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They say that some time ago, the hanged corpse
of a woman appeared in the middle of the forest. It was Loretta Swan, a single mom who had
an only child: Her daughter Lazári. A manuscript was found near the body, written as a goodbye
letter. This is what it said: “My dear Lazari, when you read this letter
you will have many unanswered questions. I hope that you can one day forgive me for the
pain and agony I’ve caused you, and specially for leaving you alone from now on. I’ve been
struggling for too long, and the madness is consuming my mind. However, before I go, I
want you to know the truth. You know I’ve always been very devout and
religious, dedicated to fulfilling the will of God. My faith has always been unshakable,
even when I discovered I was sterile and could never have children. Even then I simply went
on, determined to find love in a righteous and good man. One day I was in the library checking some
books, looking for quotes for a sermon, and I had the feeling someone was watching me.
That was the first time I saw him. He was the most handsome man I’ve ever seen, with
a shining and attractive gaze. We smiled at each other until I finally approached him,
and we introduced ourselves to each other. His name was Evan Harrison. Shortly after we started going out, and I
opened my heart to him almost by accident. It was inevitable, as there was something
very captivating about him… something unreal and divine. I trusted him with my life and
my secrets, although he never wanted to talk about himself. He knew I was sterile, but
even then he convinced me to try having the child I so much desired. And somehow we did
it! I got pregnant, and I started to think he was some kind of divine being. That’s how I gave birth to you, Lazari. And
you had the same divine and captivating aura your father had. However, little by little…
everything turned dark and evil. Evan suddenly disappeared, abandoning me without explanation.
And despite that, you and me kept going forward. You grew up happily by my side, and every
day I loved you more. Everything changed the day of your fourth
birthday. Your captivating aura transformed into something… evil. Your eyes no longer
reflected innocence – instead, they reflected a red glimmer, like the fires of hell. I started
doing research and reading religious books, looking for an explanation of what was happening. One day, while I was reading at home, I heard
horrifying screams in the yard. I ran outside, and I saw you attacking our neighbor who was
lying on the ground. I saw you… biting and devouring his flesh as if you were a rávenous
dog attacking his prey. Even your body had mutated, as you now had claws, hoofs, pointed
teeth, and a strange opening in your chest, like a second mouth. When I called you, you went back to your normal
form, and ran to hug me with tears in your eyes. I couldn’t allow anyone to find out
about this… I couldn’t allow anyone to snatch my Lazari away from me. Thus, I got rid of
the corpse… and chained you up in the basement. I spent many sleepless nights researching
what was happening, until I finally found an answer: Zalgo. Your father is a demon, and I gave myself
to him in order to create you. And the worst part is that now you are transforming into
a dark being, losing your heart in the process. That’s why I locked myself in the basement
with you, and did whatever I could to expel that evil within you. All the rituals and
suffering I made you go through were for you to become the same sweet girl you used to
be… but I was hurting you too much with those exorcisms, and I was hurting myself
too. I even tried to look for Zalgo and summon
it… but it never answered my call. Damn him a thousand times for destroying my life
and my daughter’s life. Now it wants to capture you, and use you through me… but I will
not allow him to do it. So please, listen to me Lazari: Run away as far as you can,
be always alert, and do not trust anyone. I love you, and will always love you.” The little eight year old Lazari, while hugging
her teddy bear, was observing the corpse of her mother hanging from a tree. Lazari was
now alone, and had nowhere to go. She started to wander through the forest until she bumped
into a strange figure. It was a tall and faceless man wearing a suit, who also had tentacles
coming out of his back. Lazari wanted to know him and be his friend, so she extended her
hand. The figure took her by the hand, and took her with him. Lazari Natalie Swann is the protagonist of
the creepypasta comic “I eat pasta for breakfast”. She is a human-demon hybrid known as a “zalgoid”.
She was found by Slenderman in a forest and lives in a house with other creepypastas. Sometimes she transforms involuntarily and
attacks other supernatural beings to devour them, although she no longer attacks humans.
She can only see in different shades of red, and is unable to perceive other colors. In
her back she has severe scars she got when her mother tried to expel the demon inside
of her body. However, just like any other eight year old
girl she likes playing, coloring and being around people. She gets along very well with
Lulu, who is like her older sister, and is also secretly in love with Eyeless Jack, specially
because he also eats his victims. But that’s only when she is in her “human” form – her
more innocent and harmless form. When she attacks, she adopts her “hungry”
form and she behaves in a completely savage way. She acts like an animal trying to hunt
a prey, without any kind of mercy. When she goes back to her human form she is incapable
of remembering what happened, and also seems regretful for whatever she might have done. She also has a third form: Her “zalgoid” form,
which she has adopted in several occasions but nobody has seen. That’s fortunate because
that is her most violent and lethal form, where she displays her demonic essence in
its purest form…

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