Kensington Art Supply – Calgary’s Largest Independently-Owned Art Supply Store

Kensington Art Supply – Calgary’s Largest Independently-Owned Art Supply Store

Hi my name is Annette and I’m the owner
of Kensington Art Supply and Instruction Calgary’s premier creative center. The store has been in business since 1975 when it opened as Barnes Artist Supply and I’ve been the owner
since 2003 and I have the best job in the world I
get to sell fun and creative art supplies to artists of all kinds whether you’re a
beginner or professional our friendly and knowledgeable staff are
here to help, offer advice, answer your questions, perhaps even
inspire you as all of our staff are working artists. For us customer service is
important and that’s what we’re known for and we’re
here to help you as an artist shine. Our new location is even bigger
and better with 7,000 square feet, two huge classrooms, and lots of free parking
we’re open 7 days a week and we just got a huge selection of
inventory including one of the largest selections of Golden
products in all of Canada. We have all the top brands of quality
fine art supplies including the latest additions so if you’re looking for something new
stop by chances are we’ve got it. We also have regular sales, in-store demos, free samples, and lots of experience that
we’re willing to share with you. So we support local art groups as well as
local charities so we can bring art to you and your group by doing demos for you or bringing sales or just talking
about what’s new in the art industry. We offer a fun and diverse selection of
creative art classes and workshops for creative people like
you. Here’s Nancy our studio director to tell you more. I’m Nancy Lynn Hughes and the studio
director here at Kensington Art Supply and Instruction. I’ve been teaching for over 30 years and
painting as well for over 30 years and I’m very passionate about what I do. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff have
also been chosen for their passion for art and also for their ability to
share their knowledge and expertise with others our event space
as you can see is very bright and open and very conducive to painting. We’re able to reconfigure our studio spaces to suit different workshop and classroom formats. The workshops that we present our designed to offer in-depth study in particular methods and procedures. The
classes that we offer are, what I think of as our specialty,
they’re an independent study class. The student is able to choose the time
that they want to study, they’re able to work in their own medium
up their choice, and they’re able to paint at their own
level of expertise. The differentiated learning opportunity
that these classes provide allows us to work individually with each
student. We’re able to assess their needs, their interest, their areas of focus, possibly areas of weakness, and we begin where the student is at and move forward from there. We actually work at teaching people not just subjects. From the products in the store to our workshops and classes everything’s been carefully
chosen and designed to help every single artist reach their fullest potential. Have a look at our new website. You can
see information on upcoming events, classes, and sales as well you could find
us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Pinterest. So stop by Kensington Art Supply and Instruction. We’re in our new location in the southeast part of Calgary from 11th Street located between
Bondars and Lee Valley Tools, it’s actually the
old Irene Bessie location. We’re here for your one-stop-shop everything you
need is here in the store and we look forward to seeing you!

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  1. Is it expensive here?

  2. This is a great place! The prices are good. Check the sales events & they give discounts to students in the workshops. Great service – the staff are knowledgeable & very helpful. I love this place!!

  3. Wow! Beautiful.

  4. is there one in houston

  5. Just start painting, and just started coming here. Excellent place. Thanks for everything you do!

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