Lawrence Krauss: We Need to Teach Kids Creative Thinking | BEST OF 2015

Lawrence Krauss: We Need to Teach Kids Creative Thinking | BEST OF 2015

Education is far less about a set of facts
than a way of thinking, than learning how to critically think. And therefore what I
always think should be the basis of education is not answers but questions. We should teach
kids how to question. Now having said that of course to be a productive adult there are
certain skills that are required – reading, writing and in the old fashioned days we used
to say arithmetic. Now we say mathematics. And it’s important that we provide students
those basic skills. And in that sense I’m in favor of a common core because I think
there are certain things that most reasonable educators and most reasonable mathematicians
and scientists and historians would agree are a part of what every modern literate person
should have as a tool to go out and look at the outside world. I am in favor of saying okay, let’s get
teams of educators and experts in certain disciplines to say what are the basic things
that we think are an essential part of an early education for people. Put them together
and create as well as possible a set of goals and tools to learn those things. One thing
I cannot understand and people are probably going to be upset about this is why local
school boards have control over educational content. Because local school boards are inevitably
made up of individuals without any training. One of the reasons we send kids to school
is to help protect them from their parents – in a good sense. I mean most parents want
their kids to learn good but the point is the reason kids are outside the house is so
they can get exposure to things that might take them beyond the biases that they learn
at home. And if we send them to school we should take them beyond the biases that are
present in local school board members. There should be standards that are based – that
are determined by educators, not by people who for one reason or another run for election
to a local school board. So a common core is something I’m in favor of. What I’m
not in favor of by the way is standardized tests however. Testing always inevitably means
you teach students to be able to do tests. And I’ve seen it at all levels including
by the way at graduate school. We have many grad students say from China who are excellent
at taking physics tests but when they want to become researchers just being able to regurgitate
information is not what makes you a creative researcher. And I think the same is true for
a young person. Being able to know specifics to pass a test is not the same as being able
to understand how to go about answering those questions.

51 thoughts on “Lawrence Krauss: We Need to Teach Kids Creative Thinking | BEST OF 2015

  1. I wish Mr. Krauss had spent more time on critical thinking than local school boards, though I do understand what he was saying. Critical thinking, I believe, is the tool that will cut through biases wherever one might find them, and it is possible to find them in a common core, except perhaps in reading, writing and . . . . mathematics.

  2. Hey Krauss are you in these comments?

  3. This is true and why I gie my kids tablets. there's probably a creativity app to do it for you

  4. I don't think you can have a centralised group of experts deciding what the children should learn and how to do so without having a feedback system for whether certain things work or not and then you end up with standardised tests. There seem to be 3 main problems 1. parental/political bias 2. bad quality material 3. standardised tests, the system you proposed doesn't seem to solve point 2 because you mentioned no means for this group of experts to have a nationwide feedback system. Without one of these feedback systems its hard to make sure the "common core" you put together is actually effective. Because of this governments often employ standardised tests or accept that parents or local politics will get to decide these things with all the biases that come with it. I am in no means a supporter of standardised tests but I don't think an army of experts will do the trick either.

  5. Fuck the illuminati

  6. "Lets teach children only the biases of educational experts to protect them from their own parents." – Lawrence Krauss- 2016

  7. I think school should be shorter and they only required to teach you writing, reading and math. Then if parents want to enroll them in more classes in things like art, science, history then they should do that.

  8. "One of the reasons we send kids to school, is to help protect them from their parents." Couldn't agree more. Aside from not having the ability to educate my children in the way I wish them to be educated, I don't want them to parrot everything I do and say. I want them to be free thinkers and question everything.

  9. Thank you. I'm spending an hour a day and planning to spend a total of 60 hours in order to get a 36 on my next ACT. 60 Hours. I would much rather spend that time learning more programming or, well, anything.

  10. Krauss for president!! let there be thinking !

  11. Creative thinking? Sounds stupid. Whats next? Forcing a mixed intellectually diversity from people with all different kinds of ideas on colleges campuses? Ideas where everything from how to treat & kill puppies to men's issues can be talked about freely without being harassed by a hate mob that pull fire alarms or claims you have raped them and call you scum for just wanting to hear other peoples opinion.

