KATHU 2 ♥ Malayalam cartoon full movie for children ★Full HD

KATHU 2 ♥ Malayalam cartoon full movie for children ★Full HD

The little cat who silently troll Is not there around The little cat who silently troll Is not there around Are you far or near Are you far or near Tell where you are, Kathu The little cat who silently troll Is not there around The little cat who silently troll Is not there around Above the roof or in the house,
out or near the well Let’s go and look silently Beneath the mango tree
or in the bushes Or in the fields
Kathu is not there Above the roof or in the house,
out or near the well Let’s go and look silently Beneath the mango tree
or in the bushes Or in the fields
Kathu is not there Come running fast Don’t show your griefs later Let’s go to the fields, Fly kites Let’s go to the fields, Fly kites Stop playing hide and seek The little cat who silently troll Is not there around Are you far or near Tell where you are, Kathu Even though I do little pranks I am with you now Even though I do little pranks I am with you now Without seeing you Or talking to you Kathu can never remain (humming) (Birds chirping) Pranks Mom.. Huh!! (Gigles) I will show you (Snoring) My tail (Snoring) Leave my tail (Laughing) Little thief have you done this trick Mmm Kisses Kisses… Naughty Kittu gets kiss
for whatever he does I will show Mmm.. Ka..ka..kaa.. Mom, a demon.. A demon? (Gigles)
Where’s your sister? Kathu, Kathu Mom, come fast, help What’ve you done Kathu
come out Mom, I can’t get out Mom, let’s help her out Slowly.. (Gigles) Did that demon catch you ? (Laughing) Go away (Gigles) Hai, a ripe papaya Kathu, please don’t pull it,
I will fall down (screaming)
Mom… (Kathu laughing) I will show you The sparrow seems happy Her eggs are about to hatch Shall we have a look Kathu shall we trick the sparrow come..come Where are my eggs Where are my eggs (Laughing) Where are my eggs,
tell soon Or I will pierce your eyes Oh! My dear ones Darling (Sharp noise of whistle) Alas! Kandan (Laughing) You shouldn’t have frightened us
like this Look Appu There goes the Mother ducks
and her chicks Kathu,
let’s take that chicks That’s right, come Where are my chicks? Stop there Stop there Appu, run…. (Laughing) Appu,
does that uncle crane sit here? Yes, he will come now Then come, come fast Help….Help… Somebody help me…
Somebody help me… (Laughing) That’s Chindan and Chundan They have stolen something There’s a way to catch them Come Appu Place them fast Come Appu, we shall hide Alas! Kandan Alas!… help (Laughing) Stop there Run (Panting) Kandan is not near, we’re saved Kathu, it’s Kandan Stop there Mom! Help, Kandan Alas! Rock (Screaming)
Mother!… Kathu, climb up,
Kandan has gone I ‘m saved Returned! Where were you both? what pranks have you done today? No, nothing Kandan! Not Kandan, but demon So you were playing with Kandan He will catch both of you your pranks should have a limit Arrogance Give my blanket Mom… Mom… Mom,
Kittu has taken my blanket! Kathu, why do you quarrel
for these petty things Mom, you ask Kittu Should I wake up the sleeping child
and scold him! Mom, you scold him Let him wake up,
I will ask, is it enough! Mmm… Look, papa brought this One for Kittu,
and one for you dear Hai, fish Mom, I too want fish Come dear (Gigles) This one’s big A big fish Come Kittu,
mom will take it for you That’s a big piece,
you won’t eat that much Big piece I don’t want this Kathu,
isn’t you who took that piece Why do you quarrel now That’s the big one No, I don’t want this This is a small piece You are going to eat that piece (Crying angrily) Kathu Kathu get up… I don’t want it I will punish you,
get up No, I don’t want Get up, get up.. Don’t touch me… I don’t want it I told you that I don’t want fish Mom, give this fish to sister.. See, learn from him Give me it son It’s there, eat it.. Now don’t look this side I will come right now (Mocks at Kittu) This one is big,
that’s small, Mom told me… Mom… Kittu… Kittu… I have not done anything mom.. Why are you crying again.. This fish is small,
I don’t want it.. it’s you who have asked for that piece Eat it.. I told that I don’t want it Eat it I am going to throw it away Are you sure.. Kathu come here Kathu I have told you to come here Come here Where’s your fish Go and bring back the fish Go and get it right now That fish is small,
I don’t want it I’m fed up with this kitten Go and get the fish Kathu I have lied to you, sister That was the big one So you were making all the trouble Why did she mock at me? Get lost My fish Where’s my fish Mom, crow has taken my fish You really deserve it.. That’s the punishment
for your arrogance Let your father come (mocks) Go…away.. Dindaga dindam…Dindaga dindam…
Dindaga dindam… Dindaga dindam…Dindaga dindam…
Dindaga dindam… Returned after pooram (festival) Got from kittuman’s shop
a good jaggery cake Returned after pooram (festival) Got from kittuman’s shop
a good jaggery cake Better share it equally
Insists little Kittu Kittu should not get more
Insists little Kathu Better share it equally
Insists little Kittu Kittu should not get more
Insists little Kathu Dindaga dindam…Dindaga dindam…
Dindaga dindam… Dindaga dindam…Dindaga dindam…
Dindaga dindam… Both of them quarrelled
And alas! began the fight Hearing the sound and fury
Chil..chill..child..came along Appu I will resolve the quarrel for cake
Said the cunning Appu I will resolve the quarrel for cake
Said the cunning Appu Hearing this the cats at once
Gave the cake to Appu the squirrel Bit once… Then bit twice… Bit once , then bit twice The squirrel had his thrill That one is big… This one is big … That one is big…
this one is big … The cats vied each other Bit the big pie… Then bit the small pie… Bit the big pie
then bit the small pie Bit and bit the cunning squirrel Alas!
