Manga Live Painter Uchida Shinnosuke draws DESK SIZE CYBERPUNK

Manga Live Painter Uchida Shinnosuke draws DESK SIZE CYBERPUNK

I’ll give you this in return
-Hey, this is the one I drew I don’t need this Then something more important Take this
-Oh, no thank you No
-Oh really? Hello Today Uchida-san is here This wonderful Live Mang…oh wait, sorry “Manga Live Paint” She’s the artist who drew this The tools you used were these type of pens This one They have quite similar names This is water based What’s the difference?
-When it’s water base… It doesn’t stick on well, or doesn’t dry fast It dissolves in water Oil based markers can be drawn on mostly anything You can even draw on vinyl or glass I want to draw my own big manga so I brought this Big manga challenge. How is it?
-Big manga! I think it’s a good idea This paper was on the floor, so you might not want to touch it too much It’s dirty, but but? but actually you prefer it dirty right? What are you talking about? When you were talking about elevators ah, um, well about that super clean elevator it’s not cyberpunk. Needs wiring popping out I’m saying I like dirty elevators I really wasn’t meaning that Dirty is better for you, right? For elevators, yes
– I see At this size, it’s not even the size of one panel Something like this?
-Yes, around here The Prockey draws like this It takes a while until it dries It doesn’t smudge at all What about Macky?
-Maybe it will smudge This Macky has problems
-It’s an old one Let’s try Prockey Quiet down! The Macky is trying to show its existence. Drawing square First time to draw it so big Cyberpunk. Since I’m not so good at it so I need inspiration Downloading Not again There was a famous artist Using paper. When there was a hole, it became art I will keep it open For cyber, when you have a scouter on, it becomes cyber I’ve drawn it so big, and it looks strange Hey, this is still small
-This is small to you? I don’t want to draw hands so much but I will draw a hand here It’ not cyber yet
-No This is just a person What else can I do besides scouter I think this person likes fine art. That painting in the museum
– the ripped canvas I will add big parts on his wrist Cyber I don’t know… Let’s copy you I’m being copied -Oh that cyber
-It has become cyber Now it’s cyber Cyber mask
-Ah, mask This’ll make it cyber…
-Eh? Cyborg
-It’s a cyborg? Cyber comes from cyborg, right? -I don’t know
-It’s the same thing right? Is it? Well, it’s a mechanical body so… But even so… Oh yes
-Even with that… Ok, line art Adding line art to my very first big manga With this size, you can’t twist and turn the paper When it is on the wall. How do you do it? I originally didn’t turn the paper anyway So you don’t notice it much? Perhaps that’s why I can do it My friend who draws manga also told me that Since you are used to it I originally didn’t turn my paper around so I am used to not turning Manga paint…no, manga live paint You were born to do that These fingers are not so cyber. Cyber rings Like smartwear or apple watch Have two scouters or something. Making it cyber as possible Why is this guy smiling while looking at his gadgets? He just looks like he’s in his bedroom But it happens right? If you got the figurines that you like. You stay in your house and think “so glad I bought this” You had a Tweet about it, right? Did you buy a Gundam? What kind of Gundam? Only the upper body What about the legs?
-No legs It’s upper body only, but it’s huge and the details are amazing There are proper Gundams with legs, you know? Isn’t that better? You can play with it
-No no no It’s just for looking at Eh? That kind of toy has no meaning How cruel You were that much of Gundam fan? I like robots. I don’t know Gundam so much, but I love robots I can’t turn
-no you can’t This is fun. I can change it a lot while doing the line art I know. That is fun for me as well Done! How is it? In the monitor, it looks pretty good Something like this Look Let’s paste it over the manga Uchida-san drew I mean, you weren’t even trying on this panel HEY! In Manga live paint, you have to use those type of skills It’s the exact same shape
-It’s fitting right in What is this story about? The drawing is different Next, Uchida-san -We got so much paper
-Isn’t that a bit too big? Let’s draw something on this. Whaddya think of this…Doki Doki casual-ness well, I love casual The dirtiness that Uchida-san likes That’s not true
-You said you love dirty stuff It’s what you said right? That’s only for elevators Uh…ran out What kind of manga will you draw? It’s only one panel, so what should I? My theme was “looking at something” Same theme. A character who finally got something Catch
-Catch? You are a pro baseball player Air There was a Bach song Will this eraser be big enough for you? Yes Size is a big deal to you What do you mean? It’s enough, I’m not going to use the eraser I don’t use much eraser anyway Is this your first time to draw this big manga on a table? Maybe it’s the first Really? I can’t put this big a paper on my desk Is there a way to practice drawing fast? I don’t practice, might be my personality I don’t hesitate Amazing how you can draw so fast My draft is terrible. I’m not good at drawing flat You need angle
-I want angle for this much There is the perspective there already It’s already different Could be a good tip. If you can’t draw in perspective, lay the paper at an awkward angle and get an automatic perspective Automatic perspective Amazing You knew the most important thing in Doki Doki drawing is the tree, so you drew one? I kind of remembered that while I was drawing
-So kind of you Thank you Trees are on the total opposite side of cyber I think people in this cyber world have a longing for things which are natural What a deep thought
