautiful lady in 90s

  21. God bless her …and I don't know the persons who waiting to dislike any video posted on youtube😂😂😂😂😂

  22. #dear Manisha

  23. Here character of Kiran in Akele Hum Akele Tum is not there, one of the most underrated films!!

  24. #dearmanisha

  25. I love you and all of your move you so strong girl ma ra Hami nepali Ko tarfha baat hajur lai sadhi ramro ra ucha pargati milos I love you so much for one sis I want meet you but I'm so poor that's why not possible if u see this sms just reply me I'm so happy byy best of luck

  26. here manisha is writing to manisha…dear manisha maam….welcome back….u r a natural beauty…dat part when u were swinging and the " ladki ko dekha" tune started playing in the gave me goosebumps…nostalgia….and thanks to other people's comment i understood the names…annie, rajjo..i didnt get it first

  27. # manisha koirala

  28. Natural beauty wid raw talent 🙏
    Beauty might fade away but talent never does.

  29. wow.This is really great.

  30. how I love manisha so much..😍😍😍😘

  31. 🌷

  32. #DearManisha I love you so much!

  33. I love how all the older actresses are coming back! YAAAAAAASS

  34. #Dear Manisha hajur Hami sabai Nepali ra Hami sabai chori manche haruko lagi euta ramro udaharan hunu huncha. hajur hami sabai darsak haruko pyaro kalakar hunu hunxa. vagwan pashupatile hajurko sadai rakchay garun. 🙂 love from Nepal 😘

  35. Shaila Bano with platform heels and floral bust!! Fire the costume designer

  36. #DearManisha
    we love you! & so happy to see you back..

  37. love u mam pure nostalgia……dil se my fav movie

  38. This is so incredibly inspirational. Thank you for being you and being so strong. Truly in awe of your strength. Cannot wait for your next film!

  39. you help me to find the purpose of my life

  40. so so pretty n inspiring Manisha!

  41. u r beautiful…manisha…….u r really a strong ladyyy

  42. inspiring and strong lady 😇
    #Dearmanisha #tonsoflovefrom #Nepal ❤

  43. very happy to see manisha back…

  44. #dear manisha
    I am a broken girl.i am not happy inside ,,i hate my life but i act like a happy girl.. U r my inspiration..

  45. Very true Manisha sometimes we just want someone to listen to our story. #DearManisha your story is pure and inspirational.

  46. she forgot Lajja, amazing film

  47. love you manisha

  48. 😍

  49. Dear Manisha good wishes for you to rock that Bollywood again with your magic smile.

  50. I'm just so happy that so many people love her and wish her well. no negative comments here….

  51. manish koirala taught me there no end

  52. ths video was brilliant mindblowing & amazing

  53. if there are 19 womans…y is it written 78 woman? plus the video was amazing ^_^

  54. Love you manisha

  55. wow supperb

  56. I love manisha😍

  57. #DearManisha
    C got healed to heal others,

  58. #DearManisha
    Much love from a women to someone who is a strong, beautiful and lovely women. I wish you a very goodluck for new more movies. Continue your magic on the screen.

  59. she looks exactly like her grandpa > former PM of Nepal BP koirala

  60. You're awesome as always ma'am

  61. So glad she's back ❤️

  62. wow

  63. beautiful compilation <3

  64. I respect you madam.

  65. #dearmanisha

  66. awesome film and perfect pic

  67. #dear manisha mam u true inspiration for us

  68. I like manisha your so hot

  69. the only episode I like

  70. Soooo beautiful

  71. माया गर्छु र गर्व गर्छु मनिषा जी🌹💋🌹

  72. Oh my….this is too much too handle…i love her simplicity cool bravery bold natural beauty amazing talent..

  73. love you manisha ma,m welcome bake,, thank you

  74. WOW!

  75. Dear maya manisha I really proud off you👍👍👍👏👏👏sadhai vary dear maya bani rahanus yo mero kamana cha 👍💖💖💖😍😍😍

  76. iloveyou beautiful inspirational manisha mam💞💞

  77. Dear manisha dd u r great….. Woman…. Good luck….

  78. #DearManisha

    I can always pray for your beautiful smile.

  79. I can't explain how spirituality is this.
    Complete definition and reason of life, globe, universe.

  80. #dearmanisha I watched ur movie dear Maya..and it is beautifull and one of my fav..keep doing movies ma'am ..we love u

  81. Speaking your heart is a cool thing, finally you begin to know yourself really, through a thousand heartfelt tittles and bits..

  82. #DearManisha..#stay healthy#stayhaPpY#love you💕💕💕💕

  83. Awesome…no words to describe…🙌👍💓💓💋

  84. Vedyhi is missing from lajja

  85. this number is not satisfied

  86. make something like this with madhuri dixit and sonali bendra and even with juhi chawla

  87. Wow.

  88. I was expecting her to talk about Vaidehi from Lajja…!! She is a talent beyond words

  89. Supbb.😍😍

  90. all time favorite actress

  91. beautiful beautiful manisha bestt beauty

  92. She looks beautiful

  93. what about radha of saudagar. kiran of akele hum and paro of grahan? they should have included here,

  94. Super

  95. dear dd .I pray u stay healthy .I lv u.u r great actress .

  96. Manisha mam…God bless…Love you❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋 bold a beauty forever

  97. Blush I love you for bringing her to the small screen again ❤️❤️❤️ Yes inspiration while growing up till today

  98. I'm the one who wanna see you happy in any steps of life

  99. Y cant u add subtitles.. pls

  100. I love u monisha

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