at once the cake’s finished Kathu and Kittu simply watched Nothing but due to sheer arrogance
Kathu and Kittu starved Arrogance puts you in danger
Be careful dear friends Dindaga dindam…
Dindaga dindam…Dindaga dindam… Dindaga dindam…
Dindaga dindam…Dindaga dindam… (Singing..) Politeness What a great change here? I think her house was this way Has she changed her home? There’s a house there I will go and enquire Sister, you told me yesterday that you would tell the story
you saw in your dream tell me it today I saw a demon in my dream you will get frightened Demon! Who’s it? A demon is a frightening creature
with two eyes, long beaks, and a horn in its head The demon does not have a tail Who said it does not have a tail It has a big tail and two wings It will walk around in the night
without making any noise If it hears any sound,
it will fly to the top of the tree Pada..Pada..pada
(noise) Sister, some body has come It might be that demon Who’s that? What do you want? Where’s fat hen’s home daughter? I forgot the way, will you tell me? Is it mother hen’s home? Yes, it’s mother hen’s home,
good girl I am her grandpa, the cock Are you ? when you go straight
you will find a ficus tree after that you will
find a way to the right You go that way
and reach mother hen’s home You have to walk a lot Yes, yes
thank you very much daughter That demon has gone Oh! Demon! (Laughing) (singing) Anyway I shall sit here, what a good breeze! (Laughing playfully) (Snoring) Who’s this old cock He does not belong to this place
Might have lost his way He does not even move Let’s do a trick, come, come (Hoppers laughing) Why do you make noise kids? Oh! I forgot the way Where’s fat hen’s home?
Is it this way or that way? That way you walk straight! Let me walk slowly (Hoppers laughing) Hai, a mango fruit I cannot reach it Alas! My mango fruit Alas! A mango fruit! I shall give it to
fat hen’s chicks That’s my mango fruit Kid, how come all the mango fruits
in the mango tree become yours It’s me who pulled it down Why are you lying kid? This one was pulled down by the wind I will take this This old cock should not be spared Alas… Oh my mother Alas…
I will die Alas…Alas… Kittu is sleeping shall be back before mother comes Where are you going? I am going in search of
my stringsand drums Where did it go? That’s funny, I will laugh
even when I think about it I feel sorry about it Appu You should not have done it
to that old cock He’s a poor cock, he came in the morning
and asked for the way But how did he reach you Don’t know Come Appu,
let’s find that grandpa, and get him to home, come Help……… I am not well Some body come Some body please come From where is that sound? Come Appu let’s look around Oh! my grandpa! Please save me daughter please save me daughter Come Appu How did you reach here grandpa What to tell! That naughty hoppers mislead me is it? Come grandpa,
I will get you home Look, you can be
a bit polite to elders You should learn from Kathu Take this Envy Wow! It’s full of cashew fruit How sweet it is, Shall I build a home here Mom, mom What’s it Appu Mom, I’m going to make a home
in the cashew tree You Appu, All alone? Mom you think that
I am still small I have become a big squirrel Have you?
