IT’S GOOEY, IT’S WASHY…ITS GOUACHE! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawrlbox Unboxing | Opaque Watercolors

IT’S GOOEY, IT’S WASHY…ITS GOUACHE! | Mystery Art Box | Scrawrlbox Unboxing | Opaque Watercolors

Hello welcome to another video. Today’s challenge will be to making art with the contents of the November ScrawlrBox. Yes, November ScrawlrBox. Feel free to leave a comment below telling me what month it really is. Ya done? Okay, [Mad clattering and tapping] Whoa. Let’s take a look and see what’s inside. ♪ Must have been escaping. [Tapping] Pretty solid. Alright, so the first thing I see peeking out is a pencil. It’s the Robinson 3B pencil. We have the Scrawlrbox sticker. Looks like it has some kind of paint. So I’m gonna guess we’ve got some paint in this box. Right here we have the menu listing the art supplies in the box. And here we have the actual art supplies! Okay. So this is the Daler Rowney color selected by ScrawlrBox, aqua fine gouache. There are six 15 milliliter paint tubes. Maybe it opens all fancy. No, it doesn’t, never mind, it’s just a box. Ooh, there we go. There we have it! Wow! Ta-da! One hand, [Laughs] Oh, they have little pockets in there. Can you see in there? So of the six colors, we have the wonderful – Portrait pink. Cadmium yellow deep hue. We learned in that other box that hue means it’s not actually made out of cadmium because cadmium is dangerous. We have Alizarin crimson hue. Cobalt blue hue and finally an ivory black. So those are six opaque watercolors or gouache. Also in the box, we have an – Looks like a plastic eraser by the brand Kum or Koom. I like how velvety it feels. [Laughs] We also have the candy which looks like a lemon drop or a lemon pop [candy bangs on table] and finally, I don’t know what this is. I’m gonna have to take a look at the – Oh, you know what? [Laughs] I was like, what are you just use this for? Is this like for scratching something? It’s the Royal Talons Van Gogh or Van “Goth” 191 series paintbrush. [Thud] [Laughs] Poor guy. I hardly even knew ya! I wonder where its head is Seems have gotten decapitated in transit. You know what I bet happened. I love drawing portraits. So. I’m excited! But you know what I think happened? A piece of this was sticking outside. So I bet this sort of like fell outside of the box, like that and then just got broken off. That’s so sad. I’m like really disappointed. Yeah, maybe I can try and find a way to use this anyway. Why couldn’t it have been the pencil!? [Laughs then growls] [SMACK] Alright, let’s take a better look at this print though. Here we have, it looks like a portrait. I wonder if these are the same colors that – I wonder if the same colors we used to draw this that we were provided. This is by Riso Chan, right? And then that’s her Instagram, if you’d like to check out some more art. I’ll definitely have it linked down below, too. I like how there’s a rendered face and then this flat color for the shirt. I would love to be able to do a flat color like that traditionally, that would be [Mwah] I love to try. and then finally the last thing in this month’s box is the paper and it is the Bockingford’s CP watercolor paper. It’s 220GSM. It has a very rough texture to it. [Paper wobble] It’s pretty common wibble sound and they gave us two sheets of that Alrighy, I think I’ll start by swatching inside my sketchbook. We’ll go ahead and fill a couple of these… I was gonna call it a colander. [Laughs] Sections, what is the word? Oh if you didn’t know, gouache… is very opaque watercolor, so you can actually mix it with water and get just normal watercolors. But if you use it straight out of the tube, it’s very opaque. [Sad laugh] I just grabbed the paintbrush. We are going to need some water and a paintbrush from my own stash and paper towel. You should never do watercolor without the paper towel. [Paper towel rips] I don’t know what to do first. ‘Cause like here’s the colors, right? And then we have a pencil I think everyone knows how a pencil works, right? Woooo! [Laughs] I think I could start with this seeing how opaque it is. So I just drew with the pencil, now we can take some of the goauche, try and draw over it. Oh, nice , okay. Very opaque. I have a little bit of water on the brush. So that is gonna cause a little bit of transparency. But it looks like we can get it opaque if we need to. So if we do like a first layer Over a sketch with a little bit of water and you can just barely see the pencil underneath, then I bet when that dries, you can go over it again straight from the tube, and be able to cover over your pencil. Okay, that seems to be the way to do it. I’ve done
