32 thoughts on “Jamaican ARTISTES & MUSICIANS who were MURDERED!!!

  1. This one took me to the cleaners guys, from 5am – 5pm nonstop, research, scripting, voice over, edit oh my God edit!!!. So finished & uploaded without watching because i was so tired, after upload was complete i started to watch and realized there were a big problem, had to delete, go back to re-edit #Bleh, that took another hour at least #Sigh!!!!
    Now here were, so i really you guys appreciate this. Remember to smash the like button to pieces and share it with all your friend. Thanks in advance guys #Respect

  2. You should dig little deeper…..so many you leave out….what about papa richie from mobay….Lee van cleef,louie lepkie,Jim Kelly

  3. What abt tenor saw

  4. Unbelievable and so funny, why almost all these musicians were gunned down in their homes.

  5. Panhead died in 92 not 93.

  6. U think u have roach details right 2003

  7. Thats why jamaica is one of the most cursed country in the world, why they killing their one peoples????

  8. Davian Daley aka Burru thats my cousin

  9. Some of your information is incorrect as you did States ,that is not all of stories is correct. King Tubbys was murdered in Duhaney Park ,after leaving his studio form Drumalee Ave in Waterhouse, his house is on Weymouth Drive in Duhaney Park 1988,or 89 I was living in Waterhouse at the time. With General Echo he was in no shoot out with no police is someone which I knew very well, it was a missed identity by the police. In 1980 coming on to general election, the car what they were driving fit the description. When General Echo, Big John, and Flux the operator for Stero Phanic sound system. The set named echo Tone ,is General Echo sound system. Some of the singers was murdered in foreign countries, not in Jamaica, that is to tell you .Also may other people, that the music has to do with violence. Have you ever listened to the rapper them musical contents, or lyrics them. I spent some time in England, and I am living in the United States almost 30years now. So violence is all around the world son,it is poverty caused more violence.

  10. teach dem

  11. Reggae is full of sodomites like all other music genres and it is the worst now the artist are sellouts

  12. most of these incidents aren't music related. most of these men died from robbery. you need to take your issues with the Jamaican govt. and not the music industry, which helps these artist to escape their harsh reality.

  13. Reggae came a long way, sad story sorry they left like that they music lives on 🇲🇱🦁🔥

  14. I can't listen anymore. Some good news would be nice…for a change.

  15. I’m surprised none of the Marley boys have been killed. There must be a lot of jealousy over their success.

  16. Bredda a shudda 1 mil subs yuh have already bro.. wid yuh intelligence yuh gone a lead..

  17. What a waste!!

  18. Getting stoned for passing a political meeting is brutal

  19. Phillip LINTON might be a distant relative

  20. panhead rip…its weird he was on shocking vibes.

  21. U a di Real teacher

  22. I really enjoy watching your videos. Their informative and straight to the point.

  23. Jus curious is all these talented entertainer died bcoz they're soul was out in the music industry
    ??? To b poor is a really a crime jus saying stilll n curious

  24. Dirts man was not robbed, he was shot at his house

  25. Hey teach much appreciated..!! You ms Hammer mouth , Daddy Gravel pappa san & brother Dirts man san brothers ..!! Rip all fallen solders..

  26. Do they have to kill everybody they rob? Makes no sense. Spare their life.

  27. The Europeans gave them the guns to kill their own people.

  28. People who kill are losers!

  29. Miss you Peter Tosh, Rip

  30. Correction, King tuby was shot and kill at his yard gate on Sherlock Cresent in Duhaney Park. Love your channel!!

  31. Get your facts right before you come to social media….king tubbys got shot at his home in duhaney park

  32. What about Alton irie

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