Managing anxiety as a creative entrepreneur

Managing anxiety as a creative entrepreneur

what’s going on it’s Michell again it’s
been a while but I’m back and I’m here to stay and I have some things to say
today I want to talk about the biggest obstacle that I faced in 2018 that is
completely inside my own head today I want to talk a little bit about anxiety
I’ve spent a lot of time this year feeling stagnant inadequate and not good
enough a lot of things that directly relate to anxiety which is defined as a
feeling of worry nervousness or unease typically about an imminent event or
something with this uncertain outcome and I had to make a choice I’m making a
choice every single day that I won’t let these feelings dictate how I lived my
life it’s not some switch that you can flip and boom you no longer feel anxiety
for me it’s been about putting systems in place for myself that I can fall back
on when these feelings do get overwhelming I had a great talk with my
friend Melvin Taylor the second on his show be ball with Mel about how we both
handle this while dealing with very full and busy and hectic life so without
further ado here are a few high points from that conversation anxiety is
something that I think many of us don’t want to admit that we experience or we
try to deny it is what it actually is so we try to mask it you know and kind of
cover it up in different ways we might take it out on people or on ourselves
for that matter you know we start to operate differently I know for myself
personally when I when I get anxious when I get very anxious operate pretty
efficiently and like normally but when I get like a strong dose of anxiety i I
can’t I can’t function you know I could I could have a task list laid out very
clearly for my entire day and I could know what I have to get it calm
when I get anxiety you know I just kind of I kind of sit there and I stress and
I I worry and I scrolled my timeline and brochet to somebody else yeah you know I
I just start doing all these different things there aren’t constructive or
productive at all I’ve learned over the past like a couple of years mm-hmm just
the importance of being able to communicate you know it’s it’s not that
you’re just stuck today you’re experiencing anxiety yeah it does this
to you it manifests in your life in this way yeah it causes these things to
happen to you and you know that these three things for me it’s going to the
gym you know it’s probably having a little drink it’s probably talking to
certain people these different things will help me to get over anxiety yeah so
instead of me trying to man up a woman up or tough it out or push through it
I’m gonna sit back and do what I actually need to do yeah to give myself
a little bit of peace and get through this my girlfriend my friends my parents
have helped me to kind of push past thinking that I have to just tough it
out you know I’m one of those people who’s just like oh I can work through it
and push it is not conducive for anything in which you’re trying to get
done whatsoever I got to wholeheartedly there are a lot of times with people’s
like emotions will kind of get the best of them in terms of dealing with stuff
and I’ll be the same way I’ll have a like a lot of things listed out clearly
stating okay Melvin this is what you need to do or at least I have examples
put up what I need to do and sometimes when they hit me I’ll be like but I’m
gonna do nothing today it’s not nothing to happen and sometimes like I was
saying during the Twitter chat earlier you know sometimes I just walk outside
and just be like I look up in the sky bio-dad like hey God can we just talk
real quick bro cause like I’m not understanding what this is and I just
kind of need you to show me real quick what is it what is it that I’m missing
or what’s this block here so that way I can get through it and you know
sometimes it helps yeah other times it’s like all right let that moment pass and
then in time you can get everything else done too

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  1. Super relatable

  2. Always appreciate hearing from others how they navigate anxiety.

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