gouache a couple times, like bare minimum here, so. We’re gonna have to really play with this I think. This is gonna be fun. Let’s see what’s the prompt word? Face of emotion. I think we should start by just playing around and seeing what happens. Trying to make like a orange color. I have this random tiger that I was drawing. Nice and pudgy . I kinda wanna throw in some paint on that. Kinda just getting a feel for the art supplies. Seeing what happens we add a little water. When I don’t. What happens when I mix the paint with the paintbrush like directly in the palette, you know. Just kind of making mental notes of how everything works or doesn’t work. Kind of like the way it looks like a gradient, because I kind of mix the paint… In the paintbrush. I wonder if you can reactivate it with water on top. ♪ Not sure if that was on the paintbrush or not. [Laughs] Add that yellow on top to lighten it up. Kinda see how it layers. Color in the inside of the ears. This, I tried with a little bit more water so you can see, I can see the pencil underneath. That’s something you’ll have to layer. Now going in with more opaque white and kind of layering it on top and it’s grabbing the other colors which are underneath and kind of blending them in together. Which is kind of cool because I haven’t waited for them to dry yet. You can add a little bit of water to just smooth out the strokes. It’s kind of cool. Just playing around. It’s starting to look more like a tiger already. Gonna use some of that like pinkish yellowish, white. This is all before we’ve even added the stripes. Figure out where the body is. Not sure. I feel like I got really distracted by this ’cause it’s turning out so well that I’m not saying anything So hi. How are you? Just kinda blending the colors on the paper. I also don’t have a sketch down here. So I’m kind of just Winging it, filling in the shapes with the paint . With the gouache. Layer on a little bit of the yellow on top. Not sure how long to make that. I’m not gonna actually draw the whole tiger I don’t think. Add a little bit more white in here, clean the brush! Gonna blend out this color here. Hopefully it hasn’t dried too much. ♪ That got a little messy. I’m sure when that dries I can clean that up pretty easy, but ew, right now, it’s gross! You just gotta keep working at it. I need more white. I love the way it mixes in. Kind of becomes more cohesive. The color scheme. Lighten it up under here, kind of blended in too much. Doing that by just adding more white, putting it on top and kind of like blending it in on the paper. I think adding in the black stripes is gonna be really fun. I’m gonna be that final [smooch] on the painting. That’s just gonna make it really – You’ll be like yeah, that’s a tiger. [Laughs] Grab some more white. Add some final highlights before we let that dry and add in some stripes. I’m just doing it dry. Like straight from the tube. So it’s creating that kind of interesting texture right there. Alright, I think… It’s good enough for a spur-of-the-moment tiger! When you do a drawing so long ago, it feels like a little collab with yourself. [Laughs] It was so long since I’d drawn the tiger head originally. I mixed in the blue with the red and it created a pretty dark brown. I’m kind of using that before I use black. See if I like that. Or if I should go darker. Gonna just draw in some of the stripes! Some of these might need to be darker. Just mix in a little bit more blue,so that there’s less water I’m gonna just try and go in with some black Maybe mix it with a little blue and a little bit of the red. That should give us a nice opaque. There we go There we go Add a little bit of water to these. Not much, I don’t want it to transparent again, which was the problem we had with the brown. It’s kind of strange because I’m not entirely sure where they go. I’m just kind of winging it. I’ve got a bit of a reference up. Hopefully that’ll help make them look… Plausible. Sometimes they separate and create that little space and then connect again. So cute! [Laughs] Practice my brushstrokes. But If didn’t have a reference. I can tell you right now, this would not look anywhere near this good. Use references! I don’t have any specific one I’m using because I have to keep switching around to find them looking different directions, just to see how their stripes look in different directions. Around the mouth, there’s also stripes. Kind of here. They’re a little bit more broken up. Now it looks like he has a mustache! I’m gonna use this color for the eye. Straight from the tube and then I’ll go around that with some more black. To kind of define it once it dries. I’m just gonna wing it down the leg. I’ll take it. It’s got to be the best tiger I’ve ever drawn. Lighten up the edges with some white paint. Ha, my dirty white paint. There you go. You get a vague idea of how some of the colors work. To say I’m happy with this is an understatement. [Laughs] I really like it! What do I do next that lives up to this!? The prompt is face of emotion. Tigers have faces, [Laughs] So I don’t think we’re that far off. But what if I drew like a portrait kind of like that print that came in like maybe a straight-on portrait, in my style obviously, but then we use the paints and since I’ve went ahead and