Logan Paul – HERO (Official Music Video) Feat. Zircon

Logan Paul – HERO (Official Music Video) Feat. Zircon

Logan, you are my hero, you mean the world to me. (Logan: YOOO wassup thass muh boi) Logan Paul put me in one of his videos, I’m so happy. Bro, I like you a lot. I’m gonna fly you out to L.A. I’m going to L.A.! (He’s going to L.A.!) That’s my boy. Zircon! I want to make a song with you. And make the dopest music video of 2017. It’s a fact that everyone has a hero. (Yeah) And some times when you’re tickled just the right way, You gotta make a dumbass song about it. (Fact) So this is that dumbass song. (Double fact) And guess what? I’m feeling tickled. Wait, what? HAHAHA! Ya YEE. I saw this video saying ‘Logan, you’re my hero’. Saying I’m the man, like I’m some type of Robert DeNiro. I
don’t know why though, this kid looks like he’s shy though, but he tore up that track like a gosh darn tornado! I’m just a boy from Ohio following his dreams. I’m somebody’s
hero? Wow, that’s amazing! And if you really believe it, you can do anything.
You can go and start a movement, Look at Martin Luther King! No, I’m not saying
that this little dude is Martin Luther King. But I’m not saying that he’s not,
it’s not a sure thing. You don’t know it, I don’t know it, now who are you to say that
this kid ain’t MLK or even Kanye? The point is, he’s a
maverick, he paves his own path. He don’t listen to the haters, who may point and
laugh. He stuck his neck out for me like a full-grown giraffe. Now, Noah, it’s your turn
cuz I did the first half. Everyone has a hero. (True) Zero people shouldn’t have a hero (YAH YAH). Logan is my hero, he is really nice (HA). So I went and made a song about him twice. (What) Song about me twice? Noah, that’s really nice (YUH). Hit me up, if you ever need advice (YAH). and here, dude, take some Maverick Merchandise (Link in bio) Everybody needs someone to idolize. (true) He is my hero,
we share sometimes. For example, this pizza slice! *Laughs* Let’s do something cool, like go stop some crimes, and hang with all the girls, in
paradise. We have no limit, like the skies. My man is the savage, I can see it
in his eyes. It’s true, Logan. You’re really wise. Also really true, let’s harmonize. (OOOOHHHH) (OOOHHHH) (OOOHHOOOUOOOOHHH) (OOOOHHHH) (OOHH) *clap* (OOUU) *clap* (OOHH) *clap* (OOUU) *clap* (OHOUOH) *clap* (OOUU) *clap* (OOHH) *clap* (OOUU) *clap* Okay, enough of that time to start making some sense.
Back to the hero stuff, let’s talk future tense. In 13 to 20 years, we’ll
both be Presidents. So if you talk smack, we’ll call that Secretary of Defense.
Not to mention we’ll balance the federal deficit. And yes, I’m aware that my rhymes are super intelligent. It’s cause I’m in the zone, I’m an avatar in my element.
I’m a rhyme bender here to stay: RESIDENT! Everyone has a hero. (true) Zero people
shouldn’t have a hero (YAH YAH). Logan is my hero. He is really nice (HA). So I went and made a song about him twice. What, song about me twice? Noah, that’s really nice. (yeah) Hit me up if you ever need advice. And here dude, take some maverick merchandise (link in bio). Everybody needs someone to idolize. (true)
He is my hero, we share sometimes. For example this pizza slice. *Laughs* Let’s do
something cool, like go stop some crimes. And hang with all the girls, in paradise. We no have limit, like the skies. My man is a savage, I can see it in his eyes. It’s
true, logan. You’re really wise. Also really true, that’s why you’re my guy.
HAHAHA! Make sure you like and subscribe. Get your maverick merch, link is in the
description. Making music videos is dope, bro. Especially when you got a savage by your side! Like and subscribe. I already said that. Aight. peace! Merch Link In Bio, https://shoploganpaul.com/

