Welcome to a new Scary Tuesday, Tiktakers. We are going back to Asia to discover new
dark legends and nightmare creatures. In this occasion, we are traveling to Thailand,
to know more about one of the scariest ghosts, the Krasue. It’s a female spirit that wanders the fields
at night.If you see her, you will probably first notice her young and beautiful face. But when you look down, you’ll be frozen
when you realize that, instead of having a body, she just has her internal organs hanging
from one side to the other, floating above the floor. In the portraits made by those who have seen
her, her throat can appear only with the trachea or with the whole neck. Under the head, the organs hanging usually
include the heart, the stomach and part of the intestine, emphasizing the insatiable
nature of this monster. Her guts are usually represented covered with
the glow of fresh blood. Her teeth usually include sharp canines , with
a vampire-like-shape. She can only have a halo around her head,
and a kind of light inside her being that makes her glow at night. Its origin is attributed to the presence of
méthane in swampy areas she frequents. She shares those areas with another hunting
monster, the Krahang, a flying male spirit. This ghost is under a curse that condemns
her to be hungry for meat eternally. Especially at nights, when she goes hunting
to satisfy her appetite, looking for any pray to devour. When she attacks cattle or hens, she usually
leaves a trace of blood when she wipes out the blood with the clothes hanging nearby. Before she goes hunting, she always hides
her headless body in a safe place, as she needs to come back to it before sunrise. Then she becomes a normal person again for
the day, with no difference from the rest except for her sleepy look. As it is common with these ghosts, there are
several legends about her origin. The most popular one talks about a Khmer princess
who lived during the Angkor Era, between the 9th and 15th century in Cambodia. She was forced to marry a powerful member
of the Siamese aristocracy, after he had defeated her people in battle. But she was secretly in love with another
man, younger and humbler than her. One day, they were discovered together, and
the aristocrat sentenced the princess to burn to death at the stake. But before the execution, the young lady managed
to contact a Khmer witch and asked her for help. She casted a spell over the girl, making her
body immune to fire. The spell was effective, but it came too late. Most of her body had been burned already,
except for her head and some internal organs. These remains were doomed to keep living along
with the scary Krasue. Other legends say it’s a wealthy woman who
used to wear a black ribbon tied to her head and neck to protect herself from the sun. She was possessed by an evil spirit and condemned
to turn into this creature. They also say that she was actually a woman
that, experimenting with black magic, used my mistake a spell that separated her head
and her body. That’s also why it is said, popularly, that
relatives of the “mae mot”, women that practise whitchcraft, are doomed to turn into
Krasue, especially their daughters or granddaughters. Or she is simply related to Kharma and the
punishment for past sins – and people who have committed crimes in their lives are doomed
to turn into Krasue after they die. People even say if we eat or drink something
poisoned with the blood or saliva of this spirit, we’ll also be doomed. Krasue’s legend is very much rooted in Thai
culture, and in the neighbouring countries of Cambodia or Laos. Often, in small communities, women who act
in a strange way are suspected of turning into this scary ghost at night. In the Philippines, there is a similar one
called Manananggal, who haunts pregnant women. When we hear about ghosts as terrifying as
the Krasue, we are happy we live far away from those countries, so we are not in danger
of finding her in the middle of the night. Tho… when we are talking about a supernatural
spirit, thirsty for blood…. who knows where she can

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    So she and her fiancé were on their wedding day, and she was in her basement getting ready for the wedding. Suddenly the house broke into flames. There was another ghost there too. Before she was about to die she cried and screamed and screamed. This other ghost there would say she would be okay as long as she would take his place being the ghost of the house, agreeing, her body burned as the ghost disappeared. Leaving her with that appearance. She never saw her husband and stays in that house roaming it so she can find a pair of eyes to find her husband with them. But she never saw him again, BTW there is a game based of this it’s called eyes. I highly recommend it! She is known as krasue (pronounced krasuie) and she is NOT real so do not be scared because she is fake. Anyways thank you for reading my comment and have a nice day!

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