But I didn’t know it Don’t make fun of me mom I am not making fun of you
Let me see your skills I will show you,
I am going to make home Where shall I make it yea, here
This place will do I approve you, you are a
little smart squirrel Appu, is it you who made this home? Yes, it is me! Did you know, Appu has made a home
in the cashew tree, all alone We didn’t think that
he had such an ability Appu is smarter than Kathu Yea, yea.. Did you know,
Appu has made a house Appu, are you not inviting us
to see your home? Appu, invite all,
let them see your house Yes it’s true,
I am going to invite all Let me invite Kathu first Mom, I saw sister taking my toy Kathu, give that toy to Kittu Why do you want his toy I didn’t take it mom,
he’s telling lie Kathu, Kathu
What’s the quarrel about? Hello Appu, come come I heard that you made a good home Are you not inviting us
to see your home I have come to invite everyone Really Look you learn from Appu you only know to quarrel and cry He’s very smart Kathu, you should come
to see my house I am inviting all our friends Take it Kathu Mom says he’s so smart, nobody wants me (Crying) I am smarter than him, I will also make a home
beautiful than that Kathu, where are you going Kathu, what are you thinking I am also going to make a home Appu can make a home
why can’t Kathu make it Is it on ground
or on top of the tree Don’t make fun of me I know to make home on a tree too Shall we tell anyone that
Kathu is going to make a home Yes, yes we should (Hoppers laugh) Kathu Sister is not playing with me What happened? Where are you going now? To see Appu’s house You should come back soon My house should be bigger than Appu’s Oh! my stick Now it’s alright I want a string to tie Again I have to go down Any string below Alas! Kandan My back is broke Help, my hand is broken Is it you, haughty kitten I will show you now Mom, papa come fast Mama, papa.. My darling Kathu
Kathu, open your eyes Daughter it’s me papa papa..papa (crying) Come daughter, let’s go home Kathu,
why did you climb up the tree? To play, with whom? Didn’t you go to Appu’s home then Tell the truth… I have climbed up the tree
to make a house To make a house, for what? When mom too said that Appu was smart,
I felt really sad Who said you are not smart? See,
what all abilities you have To make home is
one of squirrel’s abilities We should not be envious on
other’s abilities Instead we should
develop abilities See Kathu, what a
good friend of yours is Appu That’s why he has invited
you first Don’t be sad, when your legs are fine,
you can go to see Appu’s home ok Mom has gone, I shall go to Appu’s home
and come back soon Appu..Appu… Kathu, come come… I was waiting for you Why didn’t you come yesterday (wails) What happened to your leg? That I will tell you later First you look at the presents
I have brought you Where’s it? Them? Those are things
that they’ve stolen from you I cannot believe that
I have got them back Kathu, you have done a great thing,
that I can never do You are smarter one, really Ability (singing) I was looking for you Take, this is a present for you and Kathu If I walk to Kathu’s home
I will lose time Will you give it I shall give it grandpa… (Singing) who’s that? is it that old cock! Grandpa run, Kandan Where are you going old cock? Did you think that
you could leave early morning Stop there! We have some scores to settle So what? Let’s settle them You run somewhere and escape if I run, Kandan would follow Mom.. (screaming) Poor grandpa Come, come you fellow cat Oh! No! That was fine come …come after me come come come I will catch you later Kandan will be right here it’s funny,
grandpa is clever Stop laughing, Are you that much? Oh! my god (Evil laugh!) Alas! There’s no other tree to jump I will climb to the top Kandan will not come there (Kandan laughing) Mama… Anybody come Jump, you kid Kathu….
(screaming) Jump….I will catch you safely
(laughs) Mother Hen! Kathu, did you get grandpa’s gift No Haven’t he come there? Where did he go then? He left home with gifts
for Kathu and Appu Don’t be sad mother hen He might have seen Appu on the way May be that’s the reason Appu Appu…. Where has Appu gone? Has he gone with grandpa? A feather? Looks like grandpas feather There’s some problem This looks like grandpa’s gift box Appu Appoo…. Kathu…….. Appu Appu, is it Appu Kathu, don’t come here,
Kandan is here Stop there I was waiting for you, Come,come Appu, escape Hey stop there I asked you to stop I am saved Stop there you kitten Now I want to see how you would (Evil laugh of Kandan) Mama….. Kandan is here
(screams) (Kandan laughing) Climb up , climb up (Laughing) Climb up, climb up Mom… Wow! Appu’s strings and drums This is enough to trap Kandan (Kandan struggles) Haughty kitten, Are you upto that Kandan is trapped Now I have to climb up fast Kathu… Appu, you run and escape Kathu…. There’s an honet’s nest in that branch Be careful Honet,s nest it’s in that branch where Kandan is sitting This is the right time to chase away Kandan But what shall I do ? Wow! Mangoes Playing with me Don’t throw it at me
I will punish you (wails)
alas! Don’t throw , don’t throw it at me… It didn’t hit it again Haughty kitten, Did you think that you could trap Kandan! Mom! Go away! It hit (screams)
Help Don’t kill me, help (screams) Kathu, climb down, fast Where’s grandpa? What has happened? I will tell it later We will save grandpa first Grandpa,
we have chased away Kandan Come, we shall escape Haaa! I cannot fly my kids You run and escape somewhere Shall we try with your strings and drums Yea…Let me try Grandpa, don’t move Slowly Kids I don’t know how to thank you You should say thanks to Kathu Everything is Kathu’s ability Thus, even though it was very difficult
we saved grandpa Kisses Smart kitten Well done, daughter, well done Kisses Kisses

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