Kid Snippets: "Library" (Imagined by Kids)

Kid Snippets: "Library" (Imagined by Kids)

already starting can I help you yes I'm looking for a book this is the library you have to be quiet a book are you looking for a one about dragons dragons hmm let me see alright it's just down this aisle here I'll let you choose a dragon but what book do you want how about dragons I don't know Shh this is the librarian you have to be quiet know which book you want what about a bus I have a good on the side of it you said you wanted dragons I did not yes you did no be quiet I'll show you the aisle here are books with buses and guns on the second one Nate you're welcome cool it squishing the zombie then it wind it on spikes cool then it landed on a house but fassl's me a jacket zombie a jenkins on this is the library and a gun and a laser if you do that one more time you have to get out of really without a okay okay hey be quiet okay I borrow this book sure thank you back I just don't okay that was really good I think we got a one okay okay let's do it okay

26 thoughts on “Kid Snippets: "Library" (Imagined by Kids)

  1. With a gun on. The. Side. Of. It. Duh

  2. I’m looking for a BOOK!!

  3. I love it. I shared this on my Facebook because a book group I was in was having a discussion about library "etiquette", in which many people said kids should not be allowed in the library unless they are in the kids' room because they make noise. This is perfection.

  4. Your gun is a 🐘

  5. Dragons

  6. Australian kids in primary know ahahah

  7. This is John 👱🏻‍♂️
    John has no friends 😢
    One like equals a friend for john

  8. This is funny

  9. I has a meme: is there any dragon books. NOPE

  10. I love this video so much and I wanted to show it for a library orientation in an elementary school to highlight being quiet in the library. However, the 3 used of the word 'gun' got it nixed by my principal. Can you do an edited version where you bleep out the word 'gun'?

  11. nooooooooooooooo

  12. Love this

  13. Shhhhhhhh……………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  14. Some book he is reading.

  15. Your kids are beautiful and hilarious and you guys are too

  16. As an Elementary library tech, I love this snippet! "I want THE dragon book."

  17. I like her jawline

  18. Cringe is so real

  19. That book with the bus.. i cant

  20. She is more shorter than him

  21. 2:03, OKAY O K A Y

  22. Good

  23. bus + guns + zombies + a roof = 6p history class

  24. The ending is so funny


  26. This is the first video of kid snippets I've seen

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