Library Customer Service: Dos and Dont's

Library Customer Service: Dos and Dont's

2 thoughts on “Library Customer Service: Dos and Dont's

  1. I had a bad experience at a library once. Back in the early 1990's I was job hunting and so on a daily basis doing what we did to sign into the log sheet and or stand in line(depending on which library I go to) then get called that I am next in line to get the next pc or PAC station.

    So for this never a problem No bad body language or words. everything very professional between staff and me for many many months.

    Then one day when I am next to be served in a very long line the woman just sit there and does not ask her usual questions on what I want to do and what my needs are in regards to a PAC station or a pc with internet access.

    So she just sit there and says nothing and just looks at me with WIDE big eyes as if she is going to be hit by a truck like a deer with her eyes wide open like something big is about to hit her.

    So I am confused and nobody around me is huffing and puffing angry so I look back to her and she is still like that
    So I do the same thing back to her and then she gets up and calls the police to kick me out.

  2. 😂😂😂😂 rude much that made me laugh

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