    On the serious note here. You can't teach kids if the teachers doesn't understand it. Today the college students in the US are stupid and lack intellectually diversity. Heck, they have even reintroduced racial segregation as a good thing now. Martin Luther King must be proud of the black students that wanted that. Today we treat 20 years old as kids, they treat a college as a home. A college is not a home, its a place for you to collect knowledge that should be used when you apply it in life. A college should be a mixing pots of every single kind of idea, as long as you do not start killing other people because of them. A college place is where your ideals should be as vulnerable as possible so that you get exposed to new ideas and allow creativity to flow freely. When a college ban people from saying nasty things, introducing trigger warnings , safe spaces and so on you harm the very essence of intellectually diversity and creative thinking, and these are the people that should teach about creative thinking. You can't teach people that you can walk down many paths at a crossroad if you are in a hallway with not a single door on the sides. We are right now teaching young adults to not be able to think creatively.

  12. True but the unfortunate reality is most jobs(or almost all jobs) really don't require any critical thinking, and thus schools even at the graduate level won't really teach it. It is the regurgitating of information of knowledge or repeating the same process as Krauss said. Not everyone is going to turn out to be theoretical physicists or philosophers. But I do agree that standardized testing has to change.

  13. Is there a proven way of teaching "creativity?" It seems hard to teach a child to be creative mathematically and to a lesser extent scientifically/technically. Even with writing, creative writing is often just poor writing.

  14. Don't fall for this new world order propaganda. Your parents bias is much better than the bias of institutions that want you to excel or be dead.

  15. Protecting the future of humanity from the ill will and ignorant behaviors of previous generations is a huge part of public education. It's sad that he feels hesitant to say that.

    90% of high school should be money management and understanding you are 1/7,000,000,000th of the collective conscience.

  16. I wish I could home school my kids. I hate the public school systems and even private. We need to be teaching them life skills how to survie. Now don't get me wrong here children need to learn to read, write, and do math how is the rest helpping them to live life how they want and do what they want to do. I'm older and I still have no clue what I want with my life. But I believe that I've set my kids on a right path to find what they want to do with there lives. Anyone agree or disagree would love to both

  17. School boards are there to protect delusional religious beliefs and irrational beliefs about human sexuality. I agree, they must go.

  18. I feel that history is important as well. But none of that patriotic pride crap; children should at least learn some of the most defining moments in humanity. (The best and the worst.)
    To clarify:
    To learn from mistakes that should not be repeated.
    Later generations can be inspired to do more than their predecessors.

  19. Kraus is not talking about education in terms of its utility for delivering information and training that will be useful for life. He is talking about taking children in near infancy and turning them into group think statist minded automatons. He is talking about eliminating any possible development of ideas of individualism and individual sovereignty. In the mind of Kraus and his ilk there should never be notions of development of personal identity much less personal property. Listening to him talking about protecting children from their parents sent chills down my spine. If parents and school boards are not his preference for who should determine curricula then who might he choose? Himself apparently – and of course his idea of "education" and curricula would be determined and directed by a central committee of State bureaucrats – This isn't "Big Think" – this is big plans for creating his idea of a communist utopia. Kraus is a sick man; best to keep your kids clear of him and his kind.

  20. If we start teaching children HOW to think instead of WHAT to think, they will never become true believers though, and there are too many true believers out there who don't want their kids to question their beliefs.

    I'm not only talking about traditional religion, I'm also talking about capitalism, which also is something like a religion.

  21. much respect to Lawrence krauss. he really got me interested in cosmology and religious arguments and whatnot.

  22. There was a lot of talk about this topic lately but nobody seems to really do anything about it.

  23. Krauss is such a pathological liar and a debate failure.

  24. white ppl brain dead already . chinese controlled your mind .
    everyone like chinese
    hk tw
    no one gonna find out they killed billions for money.

  25. I, currently a student in the number 1 ranking middle school in the US. I love the stem field, and I ask many questions. But, I, very often get punished for asking these questions and thinking critically. The issue is likely not the teachers; it may be method, but I think that it would be more plausible that the learning involvement is not functioning in a way that property assists the common students. We need to get kids interested to do school work outside of the curriculum, and let them learn as they please.

  26. That's awkward. The same man that tells people to question everything dismisses philosophy as a whole (the subject that endorses people to do it).

