Kid Krrish Movie Cartoon | Cartoon Movies For Kids | Baby Krrish Fun Time |Part #1

Kid Krrish Movie Cartoon | Cartoon Movies For Kids | Baby Krrish Fun Time |Part #1

an alien named Jadoo from the planet
Charaka lost his way on earth after being separated from his spaceship
fortunately he happened to meet Rohit at hamachi Rohit was not like other regular
boys Rohit and jadoo hit it off instantly and became good friends while
Rohit was quietly trying to help jadoo to return to his home a few people from
Earth came to know of jadoo ‘s presents they wanted to catch Jadoo for their
own advantage with a little help from his grandma and his friends Rohit ran
off the jadoo he ultimately succeeded in returning Jadoo to his spaceship as a
parting gift jadoo transferred a few of his powers to
Rohit those same powers are now in Rohit son Krishna Krishna Krishna Krishna don’t make me run so much naughty boy float away to the land of
dreams now in this lovely night when the moon and every star shines also
very bright darling little Krishna wants to reach the stirrings
there’s a world of hope in his little eyes Let the sun rise and shine on you don’t know bliss such time like little krishna sleeping he will take on life and now as boldly
as he should he stay each day will be a battle between the
bad and a good he will take on life now as boldly as he should spreading all the
happiness in all this neighborhood there’s 19’s laced with innocence with
every Marvel joy apple of his daddy’s eyes and also a favorite toy let this smiling son bring it
don’t know bliss let’s let the smiling son bring it out of place don’t know last
two such time little Krishna sleep in peace yes sleep in peace Tovino soldering machine You good for
nothing Android chunk you’re the worst sample of Robo ever
produced go bring that machine activation successful aren’t you happy
huh you must be thrilled Rohit you are the one who smashed away everyone’s
focus from my years of hard work by a silly save the world energy project
Helen knows fair you stole those formulas from I would have made such
deadly weapons with my technology that the world would have been stunned but no everyone just went gaga over your war That is when I also decided whatever I
want to do I’ll do it all by myself so I was about to steal those formulas for
the good of the world but you had this nasty habit of coming in between all and
like always you included into my plan you could have never changed your
codebase so close to the success so close but but
I had to flee all I could drive falls just that diary of yours you made me
run like a hunted animal Even the police fired at me I would have escaped unhurt but you guys never got off my back sorry Rohit
they couldn’t catch dr parra your diary must have been burnt to ashes
oh no never dr. para is still alive so what if you’re
passed away Rohit but I will definitely find that secret formula of yours hey what are these Papa’s old stuff these must be my Papa’s inventions Wow a
watch it will look nice on my wrist what’s this thing now there is nothing
but old and rotten junk up in the attic Krishna
what are you hiding come on show it to me this is Papa’s watch please let me wear this
watch daddy ma please my sweet daddy ma please please he okay alright

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