Kid President Throws a Pop Up Art Show!

Kid President Throws a Pop Up Art Show!

-I’m gonna help some people
make their neighborhood a little more awesome.
Let’s go. [ Imitating wind whooshing ] [ Laughter ] This is Bailey. She goes to college
in this neighborhood, and she wants to help
the kids who live here play and share
and be great people. -Hello.
-[ Chuckles ] -She and her friends
wanted to see the neighborhood through the eyes of kids, so we’re helping them put
together something special. -And right here, we have the
government housing projects, which have some incredible
people, but are very neglected. -That’s your sister? -And so what we’ve realized is
that we are so close to this. We are literally a block away, and it’s been really fun to be able to kind of try
to bridge that gap between college kids and kids who are here
in the neighborhood. -It all started really simply
with one family, and that was about 10 kids, with their extended family
involved, and then now we have
anywhere from 10 to 70 kids on an average Saturday. -Green light! -Red light! -This wasn’t
a conscious effort to say, “We’re gonna save the world.” This was a, “let’s be neighbors. Let’s be friends.
Let’s hang out.” -So, today, we have a really
cool surprise for you guys. So, we want to give you guys
a camera, and we want you guys
to take pictures of things that you guys think
are beautiful, things that are good, people being good neighbors,
maybe. We’re gonna have an art show,
and we’re gonna have a chance for you guys
to show all of your pictures to all of the people
in your neighborhood. [ All cheering ] -One more time. -[ Speaking indistinctly ] -Can you sit on my lap? -You have to wait.
When we’re ready to… -Okay, let’s go to your house. -Nice. -One of them. -Hey. -They took pictures of all
different places. Some kids took pictures
of flowers. Some took pictures
of their friends. Some took pictures
of their cousins, sidewalks, anything. Then we got
all the kids’ pictures and took them,
got them developed. This is when it got really cool. We got all the kids’ pictures, and we put together
a really big art party. Put their work on display
for everybody to see it. [ Indistinct conversations ] -All the pictures
that you see here were taken by the kids, and as you can see, some of your
friends are on here, your family, your houses,
your cousins. Did everybody see something they
recognize on these pictures? -Together: Yeah!
-Yeah. -[ Speaking indistinctly ] -They were very proud
of their art, which was cool to see,
and to see them, like, take ownership of something
that they had made and something
that they had created. They were able to show beauty and to show where they live
and be proud of it. -Getting to see the kids
be proud of something is a really great feeling. That’s not something you get to see very often
in this neighborhood. -We gave Bailey
the Medal of Awesome and her very own neighborhoodie. -Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, their pictures
were so beautiful. To see people taking pictures
of their families and of their moms, of the clover that we plant
in the field to help restore
their playground — just so much joy and — Well, I’m gonna cry. -Everybody, give miss Bailey
a round of applause. [ Cheers and applause ] -To get to hear
a circle full of children that you love with
all of your heart tell you that they love you
is really exciting because I do — I love them
with all of my heart, and — and it’s just
a great feeling. [ Chuckles ] – Watch “Kid President:
Declaration of Awesome.” All new episode this Saturday at 7:00 p.m. Eastern,
6:00 p.m. Central only on the HUB network. Check your local listings, man. Watch full episodes online
on your computer using the power of the Internet and the magic of awesomeness only at

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