figured out some colors to use to paint tigers, What if we just drew this character with like tiger stripes or something? Just speaking out loud. [Laughs] Might as well try it. We have two sheets of paper. So if it turns out horribly wrong, I won’t tell you about it. It’s like it never even happened. Oh, wait. Ew. Wait, wait wait! This looks like that cats movie. No. Let’s come up with a different idea. I don’t even want to. I don’t [Laughs] No I don’t. No. [Laughs] No I don’t want to do that at all. Mean I could. Nah. Hmm, I could erase all the cat bits. No. I mean the paper still usable if I need to come back to it and completely erase it. Alright instead, we’re gonna just – [Laughs] I can’t think of anything. Let’s just take this prompt word really literally. Draw a face with some emotion. I think what would be cute is… I’m gonna again, try to draw a straight on portrait because I find those difficult and challenging so. That’s the goal here. And I think what would be cool for an idea is to draw… You know in movies, when someone gets like really terrible news in the movie and they like cry but they still look gorgeous doing it. I want to draw like a perfect, serene face with like one single tear falling out of the eyelid. [Laughs] Like they’re watching their home burn. So I guess the whole face should be pretty flat like emotionless and we just have that tear falling out. That’ll be fun to try and draw a tear because I don’t think I’ve ever actually drawn one that looked like a real tear. I’ve done like cartoony just like a blue goop coming out of your eyeball but not like making it actually look like water, so that would be kind of fun. We’ll see if I fail that miserably. It’ll still be fun either way. Okay, I slightly turned the face, just ’cause I find that a little less… Spooky and I kind of like the angle that I got even though it wasn’t intentional. so all I do is just move the nose over and the mouth over a little and voila, it’s just a face looking slightly off to the right. As usual. Gonna keep cat eyeliner. Just for you, baby. Now with these colors, We should be able almost makes up any color we want, so I don’t think we’re limited at all. I think you need to look a little sadder than that or it’s not gonna really convey. Maybe flatten out the eyebrows. We’ll just flatten out the eyebrows. That should bring a little less life to the face. Lowering the eyebrows a little. No, if the eyes are looking upwards a little bit, Does that make sense? We could put a lot of redness around the eyes too. That should make them look pretty sad. even if we can dip up the inner corners of the eyebrows a little. That’ll help too. How sad are we looking for here? ‘Cause I could have done a really exaggerated sad face. Like I think that’s a little easier. So maybe let’s try and keep it subtle. As long as they look sad at the end, we win. Okay, that’s, that’s – That’s the goal here. Drawing sad people’s making me a little sad. Maybe this was a bad idea. But sadness is an emotion just like other emotions that I could have chosen. But I chose this. This is how the cat’s movie makes me feel. [Laughs] I’m gonna give my character these same earrings because I think they’re interesting and the other side too. ♪ There we go. Mine are twisting a little. We’ll see how those look what I’m done. [Laughs] Probably end up looking exactly like those even though I tried to be different. I’m gonna put it in the same outfit – why not? We could do the same hair. How would I draw this hairstyle? Let me think. I like to draw my hair is like big chunks instead of individual strands. And then sometimes I just throw a few individual strands on top for kicks and giggles. Looks like the hair kind of like stays around the outside of the face. Trying to the same shape down. It’s kind of smaller up at the top of the head. I think it’s wider and then ends right above – Between the chin and the mouth. so I’m too long already. You need to end like… Here. Glad I just measured. [Laughs] Loosen up the edges there so they don’t look like a straight line. Kind of play around with the rest of the shape. This is getting in my way. Move it. [Laughs] Break up the shape a little bit. make it a little curlier and wild like this characters hair. I love how this ended up being kind of fan art. Oops. It happens. I just really like the way the blue, the blue and then the orange earrings I think it could be really fun. Try and clean this. Ew, ooh, yummy! Yum. Probably should have just taking it to the sink. It would have been easier. Throw in a little extra blue and then we’re gonna have to mix that with some white for the shirt. And then I wonder we go straight blue for the hair. Mine’s a little bit more saturated. But it might dry more that color. So I
