I feel like a headache and a little bit sick maybe I drank a little too much red wine no there's no such thing as too much red wine I had terrible dreams that I was an artist who sold out and then fought back to get my integrity again only to end up in a tower all alone to paint for this spoiled rich nobility huh that would be awful wait a minute what is this it was not a dream I really am Here I am in my tower all alone for you ladies and gentlemen welcome to draw with French jazz' I am French Jezza here for see thank goodness finale to see passport to series I say thank goodness not because I am sick of the game I love this game I'm sick of torturing you with my terrible fake French accent but I am nothing if not obnoxious but consistent that's very good wine now in the last episode I sold out just a little bit but I came back right but I put it to a vote is it too late for an artist like me to live with integrity 96% majority wins it is not too late for integrity I'm so ladies and gentlemen we continue our journey to out art pass part 2 and we begin by depicting our Tower it is a bright beginning for integrity is not yet dead this is a very nice a sunset gradient no here in this tower all alone I will still in my solitude create pieces that will carry on after me art will be created that will stand the true test of time look at this detail I call this piece jazz' jazz' let down your integrity forget it because it's a like rapunzel let down your never mind is there room for another artwork on this wall or is it just this one welcome to my tower I spent a long time on this one not interested okay let's try another perhaps I will paint a self-portrait untenable Catherine criticism hits a little bit harder when you have very limited patrons though I am stuck in this tower alone with pompous or rich nobility I will not be broken this self-portrait is a reflection of my identity I will teach the world what true art is there we go oh no there is only room for one painting oh this is going to be true torture alright you don't like the one on the wall I will get rid of it ah there you go it's in the pin are you happy this is my self-portrait I hope you like it I call it unbreakable I will just stand by the door and wait for my patron to show up what do you think of my untenable hmm I can tell this is going to be an interesting career this is a disconcerting beginning to my lonely venture you don't like me I throw me in zip in let me teach you nobility a thing or two about love here we have a rainbow of love and here we have love emanating from this rainbow oh it's Benjamin I'm not alone Benjamin I am I still have integrity look where did you go I did not know Benjamin had access to this tower Benjamin is a very well-traveled man there we go I calls his painting at the end of the rainbow Oh triumphant Thank You Victoria turns out you're very much into our rainbows let's give you another rainbow alright a Victoria well you're going to love my next piece this will be a peaceful as the likes of which you have never seen before a double rainbow double rainbow what do you think of this a luxurious Oh Papa we are big fans of rainbows now I know what you're thinking how can he possibly top a double rainbow well I have a little something up my sleeves that there might surprise you making the world a better place one rainbow at a time triple rainbow obnoxious but consistently oh you don't like it merry lacking in both skill and complexity alright alright admittedly I didn't try very hard I will throw this out that's very good wine I will be the artist I was always meant to be the artist that hates Passport let's get to work here is the silly green pig-nosed a spark to sitting on a throne of two and it's not even nice poop it's poop with the little bits of corn and peas because it's not digested properly and you see it even has a smell limes cuz it's smelly poo hospital's throne is a smelly throne of corny poo how you have watched hours of this content to make it to the finale I genuinely don't know here I go this piece is called the corny throne that's really gross eh what do you think Oh dry off rainbows and poop who'd have thought if you liked my last piece you're going to love this here amongst this city and the towers of bankers is a poopy tower and as I mentioned before it is made of the yucky kind of poop with little bits of corn and peas his stink pervades the city I think you know whose Tower this is pasta – and his smelly tower of poo I call this one pass per Food Inc there we go that is a bold statement if I've ever seen one perhaps this will attract proper suitors using it finally I've found my place in the world creating poopie themed passport to art I knew I was destined for greatness alright Mary you will love my next pieces this is one that takes place in a poopy abyss as you can imagine this Catherine has lots of peas and corn this is a disgusting video I am very sorry unless you're enjoying the poop themes content in which case you're welcome lack of my friend pass bar to hear who you can see is happily at home in his poopy cavern there is his a poopy palette and we cannot forget this melons emanating from passport – and the poopy cavern this is a quality content no I call this home sweet home alright admiring patrons my next piece is here Oh Benjamin tell me what do you think it's just crap that is true Benjamin it is a literally crap Benjamin you are the most intuitive coded character in a computer game I have ever known it is crap he has a point what about Elizabeth she here Oscar well ceasing it has everything you like in it it has the Pierson's detail untenable Elizabeth perhaps the poopy theme has run its course perhaps we should move on to something a little more refined perhaps it is time to revisit our good friend Benjamin no this