-Yes I told her to draw some nonsense like this “In the cyber world, nature is an object of admiration” So deep I don’t think you won’t fit in as a member of Doki Doki Drawing What do you mean? You are too smart
-What? You drew in two lines. Any particular reason? It’s just my hobby
-Hobby? It looks dirty Made it dirty! Excellent I knew you like dirty things! It does look dirty, right? I just end up drawing double lines I am really, truly sorry Before you arrived, I wanted to clean this place up, so gave it a cleaning I’m so very sorry!
-It is ok! It is ok It’s not about that clean or dirty This is about design I don’t want to see Uchida-san’s apartment Probably really dirty
– Where I live is clean! What a terrible comment Not dirty Ugh What’s this all of a sudden? I thought if I drew casually, Uchida-san would draw casually as well but you drew something really nice
-Of course It’s something precious
-You want to get close But it may break if you touch it Oh yes It’s unbalanced It’s drawn on flat surface so, Look at this This level is just fine “look” It sure is hard to draw big Drawing big, the movement of the hand becomes dynamic Most people tend to draw it small On a big paper, you end up drawing the person small
-You are the opposite Really big Even on small paper you draw it big? No The ratio is probably ok The balance is…probably acceptable Don’t you see some people who has huge space but the autograph is so small? That happens in digital Even when you buy a 24inch Wacom tablet, you still are drawing in this small space -Oh yes
-You zoom, and still draw in that small space “Why did I buy such a huge thing?” It makes you want to draw with Macky, or Prockey Drawing like this is fun, and a G-pen limits you on speed There is a limit With G-pen, you run out of ink You lose ink, and the tip of the pen breaks With this, you can draw without worrying I think I can draw as I want As expected, Uchida adding the sound effects Thought since this is Manga, I need these What does it say?
-Paaa Ok, done I’ll write my own name. Nihongo Gamer drew this
-No you can’t! Ok to do it?
-No no no no I’ll sign it here Now I can’t draw my name Was gonna delete all the sound recorded then show as if I was the one who drew the whole thing I mean, your hands look like mine Not even Tiny Let’s compare The first one is this masterpiece. It looks like Manga Sure is It’s like old fashioned manga -It’s like that Japanese Anime. Speed Racer
-Oh I loved that! I didn’t intentionally draw in that style What you like tends to be shown naturally It gets in your drawing The reason for this shape is, well I was covering up the mistakes Like that There’s no shading huh? None at all The good thing is, I had fun
-That’s important I used these Macky or Prockey If you find big paper at home, you can have fun drawing Rate my drawing on cyber scale. 0 to 10 This is quite cyber It’s already, well There is no body to this It’s like this. Quite cyber In design This is a pity This is different. This person is almost 100% cyber As I said before, this world is cyber but this part is made of old paper To be honest, it was not intentional That’s an excuse Comparing with this I have some complaints about this Something to say? Uchida-san has no idea what this challenge is Why?? I told you to draw something which isn’t much
-No no no but you ended up drawing nice It was “find something you want” and “cyber” so… So that’s what I did So magnificent. How do you think up of something like this? I just look at a white piece of paper and think of drawing something cyber -A tree in a capsule?
-Ah, yes a natural thing with a deep reason behind it There aren’t much of these in your cyber world so you long for it How how how how….how do you How does one gain inspiration like that? I’m not sure about that You’re definitely reading weird manga
-No I don’t Weird food? Weird upbringing? -Weird town?
-It’s a rural town in Shizuoka There was a tree in a capsule there? How do you? How did this idea come out? It just pops into my head all of a sudden If I were to say something artist like It’s inspiration, it just comes to my head Sell it to me. I need it
-I can’t In that case, let’s trade it -I’ll give you this in return
-This is my drawing! I don’t need this Ok then, something even more precious. This one! No no…no thank you It was my first time to draw something big on flat surface. I usually draw on the wall I felt drawing something big on the desk is hard The perspective. The real look is like this so it was difficult I felt I can have more fun than I thought If something like this, I don’t know where to do it even if I want to You are already doing this at events like Design Festa and all With big paper, using Prockey or Macky You can draw freely so it was fun So thank you very much Please tell us about your Twitter and stuff Twitter and Instagram @ibukichi4shin Please follow Please do Something Italian as well?
-Italian… From April 25 to…… I will do live paint at an event called Napoli Comicon in Italy If you live in Italy, please come and visit If you want to feel bad about yourself how bad your drawing is I want you to understand how I feel! You see something great and think how bad you are No no no no
-Amazing artists out there…if you want to feel that way Please come You probably haven’t seen huge manga, so please come to Napoli I will go to the U.S. in July All of the U.S.? World tour?
-No no no California? Los Angeles? Anime Expo? I think I will be attending it A lot of chances to meet her I will go visit abroad so if you live nearby, please visit Please do Bye bye
-Thank you Not givin’ it to u I didn’t get it

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