Landscape Artist of the Year 2017 – Episode 9

Landscape Artist of the Year 2017 - Episode 9

39 thoughts on “Landscape Artist of the Year 2017 – Episode 9

  1. Was disappointed Tom won the commission but hoped he'd redeem himself with his final piece. Sadly I was underwhelmed! The colours were nice but the work was rather crude and basic. His fortay is in lines and buildings so he was a bad choice for this scenic composition. Alice would have excelled in this respect and I feel both she and John were robbed out of a win!

  2. Good painting. But perhaps the other two finalists might be given another chance to show what they are capable of.

  3. Samira is naturally talented and original in understanding how to capture the likeness of the sitter with minimal broad strokes and unusual color combinations. The result is refreshing and what contemporary art and portraiture is today. Her keen sense of combining loose abstract strokes with the essence of the sitter’s personality is admirable. The other artists were talented but more in the traditional sense. They copied what their eye can see. I really enjoyed watching what Samira did, because it broaden my understanding of a selective technique in portrait painting.

  4. Thanks Art Lover as always. Will you be able to upload Landscape Artist of the year 2018 after this if you have the series please?

  5. It was okay. Seemed like an opportunity to go beyond his geometric washes to the lush fertility of the Caribbean. I would have liked to have seen how John or Alison would have done this

  6. Not his best work. Mountain in distance is so dull and monotonic. He was less free with his strokes.

  7. Oh poor Tom….He has been made to believe he's an artist. The judges have to make things seem wonderful, after all, they were the ones who picked him. So sad….the great artists of the past must be turning over in their graves. What the heck is going on with people in the 21st century, are they all blind.

  8. I've seen better stuff at craft fairs. What a crock.

  9. I think they chose the wrong painter in the finale…. Either one of the other two were a much more exciting painter.. I would have loved to see what that other male painter would have picked to paint and the colors he would have used.. sorry don't remember names.. and even the woman painter had a magnificent way of putting in her lights and darks and colors.. AAahh missed the mark here judges.. but love the show.. Keep them coming art lover!

  10. Thank you 🤗

  11. The judges and the commissioner were saying all of the right things but their eyes seemed to be saying " It's not what we were hoping for ". Jamaica is filled with a great variety of colour…. to me, this is just a safe sea scape in his usual palette.

  12. It's a very bad painting, amateurish and uninspired, predictable and flat. It's like a study of a school child. There is no sophistication, and no emotion. Awful.

  13. Alice Boggis-Rolfe or John would have been better – thanks AL for uploading

  14. Is it possible to put this video in rewind, enabling us to see the painting being covered up as opposed to being uncovered?
    I draw your attention, ladies and gentlemen, to the words of the great neo-classical painter John William Godward, who is said to have written in a suicide note "the world is not big enough for both myself and a Picasso".
    Yes, art can be a serious business and we do ourselves no favours by honouring works of mediocrity!

  15. It's not even art school quality. These ppl are being far too kind in their comments.
    I can't imagine what Simon was thinking as the final piece was revealed. This show is lovely but it needs new judges. Thank you Art Lover for sharing these videos with us. Brava!!!

  16. Nope again. Back to Portrait Artists please. Thanks Art Lover 👍

  17. My first act would be to fire those judges and find some who have an eye for good painting not oddities. The other two contestants on the last program would have done Jamaica justice. My advice for him is don't give up your day job plus invest that prize money. You cannot tell me that the man in the purple suit looked at that painting with joy in his eyes. I saw a look of WTH, where do I have to hang this. I am so disappointed in the result of this particular year's contest. Stil, however, I do like watching people paint for prizes, but I also like to see those with real talent win.
    Thank you ArtLover. I still love watching.

  18. Just as expected….£10,000 for a flat, featureless piece of rubbish.

  19. Not commission quality work. This is what you might expect on display at a community art fair.
    It's not Tom's fault, he was given a task which exceeded his present skill level. I feel certain both John and Alice would have delivered a more acceptable product. There is no movement or excitement, the colors are not realistic for a Jamaican landscape and there is no heat present. The judges, of course, are to blame on this one. Their transparent bias was apparent from the beginning, and this is not the first time they have shoved a lesser talent to the forefront at the expense of several other more worthy competitors.

  20. Wow, you guys are right, it is boring af. The small one of that mountains he did in Jamaica was so much better. It would have been great if he would have done a triptych with the two Jamaican painters and shared the money. Well, truely a bit embarrassing episode.

  21. terrible unveiling , shouldnt of left the painting propped up on that ruby cloth, didn't do it any favours

  22. Dull as ditch water, is the only way to describe his dime a dozen painting style, and this episode in general. Not only do the Judges incompetentaly decide on the predetermind winner they always choose the most boring artist as well. No progression in development throughout the series. God i hate the judges so much. I would love it if they were replaced or have a fourth professional, traditional judge added to sort the three amateur judges out.

  23. How disappointing, but Lindy Ashford would like it 😩😪.

  24. Hate to say but I told ya so! There was nothing in this piece that followed the brief, no Noel Coward empathy and as far as the location it could be anywhere and the theatre, well maybe the judges remarks supplied that aspect! thanks for a fab time Artlover!

  25. Sorry, "dull", is the first word that comes to mind There is  nothing tropical about it.

  26. Well what can I say. I've had an epiphany – pick the worst Artist from the beginning of the heats, listen to the judges hot air about nothing, and you will get the winner every time. All the series over the years have gone like this (there are exceptions) . With regard to this commission he should give the money back less expenses for paint etc. Reminds me of the saying – you can put lipstick on a pig but at the end of the day it's still a pig. We all know that art is subjective, it's up there with politics and religion, but I was really expecting more than was given. Noel Cowards paintings were much, much better. They should of just hung one of his and saved the money.

  27. shocking, dont give up your day job tom, that painting looks more like a wet wednesday scotland not the caribean, its the judges fault …fact

  28. I liked the result although the lines around the the beaches and mountains were too simple and it has no special slant to it, it's just a painting of a view.. I'm glad he didn't do much of those gimmicky lines around the edges. I prefer his paintings when they're half done.

  29. Does anybody else think that Tom is a double for Richard Bacon ?

  30. I have to say he did capture the colours of a Caribbean seascape very well. I still think that Alice would have done a great commission, but this piece wasn’t disappointing.

  31. Beautiful painting, thanks for the video!!!

  32. Just embarrassing to watch! must do better.

  33. Back in the day I used to think that a lot of the time art critics just made up stuff on the go to sound intelligent/credible. Their commentary on Tom's work said a whole lot of nothing, which only confirms my previous opinion. Either way, congrats to Tom! Definitely not an easy thing to do when under pressure like that.

  34. Oh dear, I felt disappointed with this winner's commission. From the beginning of this last chapter I had an intuition that it was not going to work, I really think his last painting is monotonous and samey: all blues and greens without much variety artistry, ok it is my opinion, but, I would have liked the other guy to win or even the woman. Thank you very much art lover, I hope you keep bringing more of these series!

  35. The judges got it wrong again. But I am enjoying watching the show. Keep it coming.

  36. I am about to watch this and I really hope that he doesn’t use thin washes of paint as he usually does.

  37. I don’t see iT in this artist, i think John had painted this view of Jamaica like a master ….. but well iT was a great serie again!

  38. Thank you, again, Art Lover, so sad it is all over, we are eagerly awaiting your next treats. I hope Tom keeps his light shining, it's hard to find and a treasure to cherish. Really loved his colour pallet, I wonder what Mr Coward would say!

  39. Wonderful painting. Inventive. Professional. A gem. Not the kind that only pleases those that dream of a painting looking like a beautiful photograph.

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