Learn Drawing in 1 Month || Max’s Monthly Challenge

Learn Drawing in 1 Month || Max’s Monthly Challenge

(spacey electronic music) – Hey, it’s Max here, and it’s
day one of the new challenge. And this month I’m trying to learn how to do photorealistic portrait drawing. So, what I mean by that
is, when you draw a picture of a person it actually
looks kind of like a photo and not just kind of like a sketch. Tomorrow I’ll draw a picture of myself, and then at the end of the
month I’ll also draw a picture, and we can use that as a gauge to see how much I improve from
the start to the end. To give you an idea of
where I’m at now I wanted to show you some of the drawings
that I’ve done previously. When I was younger I
really like Dragon Ball Z, so I used to draw Dragon Ball Z pictures. I used to draw comic books, as well. A full comic book. The drawings weren’t fantastic. The content’s pretty good. I used to draw on all
of my books in school. And you can see I’ve kind of drawn a pretty cool design in the book. And this would be one
of the last portraits that I would have drawn. I used to draw on an app
called Draw Something. It’s an app like Pictionary,
where you draw a picture on your phone and someone
has to try to guess it. And for whatever reason,
I got really obsessed with that game and I always wanted to make my drawings look really good. So I used to spend a lot of time. And here are some of the drawings that I used to draw on Draw Something. Some of these images over here. Cool, so the new challenge is starting. I’m excited for this one, it’s
much more chill than violin. Wish me luck. (spacey electronic music) So I just finished my first
portrait drawing of myself. It took me about twenty or so minutes. At a certain point I don’t
really know how to add any more. I realise that I drew it on an angle, ’cause I was lying on an angle. It looks better on an
angle than it does flat. That’s kinda, I guess, my
starting point, or my baseline. And we’ll see where I
can get to from here. So for my first portrait,
I’m drawing Elon Musk who’s a favourite entrepreneur
of mine, and a bit of a hero. And I’m following on with a course that I’m doing from a Vitruvian Studio, which is a really good online
course on portrait drawing. So I wanna talk about the
materials that I’m using that I’m using during this drawing. So I’m using pencils all
the way from a 9H to a 9B, which is the darkness and
the lightness of the image. I’m drawing on grey paper. I’m using brushes, which you’ll see, to thin out some of the graphite and get that blending effect. I’m also using a blending
stub to push in the graphite to the paper and blend the paper. I’m also using white chalk
to capture some of the light. And then I’m using an
eraser, and that’s really all the tools that I’m
using during this drawing. What I can improve on this drawing is, the positioning of all of the details on the drawing aren’t perfect. The forehead’s too big, they
eyes are slightly too small. And by doing those slight
errors it doesn’t matter how good you draw in
the details of the eye, the position of the eye is
wrong, or the size is wrong. It will look like the cousin of Elon Musk, but it won’t actually look like
what you’re trying to draw. And so, it’s really
important yo take the time to measure up your drawing really well at the start of the drawing. So that brings me to my next drawing. Hey guys. So I’m on my way to a life drawing class, which should be interesting. I’m interested to see if I
can leverage what I’ve learned with portrait drawing so
far into life drawing, which is actually drawing a body. And it’s a bit shorter period of time. But I’ve been lucky enough
to be able to film today, which is pretty cool. (jazzy piano music) Life drawing was something
really new and interesting, and an interesting way to challenge myself with this drawing challenge. You have a lot of different poses and each pose was a different length. So some of them were really short, they were only like one minute. And then the last pose was half an hour. So these were some of
the one-minute poses. The one-minute poses
were really tough to draw because it’s really quick. (laughs) Then we have some two-minute poses. You can see I was really focusing on the structure of the drawings, so trying to find the length of the arm relative to the size of the
head, and things like that. And then we had a 15-minute pose. So the 15-minute pose I actually
got to shade a little bit. Finally we have the half-an-hour pose. I gotta say, I enjoyed
the half-an-hour pose the most of any of the
poses by far, really, because it gave me time to actually put into practise some of
the things that I learned. So I got to measure part
of the body by putting out my hand and using the
pencil as a measuring tool. But overall, it was a
really good challenge, and it was really fun and I’m excited to get back to portrait drawing. In my next drawing I’m
going to draw Beyoncé. So I wanted to try something
completely different. Let’s jump into it! Beyoncé time! So this time I didn’t
follow along with the course but I drew from memory from the course. And as a result, I didn’t
get the order quite right, which caused some troubles in my drawing. So what you should do is focus on the biggest objects first
and then move to finer details. For example, you should
mark the highest point of the forehead and then
the lowest point of the chin and use that as a reference point when trying to find the
position of the eyes in relationship to the
ears and things like that. You should also do the darkest dark when you’re shadowing in
the hair or in the eyes and the lightest white,
for example in the forehead to use as a reference point when trying to find a shade. And so because I didn’t
do the right order, I think it caused some
issues in my final product. There’s still a lot of room for
improvement on this drawing. I feel like the likeness to
Beyoncé isn’t really there. In the original drawing there
was a hand in the photo, so I had to remove the hand,
which made things difficult. I found her hair quite challenging ’cause it was capturing a lot of light. So I’ve got a lot of work to do before my final self-portrait, but I really think that from
these drawings that I’ve done so far with Elon Musk and Beyoncé, I’m ready to do a much better
drawing for my self-portrait. So I wanna talk you through
the process that I used to actually make one of these drawings. And it’s something that
you could actually do yourself once you know what to do. Firstly what I do it try
to find the lowest point on the chin and the
highest point on the head. And I find the angle
between those two points, and I measure that out using my pencil and try putting it in front of my face and think about what that angle is, and then try to find that
same angle on the page. Then using that same measuring process, I try to find the point furthest on the left and furthest on the right. And I do the angles from
the top and the bottom to find the position of
the side of the ears. And that’s why you see a diamond shape on my face when I start out a drawing. Then using that as a reference point I then try to find the
top of the forehead, the position of the middle of the eyes, the bottom of the nose, the
middle of the mouth, and so on, so I can find the position of
all of the different features. It’s only once I’ve really
got all of the positions down, even the left side of the eye,
and the top of the eyebrow, and things like that,
that I start filling out some of the details. I might start with the eyes and eyebrows and work my way down. I’ll also then start blocking
out the shapes of the shadows, and then finally I’ll start doing shading, once I’ve finished all of the details. I’ll start with the darkest
darks and the lightest lights, and then shade my way through. And then I’ll keep reviewing and looking for spots that could be darker or lighter. Or I’ll be measuring again
to find if anything’s out of place and keep making
adjustments to try to get everything looking like a photo does. I’m really happy with how it came out. I think the likeness
of me is really there. As I try to do the same face. When I compare the two
images side-by-side, it’s clear to me that it’s so significant how much I’ve improved this month. And I’m really happy with
how this challenge went out. This next month I’m doing salsa dancing, so if you wanna see that journey about me learning salsa
dancing in a month, please hit the subscribe button. And thank you so much for watching. And stay tuned for the next episode. (spacey electronic music)

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