Japanese Anime You Won’t Believe Exists (GAME)

Japanese Anime You Won’t Believe Exists (GAME)

100 thoughts on “Japanese Anime You Won’t Believe Exists (GAME)

  1. Paused the video when Rhett said "you can get an body pillow"


  2. sooooooo where do we buy the Link pillow cases?

  3. There is weird, then there is hentai

  4. NANI!?!

  5. I LOVE the full monty. Amazing movie

  6. Isn’t the cop thing just the Japanese version of ghost rider

  7. I'm confused about the Tokyo part???

  8. You should do this again but with Bollywood movies

  9. What the heck were these shows.. That was way more weird than just being Anime

  10. Does Rhett have a Tokyo Cam?

  11. Hetalia should be on this list

  12. J O J O

  13. I feel like I’ve seen this before 2017 because of the intro

  14. No rule 32, it’s like magic


  16. “Japanese anime” as opposed to American or Mexican Anime

  17. im glad inferno cop made it threw

  18. What about dbz check his power level it's over 9000 9000 that's inposible

  19. Where can I buy that body pillow?

  20. Ton Jravolta really reminds me of Danny Sexbang!

  21. That's where it came from. Haha

  22. It says anime in katakana next to the title of the game.

  23. "Marvelous Entertainment"
    I see what you did there Japan

  24. "There's weird, and then there's anime."

    Truer words have rarely been spoken, Rhett.

  25. I love this cause Rhett could totally be an anime fan

  26. Oh you thing that's bizarre?

    See JoJo

  27. Well the last one is not weird at all. Just the bread part

  28. Space dandy is my favorite

  29. Why not DBZ?

  30. is that body pillow on sale on the GMM merch store? asking for a friend

  31. Tokyo

  32. I’m the greatest!
    No I’m the greatest!
    No! We’re both great!

    It’s that simple Guys 😂

  33. I love when anime has good comedic timing

  34. Inferno cop looked funny af when the clip played

  35. Birds are good / evil based on type

  36. It wouldn't look so weird if they'd actually gotten an artist fan to draw the face, had like a contest. I was also fully expecting it to be Rhett on the pillow.

  37. Is it bad that I knew all of these?

  38. This format could easily fuel another 100 episodes or more. They really just scratched the survace here xD

  39. Why is jojo not here?!

  40. Link: We're both great
    Rhett: No-
    Link: NO!

  41. This is such a misleading representation of anime lmaoo

  42. "Tokyo"
    No one:
    Literally no one:


  43. anime you won't believe exists… There is no such thing.

  44. I can't believe this episode exist 😂

    I totalled my gut when Link react to inferno cop

  45. 2:17
    Thank me later!!

  46. Anime is too weird for me

  47. As someone who loves anime, I can admit that it is really weird.

  48. What tf was Inferno Cop.

  49. nah fam we love it because it's weird

  50. They should've had DBZ and the part when Buu fights Evil Buu

  51. I would love to see their reaction to the umbrella scene in the anime Another

  52. Me: a weeb watching this


  53. I’ve recently became a fan, what is with the Tokyo thing? I’ve seen a video when they have done it before, I love when it happens, I would just like to know the story behind it. Thanks!

  54. Peep that Life is Strange cosplay

  55. There should be another episode of this. One of the animes should also be Jojo's Bizzare Adventure.

  56. im literally here for sum weird animes

  57. They didn’t include Jojos Bizzare adventure? No dignity

  58. Please tell me they watched Space Dandy after this.

  59. The two girls at the end dressed up as Chloe and Max from Life is Strange🥶 absolute GOATS

  60. Damn Lucky link getting that body pillow

  61. On space dandy link just stays there watching doing nothing while Rhett dances

  62. Inferno cop: Chases criminal
    Ghost rider: I'm sorry what…?

  63. “Japanese Anime”

  64. I'm sad Jojo wasn't on here.

  65. Was that other cat always there in the Tokyo segment?

  66. Anime is a good weird

  67. U should have done some well known anime’s like naruto (Like if u love naruto) 🍥

  68. Is nobody talking about the 'animation'of the flaming cop?? XDD
    It looks like a random selfmade video

  69. I am the greatest…

  70. 😂😂🤣😂🤣😂i love how the opening line was "there's weird then there is anime" its so damn true and i love anime

  71. Isnt it a bread factory not a fairy factory lol

  72. the first anime I've ever watched is to love ru… dont ask…

  73. id love to see thicc wooden legs on tables OwO

  74. The blue haired girl at the and is soooo preatty .-.

  75. The birds work for the bourgeoisie

  76. 2 years later exactly

  77. 2019 watching this never knew were the im the greatest no im the greatest no were both great came from

  78. Why does he scream when it says tokyo😂 it’s so hilarious

  79. Can we agree that Gurren Lagan is the greatest anime of all time?

  80. Fun fact: the lines from space dandy are horribly mistranslated. The correct translation would be something like “dancing’s the greatest. I’m the greatest, and you’re the greatest… we’re both great!”

  81. Rhett is so excited 😂

    Also, a comment on the British movie theater snacks taste test from September 2019 made me rewatch this.

  82. Who here is a fellow weeb

  83. You guys forgot boku no pico exists

  84. I knew everything but the decline of humanity I feel like there is some deep message there

  85. Evil birbs

  86. The most unholy episode

  87. Lmaooo this is where the “we’re both great!” came from

  88. I love how they use the melody of things as the game starts like this one WATCH ME WHIP WATCH ME NAY NAY

  89. Laughs in weeaboo

    Oh you foolish mortals. You barely scratched the surface of ‘weird’.~

  90. I was legit hoping for either JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Attack on Titan, or Assassination Classroom.


  92. Hey u dont know good anime bruh

  93. I really love them trying to remember the saying xD Link gets so flustered because he keeps forgetting the "No" part.

  94. Am I the only person who can’t stand anime?

  95. I personally love to watch anime. Sailor Moon, fruit baskets

  96. those girls at the end r kawaii

  97. Looks like I'm weeb enough. I got all of them right!

  98. Dancing we dancing.

    Your not the Greatest…..

  99. Anime is awesome, but it also makes you ask so many questions.

  100. Japan why are you so scary? You're movies are scary, you're cartoons are scary, you're arcades are scary…

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