next piece is of a very popular theme if you have seen passports whose pieces but mine are a little different from it there you go here you have a Benjamin and I call this complex II Benjamin get it because he's not sexy Benjamin he's complex a bit okay that's a stretch maybe I will just wait for some company and for someone to judge my hard work Oh Benjamin just in it for the cash you would say that no matter what the painting was he's very judgmental granted the PC called crap was actually crap but this is better what do you think milady elegant thank you Mary Benjamin is a popular theme sexy or complexity just because he was taken advantage of doesn't mean that he is the voice of reason for art I don't have to make Benjamin happy to have integrity in fact one might argue that Benjamin was the catalyst for bass part whose mediocre art reaching the masses perhaps if he didn't want to be sold out so much he shouldn't have been so sexy yes Benjamin I'm talking about you and this next piece will shed light on the fact that you are not blameless in these escapades of passport to this is the wall you have built with passport to that blocks artists like me from actually reaching people and on the other side of this wall of corruption stands passport to holding in his arms none other than Benjamin and his sexy face that's right Benjamin I'm talking about you I know you were in on it all along with your provocative clothing and large pockets passport who wasn't the only one to profit off of the Benjamin obviously Benjamin himself had something to gain you are not clean either your stripey French top is also smeared a little bit with the corny poo and you two have smile lines it's really bad German co-conspirators I call this it takes two to sell out there you go tell me what you think henceforth this is my favorite artist oh my god twenty-two thousand euros never I accept euphoria your art makes customers completely euphoric I am a true artist I make and feel the way I feel I have created art with integrity and likes of which the world has never seen before that's for sure here I stand triumphant my brush red with the passion which I have painted with it and my palette full of all of the colours of the rainbow and down here off in the distance long-forgotten is passport to buried in his own pile of poop and also in the pile of poop is Benjamin and both of you are in the horizon lost underneath a pile of corny smelly poo and I calls this piece true art wins weight it's very dark coloured whoa I guess that's the end epilogue oh let's find out how the story goes a 50 years later hey Lucas are all my artworks refine your craft to become one of the greats that was French Jazz's motto people have doubted French Jazza along the way and who wouldn't becoming one of the greats he's no easy feat however doubt should not stop great art from being made that's true because integrity hard work but I did it French jazz have fought through trials and tribulations just like the greats friends just never gave up of the dream like the great French Jetta is now one of those greats they love me they really love me and my art has taken a place in people's hearts there is after all a place for integrity in this world takes a passport oh you silly green sellout alright in wrapping up let me just point out these two names Mateus and Gustav are the two guys that I've chatted to in the course of making the Jazza mode in pass bar – so a huge shout-out to you guys and a thank you and everyone else who is a part of making this game just you're awesome you have my applause again after this second round of pass bar – so let me of course encourage everyone to go check out this game I'll put the link once again in the description this is the actual finale of our past bar – Story series and I feel like we have been a part of a very epic saga that is just it's so cool to have made with you guys it feels weird that this is like wrapped up now and not only did we not sell out mostly we are we became one of the greats and that's all we ever really wanted the moral of the story is pass by – as a sellout jhaza is one of the greats and Benjamin sells and on that note I thought I would join in on selling out Benjamin one last time ladies and gentlemen I've seen a lot of requests through the course over all of these videos that I make either a sexy Benjamin shirt or a shirt that says obnoxious but consistent which has become a mantra so as a huge thank you to you guys and to celebrate having gone through this incredible journey I have made an obnoxious but consistent line of shirts and a sexy Benjamin design grab them while you can for a limited time are available these shirts the whole sexy Benjamin story and saga has just become this really hilarious fun thing I've enjoyed your fan art that you guys have tweeted at me and I thought I'd invite you guys in on the opportunity to well and truly sell out Benjamin one last time that links to the designs are in the card and in the description otherwise that is it for this video in this series and I guess if there is any way to really wrap it up in a fashion that is truly spectacular it better be big obnoxious and consistent I would like to dedicate this dance megamix to me because I don't have to do this silly accent anymore thanks for watching ladies and gentlemen and until next time I'll see you later oh no it wasn't right make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos and while you're at it check out my shop where I sell ebooks brushes photo references video courses and more there's another video you might enjoy from my channel over there and you can also check out my behind-the-scenes daily vlog channel daily Jezza that's it for now and until next time I'll see you later


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