Machine Gun Kelly – why are you here [Official Music Video]

Machine Gun Kelly – why are you here [Official Music Video]

100 thoughts on “Machine Gun Kelly – why are you here [Official Music Video]

  1. I am finding a girl who is fan of mgk and I want she will be with me in every situation for life

  2. Blond hair, checkered floor, sexual shit, bro’s deff in the cult now (Illuminati)

  3. Kelly

  4. Man I been waiting 🙌

  5. Where is the underground?

  6. Maybe it’s just because I’ve watched The Dirt so many times, but I really do think Colson has emulated Tommy and his presence. Like I see so much of Tommy attitude and mannerisms is MGKs performances

  7. I'm early

  8. NF ft MGK one day 🖤🖤🖤❤️❤️❤️

  9. Amazing🥵🖤

  10. I LOVE the song. And I love MGK but mannnnnn sometimes it feels like he forgot where he came from. I miss his rap shit. And I know he rapped in hotel diablo but the REAL MGK. His hard ass rap shit. Machine Gun shit. And now he starting to look like Ken the Barbie doll. Bro idk man. Like I said love him and his music but again idk. So confused right now

  11. Wow everything you put out is absolutely fantastic 🔥❤️🔥

  12. i tought he was a rapper

  13. We gotta make this big people, keep watching, keep posting about it, let’s make him proud 🙏🏽

  14. I love you, Colson!

  15. Some of yah haven’t been a MGK fan from Chip off the block SOLIDLY. If you’re saying his new style is dope. It’s not new. Save me w/ Synyster Gates and M Shadows, Swing Life away, Spotlight. He’s been a Rocker, it’s just getting more exposure because he’s not Half Naked &and almost famous anymore. Well… he’s still Half naked lol.

  16. Colsons tongue is gods gift to the universe

  17. Mgk is gonna be a legend

  18. 1:24 it's something fresh 🍓

  19. Wish Juice coulda been here :{

  20. He pays really good homage to the 80s and 90s Rock sense in his sound and style but he’s so good at mixing in a touch off new and he’s good at experimenting to better himself and it’s so unique and no hate to anyone who thinks other wise but it’s my cup of tea

  21. This is what my fever dreams look like

  22. machine gun kelly turning into soft-ass, nerf gun kelly

  23. This is so good

  24. omg I love him

  25. Can't wait for next album 🤘⚡

  26. True artist🖤🖤

  27. ThAnk you!!!

  28. Mgk always my one ☝of fav…. No one can replace your position…..

  29. Draco Malfoy singing his heart out … I felt this man… the kid just wanted to fit in with Harry Potter and his crew… now they can never be friends…

  30. 🤦‍♂️..Mgk fell off

    Mgk still falling

    🤔Yep. Mgk still falling

    🙃 falling head first smh poor girl

    🙄this all bad he aint stoppn man😱 ik. Hope his parachute Laced Up correctly. .. stevo gotta be ashamed… this wild, boy really think he invincible… & i thought i was on the edge of destruction smh…

    Its almost over…. i wont lead u on much longer

    💥splat!!!! R.i.p mgk🙏 End Of the Road yall… he gone…

  31. Crazy to see how far he's come, I love this song 🔥🔥#evolution

  32. bro Im so early

  33. mgk is talented mgk is hot yeah payt me 😚

  34. Bro i been a fan since day one but you turning into some greenday type shit

  35. YESSSS

  36. Why kelly so underrated?? 😓

  37. Can’t wait for tickets to my downfall

  38. MGK make me happy, nuff said👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  39. 19XX

  40. I liked it before it even started to play lol xD

  41. Man, I remember when Wild Boy came out. He was at such a young age. Just look how far he has came, my man has evolved. MGK a 🐐. And he still got the 👑 from the Eminem battle, dont @ me. 🤷🏼‍♂️

  42. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  43. Hey this sooo fucking perfect 🖤

  44. Definitelly the best way to start a new day YAAAAAS


  46. Omg how can he be so talented and on the same type so fucking hot 🤤🤤🤤

  47. Anyone else disappointed in that cliché banana scene. She could've at least done cucumber, now that's real talent.

  48. Yungblud aesthetic vibes

  49. Why does my look like discount Xqc

  50. So fucking addicted ❤🤟🏽

  51. Came here for a dope ass song and it's just so much more than that this is art on a real raw level.

  52. This music video is unavailable in our country 🇳🇵😢
    Still managed download this video♥️
    Your lyrics really relates my situation and shakes my soul🙏

  53. 🔥😭😭😭

  54. I get almost like an 80s vibe from this? Was NOT expecting him to sing! I love this!!! He’s very talented and I feel we need to appreciate the artists that actually have talent. I saw him live a few years back and he put on a wild concert

  55. I loved that! Weird but cool💖

  56. Glad you're back to this style bruh MAJOR

  57. Tickets to my downfall is comiiiiing 😍

  58. Like…. Wow

  59. MGK is in his most powerful state when his music sounds like this

  60. One of the only artists that is evolving rather than selling out. Love him

  61. That goat of diversity 🐐. Fight me.

  62. comments sus af

  63. I literally luv uuuu

  64. I miss the old mgk..

  65. YES.

  66. All the dislikes are from the people he went to the bathroom with at 12:05

  67. Tickets to my downfall

  68. LUV

  69. Awesome

  70. An absolute legend!

  71. Is that the girl from Teen Wolf is my question?

  72. Woooo LORD, Kels looking like a whole damn meal. The way this video captured him really be hittin different. 🥵🥵🥵

  73. Nothing nowheres nightmare and now this! Love it hahah

  74. Did we just get thrown into the 2000s?

  75. Me of Indonesia fans mgk

  76. His hair🔥🔥😈

  77. Colson = Cherished

  78. Love it kells

  79. Jeez he’s easy on the eyes

  80. 😍

  81. no homo but would smash 🤤🤧🤧

  82. EST fam. Where y'all at?

  83. fucking amazing. MGK is a god! idc!

  84. Yai e yai e ya fucking……cool

  85. Anyone else think that MGK was fine as hell

  86. MGK: Sings.
    Me: Yes its about a Rock Consent

  87. His face at 1:29 has me dead 😂

  88. I wonder if this song is about halsey about her cheating on g eazy

  89. I like the whole punk rock era of his music but in the new album I hope there are some songs that rep Cleveland and est in general. Just like old times

  90. One of my favorite artists well done goat

  91. looks like something from the 90's… I LOVE IT!

  92. Woah great job kells…♥️
    U r not just a rapper u can put the stage on fire too with your rock shit….Why are you here will surely rock♥️💯…Est for life♥️

  93. 1:21 is that crystal reed?

  94. This man is amazing 🖤🤘🏼

  95. Colson- The Legend!

  96. David Bowie vibes

  97. Who else prefers MGK as a Rocker rather than a Rapper? Been loving the transition


  99. Wild vid! Like the song very much, I here it all the time!!! All time fav. Song!!

  100. 🔥 Machine Gun Kelly – Why are you here

    🔥 5.000+ ARTISTS :
    ❤️ 10.500 LYRICS+VIDEOS

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