think I should use this now before it dries in my palette. Just go ahead and paint that in. Fill this in. I wonder if we should have erased some first. Should we ass a little bit of water to it? Get a cleaner, crisp edge. Goal here is to try and get a nice flat color and we’re gonna try and render the face. Then I think the hair, it looks like there’s a gradient, it’s darker at the bottom and a little lighter at the top. Why don’t we try to do the same thing? You can learn a lot by trying to recreate someone’s art. Even if you don’t do it in their same art style. Just by paying attention to how they do things slightly different than you, whether it’s like how they draw eyes or how they color shirts. [Laughs] That needs to dry. While we wait for that to dry, I could probably mix up the next colors. So we need some really light pinks. Really saturated pinks. It looks like some yellows. Ooh, this might be fun. It’s probably this color also mixed with red and white. We have some red there we can take but we need more white. See this color is a little too deep like it’s a it’s a very cool red You can kind of tell how nice it looks next to the blue, but this seems more like a warm red. Don’t listen to me. I don’t know what I’m talking about. [Laughs] We got a couple of tones there and when this stuff dries, it should be really matte. That’s another attribute of gouache. So with the face, what I think I want to do is add a lot of water… at first, that way we see the pencil underneath and we know where to put all the colors. So first, use it kind of like watercolor. You’ll be able to see kind of some of the sketch underneath as we slowly build… up the color and that looks like we should get more saturated. If we’re gonna kind of copy this as reference towards the center of the eyes. What I love about art, is like there’s so many different ways to draw like a face So like even here like I’m kind of copying someone else’s I’m kind of seeing how they do it. I should try and do something like this with like the old painters like what Rembrandt? Even Picasso would be kind of fun. Do like studies of old painters, the greats. See where they put the green on faces. I’m always amazed by people who can use the color green when painting a face and it doesn’t look bad [Gasps] Geesh! you’ve got the skills. I need a little more pink. Everything’s looking a little bit… grayer compared to this. Okay. Now, we won’t something kind of yellow. I wonder if we mix that with some white you get a good yellow. Oh, there’s yellow. There she is! I’m having a buckling problem. Shoot. I really should’ve taped this down. Kinda like the way it scoops. Kind of how the pink goes over the bridge of the nose and then connects to the other eyeball. I really like that. I still haven’t even finished filling the whole face in with paint yet. The way I would normally do it is just fill the whole face in with one flat layer of color and then build up my tones. I have no idea how this person did it, but the way I’m going about it is very different than my normal process. Nice light color here. For the bridge of the nose ’cause a lot of light will be hitting there. Trying to follow the similar light source, Right, right now my character looks kind of diseased. But I assume as we build it up we couldn’t probably Slowly render it a little bit more as we slowly figure out what looks good and what doesn’t. I’m kind of doing a little bit of that blending on the canvas like I did with the tiger. Kinda just put them right on there and then try to blend it out with the colors that are wet underneath of it. ‘Cause every time I try to mix a color and go on top, it’s just not quite light enough I’m also trying to like translate this shading to this different face shape. Which is kind of fun. Lips would probably make a significant improvement to this drawing. Now, I’m probably gonna pull away from this a little bit. Start doing it my way and see if I can like build it up on top without like completely walking away from this. I think of the plains of the face and see how they’d be. I’m gonna clean the brush and dry it and try to do a little bit of blending. Just try to make some of these crazy hue shifts. Not seem quite as jarring. ‘Cause I kind of just blobbed them on there as it is. Add in some nostrils. Darker color. Does that make a difference? Okay, right now the nose is not quite my style. It’s kind of small. I like it a little bit bigger and rounder. Some more lighter tones. Kind of around the outside here. Kind of pull it upwards a little. That will hopefully help a little. Noses are tricky to paint. I guess everything is kind of tricky to paint. Especially the things you don’t paint as much. Like noses. Like eyes you paint two eyes everytime you draw a face, right? But noses, you only ever draw one at a time. [Laughs] No one has a pair of noses. Right that widened didn’t the nose already. I’ll probably continue to play with that. We also still have some white paper showing through. I’ll need to mess around with. Okay. I think it’s time for that technique that worked pretty well where I’d cleaned and then dried my brush and then blended some of the colors that