Jimmy Kimmel Holds a Live Auction of His Andy Art

Jimmy Kimmel Holds a Live Auction of His Andy Art

We’re back with Jimmy
Kimmel, and so you’ve written and illustrated it. It says there, right there,
“Jimmy Kimmel, The Serious Goose.” And first of all, I didn’t– you are an excellent drawer. Oh, thank you. I’ve been drawing
since I was a boy, and I did the lettering
as well, which really was the hardest part of the book. I used to think children’s
books were easy. I was like, oh, this is dumb. This is easy. Anybody could do this. I was wrong. Well, it’s a very popular
book because I saw that your daughter endorses it. Jane endorses it. My daughter did endorse it. There’s a mirror in there. Yeah, that’s the great thing. It’s like, look everybody,
Ellen’s in the book. [LAUGHTER] So you look in the
mirror, and you try to turn the serious
goose into a silly goose– or the kids do– and they
have to make funny faces and do silly things. And I don’t want to spoil it,
but at the end, guess what. It turns into a silly goose. Oh, no, does it? Yeah, it does. That’s fantastic. Thank you. And you did that because you– I did this because I am
donating all the money I make to Children’s
Hospital here in Los Angeles and children’s
hospitals across the country. [APPLAUSE] And again, I want to thank
you and your audience for donating a couple of million
dollars to Children’s Hospital in my son Billy’s name. And he’s doing great, and we’re
very happy with everything they’ve done. He really is adorable. He is doing great. He is a cute kid. Yeah. Oh, there he is. Yeah, there he is
at Easter time. [APPLAUSE] [CHUCKLES] I mean, what a scary thing to
have happen and to go through, and it’s so great to see. And there’s Jane. There’s your daughter. Now Billy talks
about T.rex nonstop. He likes to run around the
house half naked waist-down. He’s a funny kid. All right, so you brought– because all the
money, as you say, is going to
children’s hospitals. So tell me what we’re doing now. So I made a couple of
original drawings of someone who’s very special to you. In fact, we’ve seen him a
couple of times already today. And I think this is something
that we could potentially auction off. And so this is how it works. So that’s Serious
Andy, all right? You know Andy. And this is Silly Andy. So you could see, Serious
Andy and Silly Andy, they’re not really
different at all. [LAUGHTER] But you get the idea. You get the gist of it. That’s fantastic. And you really did that– I drew these in my office
today, on the way over. All right, so we are going
to auction these off. Let’s do it. All right, so we’re going
to auction this off. All right, let’s auction it off. What are we going to
start the bidding on? A million dollars, who
has a million dollars? All right, a million
dollars, who? Anybody want to
start the bidding? There’s Silly Andy, and
there’s Serious Andy. All right. All right, let’s start
the bidding at $500. $500. Oh, very good, wow. For Children’s Hospital, $500. $700 for Children’s Hospital,
$700 for Children’s Hospital, $700. We have two ladies
right here. $800, yes? $800. $800. All right. This is the cheap
side of the audience. Yes. [LAUGHTER, APPLAUSE] It’s like basically everyone
but these two ladies. [LAUGHS] This row– hey, how about this? I don’t know if they’d be
interested, $900 anyone? $900? $1,000. OK. I don’t want to really break
the bank on these ladies. But what if we give you each
one of these for $1,000? Is that– Sure. –acceptable? Then you have to
decide who wants Silly and who wants Serious? All right. All right! [BAM] Sold to the ladies for $2,000– [CHEERS, APPLAUSE] $2,000. –to Children’s Hospital. [LAUGHS] All right. What else should we sell? Hold on. Let’s sell the flowers. [LAUGHTER] Andy just said he’s matching
it, so $2,000 from Andy for Children’s Hospital. All right! Thank you, Andy. [CHEERS, APPLAUSE] [CHUCKLES] All right. Jimmy’s book is called
The Serious Goose. It’s available today
everywhere books are sold, and you’re all going
home with a copy. Jimmy you’ll be back a
little later in the show. [CHEERING]

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