  27. We need more of this guy! 😀
    Hes so inspirational! 😀

  28. Collective hive mind….theory…the more we are forced to think the same the less we think. lol, states that a single method should fit everyone and thus creative outs puts would happen…Marxist education….got it…lol

  29. Hey Krauss, debate Stanton Friedman you coward.

  30. Ironic that someone who is wholly against teaching Philosophy would say something like this.

  31. teachers whether they are local or national should be chosen on their ability to be creative and have an urge for continued education not only for the students but for themselves and delve deep into factual research they would take themselves and their students beyond

  32. or teach them what is TTIP, creativity can come later…

  33. Krauss makes an error based on an unfounded assumption, implying that those with less knowledge are more creative. In actuality, those with the most knowledge are most capable of creative thinking. Why? Because creativity requires having knowledge to be combined for novel use. If knowledge is lacking, then there's nothing new to be created.

  34. This guy sounds like a facist, he wants to force his views on everyone elses children, nice. Common core is a joke, children learn virtually nothing in 12 years of education.

    Love internet neckbeards on youtube.

  35. kids go to school to get marks which determines how well they'll do in life, not to learn

  36. Mixed Prof. Answer and Question.

  37. So you're basically saying that you prefer centralized biases handed down from Washington, DC?

  38. "Teach kids to question" – Anybody that has listened to Krauss debate knows what he is getting at here. He is talking about religion. I entirely agree with him. Unfortunately the fundies don't. They fully understand that if their kids are allowed to question then they will work out that most of religion is just unsubstantiated BS. They are also kept on track by the "fear factor". Question God and its a trip downstairs.

  39. common core is not what he thinks common core is when im told that 5 * 3 =15 and I'm wrong I give up

  40. "Never let your schooling get in the way of your education."
    -Mark Twain

  41. But if you don't have tests, how do we know kids are learning? What is the better substitute?

    (I'm not defending standardized testing, I'm just asking what could be done better)

  42. My school life can be summarized in this: Everyone was there so they could finally leave again. EVERYONE, the kids, the teachers, even the director literally hated their work, some teachers were actually openly admitting it.
    That instilled in me an absolute hatred for schools I wasn't aware I was capable of feeling.
    Hopefully something is done about the schooling system, and soon.

  43. Government schooling is killing creativity!
    School is NOT education.
    See the Ultimate History Lesson w/ John Taylor Gatto

  44. the hilarious thing is that the best engineers and researchers in the U.S. are Chinese and Indians nowadays. LOL

  45. Forty thousand people die of starvation every single day. While sixty two people own half of the worlds money. And people still like bill gates. Zuckerberg. Beckhams etc etc. Oppose globalisation and the vampire like predatory capitalism that feeds from us.

  46. kids are born with creative thinking. they would never learn how to talk or walk if they weren't. what we need though, is to stop teaching creativity and imagination out of them.

  47. I feel I've been cheated and robbed by the educational system. It seems the most important subjects (mathematics and science) are the most hated in school. school is all memorization and mind numbing concepts. I think half of math class should be on the history of math, to inspire the student to learn the concepts because otherwise it all seems random and irrelevant to the real world. Same with science. I believe school is boring for a reason. It teaches you to force yourself to do something you don't want to do which prepares you to become a laborer.

  48. Hearing Lawrence Krauss speak directly is something I really enjoy, of course you can read his books and such but to actually hear the sensibility coming from him is amazing.

  49. TITLE: "We Need to Teach Kids Creative Thinking". CONTENT: only mentions 'creative' in the terms of university researchers. Badly titled. Maybe should have been "we need to teach kids Critical thinking'.

  50. I am in favor of teaching individuals to succeed. A standard should be present, but any willing student is teachable. Not a student forced to learn. So many people want to learn, and actively seek knowledge only to be turned away by incompetent or unwilling teachers. I remember going to a college level math lab, asking a question of the student working there (the only help you would get and could receive as the lab was part of the class), and the student incorrectly did the problem two or three times before giving half an answer. Putting all blame aside, how should this be fixed. I am bad at math, not because I am dull or uninterested. What happened there? And should you think this uncommon, it's not. No math = no physics, biology, astronomy, and many more fields. Side note, thesis, premise, conclusion.

  51. Former ASU Professor Defended Jeffrey Epstein Before His Own Sex Scandal Arose – Phoenix New Times
    Many of Epstein's friends and acquaintances are being outed in the fallout. One of those is Lawrence Krauss, the former Arizona State University professor and world-renowned physicist who himself faced allegations of sexual misconduct spanning a decade’s time. Krauss reportedly received $250,000 from one of Epstein’s foundations for his Origins Project.

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