need it. Some of the harsher areas A better understanding of facial structure would probably help me out right here. I think that’s making some improvements. Kind of kept some hair strands. That’s kind of interesting. I don’t know if I should paint over those. I like it But at the same time, I’m probably gonna end up over them even if I try not to. ‘Cause I need to add the next layer of blue. See if I can reactivate this color and put it on top and blend in huh? We’ll see what happens. This is an experiment! Okay, I think it dried too fast underneath it. Clean the brush, blend it out with a dry, clean brush. Okay, that’s more the effect I’m looking for. and kinda blend it out. This layer of paint’s still wet, compared to the other side. So I can actually just go in with the paint and it blends as I place it down. That’s more helpful. Now, this is giving off like a gray hair vibe that I am not into. So I’m thinking I’m just gonna take straight blue now and just try and blend this in and see what that looks like. Not even gonna bother cleaning the brush. Okay, yeah, that’s a lot more saturated. I think this is more what we need. We’ll just have to worry about blending it together. ‘Cause I don’t like how muddy it looked before this. I can’t promise it’ll look good but I’ll promise it’ll look a little better. How’s that? Probably should have just started with this color, that would have made a significant difference, than have all this grayness going on. Is it brightening up yet? Slowly and surely. Alright still not the same color. This is also reflecting light because it’s a shinier surface. So the colors are going to look lighter. Woooop! See, if you ask me to do crazy hair, I’m gonna go all out. It’s not that crazy. I guess I failed, never mind. [Laughs] I love a little frizz. Oh, you know what I haven’t colored? The earrings. I think I need to wait for the hair to completely dry . I don’t want to mix the blue with the yellow since those are contrasting colors. That would not be pretty! So there’s definitely expression on this face. Like I’m seeing some emotion, but not the emotion I was going for but I will take it. I could try to add the tear but I’ve no idea how to do that. I think what you do is you just add like a shadow. So we would grab this pink like right here. Oh, that’s not even a shadow. [Snorts] This pink. Then we’ll let that dry and then add some highlights to try and make it look like a tear. That would be… My best guess on how to paint a tear. I played her on with the face a little bit. I don’t know if you can see any improvement there. The nose is still a little janky, but… We love her anyway. Actually what I should have done… Is a bunch of highlights. Like there’s tears right above her eyes. And then we want that light hitting the tear there. I couldn’t get that any smaller. Could probably grab a little bit of a highlighty pink. Kind of paint over it a bit. Mm-hmm. I mean Not the worst tear I’ve ever drawn. We’ll put it that way. [Laughs] Oh I need to do the earrings! That’s the last thing here. We don’t want it to blend at all with the blue. That’s why we wait for it to dry. These two colors don’t like each other. We’ll make sure these are very opaque versions of each other with their colors. ♪ Okay, that worked. Then when it’s dry. I should be able to put the highlight right on there. Right like that. Any other little tiny tidbits I want to do and I don’t think it turned out too bad. I kinda like it. I liked the abstractness. How it’s not too blended at the same time of having a pretty rendered feel to it. Still need to work with my contrast of like trying to find darks and lights, ‘Cause I was a bit stuck in the mid-tone, like I understand that it’s a problem, but it’s very hard to try fix it. But knowing it is obviously part of fixing it so! We will continue on this art journey into the future. I think my favorite part of today was drawing this (tiger) Painting this (tiger). Sorry I drew it awhile ago. [Laughs] Painting it was really, really fun. I really like the way that colors turned out and the way the white blended with the orange and made this really warm white color. I really like that about it. I love how you can get a flat even tone like look at that and I think I like gouache a little more than acrylic even though I’ve been using a lot of acrylic lately ‘Cause it works so similarly, but I feel like it handles adding water to it a little bit better which makes sense because gouache is watercolors. That was fun. I do want to say thank you to ScrawlrBox for sending me this box to try out and share with you. If you’re interested in getting your own ScrawlrBox. I’ll have the links in the description. I had a lot of fun with this month’s box and I hope you enjoyed watching me try out the supplies Thank you guys for watching. I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a delicious evening full of waffles. Bye! ♪

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