Lâm Bảo Ngọc — “Vòng Giấu Mặt” — Nohe Guti Reaction

Lâm Bảo Ngọc — “Vòng Giấu Mặt”  — Nohe Guti Reaction

Chào các bạn. Hello friends,
I bring you a video today more reaction. And today I bring many surprises,
the video reaction that I bring to you they suggested in the comments, I would
they let you know, a hug for Chinh Doan, what I had to point out that I was a little
different. he recommended me this video
reaction to Lâm Bảo Ngọc so, Lâm Bảo Ngọc this one is from the voice
Vietnamese and must be super good let’s see what we think Wow, how pretty Wow, she’s a dancer too …. Interesting Dances very well She is very pretty I really liked what he did with his mouth shut Wow, guys I just got stuck like the internet,
It was the WIFI, no, it’s not true. Seriously … wow AWESOME!!! Presence on stage … Barbara! No
nobody else needs back where he is … Barbara!!! Vocally it is awesome. It has a super good, super voice projection good Feeling everything she wants to give, or
I think I can give more, because I was really calm but …
they are from those singers that are worth listen and keep listening because
They transmit, they not only sing for singing but it gives you a feeling and
the song was transmitting it to you from the heart.
From the heart. Wow friends from Vietnam Wow
Awesome!!! I loved. Is that has a voice projection
awesome, the ornaments that I was making magnificent.
There were times when it seemed like that, like the air was going to
go, but no, it was intentional, I realized that was intentional and then dated
something more spectacular at the moment that it seemed that the air was going to go … No
Wow, impressive. Real guys This girl where they got her.
The parents must be extremely proud of her, friends have
of saying “Wow is my friend” “Yes, she is my friend” Wow no, AWESOME. I love
his way of dressing, the color of voice so, so melodic, so
Soft, so, so enbelezador to the ear. It fascinated me, it fascinated me, it really
I just didn’t like you know what it was? Than the last lord who was there from the jury I think that he had to push the button, it was worth the
shame, no one else had to come to press that button. Really is a
magnificent singer, I would like to return to listen in other videos, if they have others
videos of this girl please do it to me Arrive, I loved singing very very well and
I think it’s worth listening to many thanks
Chinh Đoàn, Well there it goes, you know what I’m trying, because I think
that you deserve it, I think it’s good try to communicate in
our languages, and well I’m trying They won’t believe it, I’m trying to
learn, even at least to greet in the languages ​​gentlemen.
I loved it, going back to the girl, I I loved it, I really liked it, I think
It has a lot of potential, its voice is magnificent, your breath is
perfect there may be some little things,
I think they will try to teach him more, so he has more
voice projection of the one you already have, although I think he doesn’t need it because
really does it perfectly I loved it, I loved it, his voice became
very clean too, not with shshshsh as I say … with its distortions …. I really liked it.
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greetings, comments, well what you guys want to write really this is a
open space just for you as For me, it doesn’t matter, I always try
to answer it as quickly as I can, You know, I love you very much, many
Thank you for joining me, I love you, I hope Have a great night, day, afternoon,
depending on where they are, and a little greeting international. I love you, a hug from
heart to Heart bye

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