Katy Perry – Bon Appétit ft. Migos (CARTOON PARODY)

Katy Perry – Bon Appétit ft. Migos (CARTOON PARODY)

Cartoon parody : Bon Apetit Cartoon parody. Featuring Katy Perry (Music Starts) Aye yeah Music Plays Yeah Katy pastry Where’s our dough? Cause I’m back with another.. weird music video; illuminati undertones. It’s a cooking show for zombies. All these 5 star fancy chefs.. will toss me out this cold fridge; flour me up like fried chicken! (falls) Come get- some of this KPC. (katy perry chicken) Ooh chicken Looks like they’re having fun! (Funny noises) They’re kneading me like dough. (oh no) while I sing foodie puns- and sexual innuendos. I’m a basic blonde again. I look like Harley Quinn…(yep) until i transform in- to Miley Cyrus. (sings:) In a few months time.. I’ll be on A.I. judging people’s tunes- ironically Ironically cause my voice sounds like- a cat ’bout to die. But, I’ll bring in views- but i’ll bring you views she needs some more butter! what the heck are you doing??😐😐 adding more flavor🙂 you crazy lady I learned from the coloreds That’s why thats why you have diabetes Spend tons on my videos rode a huge lion at the Superbowl last video even had my own theme park It flopped, the video was missing a rapper who’s poppin a rapper who”s poppin i got the migo’s for this one😉 to got some urban attention❤😏 they will make me lots of money Quaker Oats Katy Perry’s right outta her damn mind😲 she look like chicken little Probably unseasoned and dry Unlike Juicy J J in Dark Horse, horse our verse, verse Adds nothing to this song I think we made it worse Worse But we dont care we got paper Time for dinner! Time for dinner! 🎶Cause this video’s message🎶 is all about feminism but the weird cannibalism Is all, all you can take away. This chick is crazy I’m gonna eat that lady Hey guys, We are doing another giveaway contest! (Dj Khaled): Another one.😎 We are giving away three fidget spinners All you have to do is click the giveaway link in the description and follow the social media accounts that are there The more things you do on the link, The more you will be entered to win a fidget spinner!~ So if you do these three things, you’ll be entered in three times, and ect. We will randomly pick the winners in a week and announce them in the next parody. Here’s a pic of the one we gave PopGirl so, you know we’re not lying. Thanks to Alyssa Marie for singing in this parody Link to her channel in the description as always be sure to like, comment, and subscribe Bonjour!

100 thoughts on “Katy Perry – Bon Appétit ft. Migos (CARTOON PARODY)

  1. ★Watch THE FAMOUSONS 😝👄 https://youtu.be/rltdjTNwagg

  2. Wtf

  3. 2008: I kissed a girl and I liked it
    2017: I ate a girl and I liked it

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    I lost it 😂
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  40. Lmae i only liked it cuz this shit true about all these girls

  41. what is wrong with this song whyyyyyyyyyyy don’t show me the but plzzzz

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  58. Wow I am 24 years old and this is rude as heck, and I have seen so many mean things but this is the worsening
    obviously I’m a hater and all yall’ haters reading this, please please please!, team with me this video is the worst!

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  83. Worker says:May i order you're food?
    A humans says :WHERE IS ME KFC CHICKEN
    Manager says: watch this video and then u get the kfc chicken free
    1 hour later
    The human says: NO NO I DONT NEED IT ANYMORE

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