100 thoughts on “Logan Paul – HERO (Official Music Video) Feat. Zircon

  1. Ziricon Sucks!

  2. OCTOBER 2019?

  3. Hi my name is Jordan, moved from being a KSI fan to a Logan Paul fan, im 2 months younger than Noah (Zircon) and hope to meet Logan one day too. I started to make youtube videos because my friends thought i wasnt "cool" so then this vid helped me out and motivated me so now im here. I was born on the 5th of April 2007 and now i have 700 subs and over 10k views. I live in Adelaide, Australia and im trying to get money from youtube to help me out. Thanks guys 🙂

  4. How many likes this comment gets thats how much logan gets subscribers

  5. this is when logan was a good youtuber

  6. HaHa LIT

  7. Sorry but this I have to dislike this

  8. and this video Logan you are my hero

  9. Logan YOUVE gon to farrr BROOOO THIS HEATTT🤩🤩🤩

  10. your are my hero

  11. The current state of Logan Paul's reputation basically makes this propaganda

  12. Is he saying he is black 1:12

  13. I like the song even though I’m not a Logan fan

  14. After watching this my iq is now in the negatives

  15. 1:25 looks like it’s green screened

  16. its good what you did for Noah. He seems like a really cool kid!

  17. Logan I love you your also my hero plz fly me to la

  18. Well then why not this pedal town Road at maybe your songs would be a lot better

  19. Hit me up ever need advice hey Logan I just found a ded guy wat do I Logan: record it kid

  20. 2019 anyone

  21. When a 12yr kid can sing better than you

  22. This song makes me fucking cringe

  23. This sounds like something of geometry dash

  24. Logan is not my hero logan you're shit like your mum


  26. Omg lit lit lit dat be epic

  27. You just know this kid got 20 atomic wedgies when he returned to school. Feel bad.

  28. Why is this video still on YouTube it’s been 2 years fuck you Logan

  29. Tru

  30. I thought everyday bro was the cringiest thing online until I saw this.

  31. Noah:Everyone has a hero


    Me: am I a joke to you?

  32. I prefer the ooo then the singing

  33. This is a good song
    Don't like it you agree

  34. 2:07 "you are really wise" well that rubbed off well

  35. You rost. You’re. Bro jake but he sood rost you

  36. 2:06
    I can see it in his eyes
    he's wearing glasses
    That is very wise

  37. Bruh this kid got Bullied so hard fat so long and the rhyming in this song sucks

  38. Fuck zericon

  39. Love this music video Logan

  40. Still remember these lyrics WHY?!???

  41. Ayy cameraman put that gun away the kids afraid

  42. Anyone here after the Logan vs KSI 2 UK pressconference

  43. 1:32 is that part you’re looking for, Tiktokers 😉

  44. logan you are my hero 🙂

  45. Dope

  46. I honestly feel bad bc let’s be honest

    That kid probably got his butt kicked at school

  47. The only reason I like this is because he probably made that kids life. I'm just happy for him being happy bro

  48. Paulers

  49. This is so cringe this much people think this song is cringe

  50. Who still listens to this on 2019 October

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  56. Forgot this existed ngl

  57. he aint ur hero anymore because ksi is gonna knock the fuck outta Logan 🙂

  58. Logan Paul is a bad YouTuber SML is better

  59. Logan only took a bite of the second slice o pizza cause he relised that was the last slice

  60. Logan only took a bite of the second slice o pizza cause he relised that was the last slice

  61. You are my hero to 😃😃😃😃😃

  62. Hi I’m Oliver I love you i a always getting bullied by a kid who is older than me and I am crying

  63. Baldly

  64. He is called Ethan Jordan

  65. Why did I click on this video

  66. 2019?

  67. The cringe be kinda real

  68. Even though the song isn’t the best it’s still cool how Logan did that with Noah

  69. Yo who is watching this after logan click baited his dead dog for veiws?

  70. Like your music video

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  72. Corny ass nigga

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  74. Cringe but sweet

  75. Let's ask this kid if logan is still his hero, if he still says yes then it will be confirmed that he is being held at gun point

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  77. 2019 October

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  82. this is kinda cringey (the start) but this is so cute omgggg

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  86. I'm here from Call Me Kevin 😂

  87. Some guy: What? Bullying? That's not the thing! You can't gimme the example.

    Me: ** SHOWING THAT **

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    R.I.P Kong😓

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  93. Tickle my fucking pickle

  94. The funniest thing is reading the comments on this video.

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