Instagram Art Show | CH Shorts

Instagram Art Show | CH Shorts

(fun hip hop music) – It’s like, I like fish
but I don’t wanna taste it. – See yeah, well, that’s
where you’re wrong. (classical music) – Paul! Raphael! So good of you to come. – Thanks for inviting us. What is this? – It’s my Instagram art show. – You do art? – Well, I’ve been dabbling in it, and posting it to Instagram, and people seem to really like it. – Okay, but why isn’t
anybody else at work? It’s 10 a.m. on a Tuesday. – Boys, enough. Come. Let me show you around. This one is called Rainbow Parade. – Katie, I love it! I’m
gonna give it a like. – (gasps) Thank you, Paul. This way. Do you recognize him? – [Raphael] I don’t have to recognize it, it says Micheal Cera. – Micheal Cera, yes! That looks just like him, Katie. Isn’t it incredible, Raph? – It’s cool that you
have a hobby, I guess, but I don’t know about posting all this and calling yourself an artist already. – Ah! Thank you for your support. You know, it’s cuckoo! It’s crazy! I didn’t even realize until
I started posting my art that I was so talented at it. Come along. – [Paul] Wow. – Okay, ducks. – This is a wonderful photo. I mean, it’s so simple yet so deep. Katie, what is your secret? – Do you know the rule of thirds? – Yes. – Well, at first, I was gonna follow it but then I thought, why? Katie! Your art doesn’t need rules. So, I just did my own thing. – Yeah, it’s not great.
– You are a creative genius. – Would you like to see my anime drawings? – I don’t know, let me think about that. Yes, we wanna see your anime drawings! Oh my god, Katie, is that you? That is totally you! – Surprise! I have one of each of you. Raph, look! (giggles) – I mean, I can see that it vaguely is suppose to represent
something that looks like me. – Let me show you my poetry. – Yes. Exactly! I do need to love
the girl in the mirror. Katie, this poem really speaks to me. – Guys, do you think that I
could make money off my art? Am I good enough? – No. – Yes, you absolutely can! Katie, you are ready. – No! You are a beginner
at art, which is fine! But you’re definitely not
good enough to sell yet. – (laughs) Silly little, Raph. I think the problem is that
you haven’t found a piece that resonates with you yet. I think I know one that will. Come on! It’s political, it’s controversial, it’s perfect for you! – It’s fine! – Oh, you love it! – No! It’s just fine! It’s a little better than the other stuff but it’s still not great. – Oh, wonderful. That’ll be $3,000. – What? Hell no, I’m not paying $3,000 for this unoriginal comic. All this stuff sucks! My nephew draws better. – Raph, that is rude as all hell. – (gasps) Okay, I am the only one
being honest with you but I don’t need this. I’m going home! – Katie. – Is he gone yet? – He’s gone. – Guys, am I bad at art? – No, don’t say such a thing! (multiple people speaking encouragingly) – Thank you, followers. Get away from me! Hi, it’s Katie Marovitch
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100 thoughts on “Instagram Art Show | CH Shorts

  1. I'm an artist

    That just so happens to post stuff on Instagram

  2. I wanted to see her paint bold and brash

  3. Wait where is Justin y

  4. Katie as anime is a little cute but

    I don’t know..

  5. Basically two types of people… 😑

  6. 2019 everyone? Katie is so awesome!!!

  7. Hi

  8. So what is the point of this sketch?

  9. The ending though!!!!

  10. Hey look man youre an artist as long as you create stuff

  11. Thank you followers.


  12. Is that shroud????

  13. Am I the only one that thought of the wow everyone’s flirting with Katie series when she said boys enough?

  14. I mean if you create things and enjoy it you're an artist.

  15. Nah, artists never get any recognition on Instagram

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  18. katies my absolute favorite

  19. I wouldn't have guessed Michael cera. The fetures don't look the same nor does he look awkward enough

  20. Is it regga or recca?

  21. this is what Art Amino is like

  22. Please! More of this character Katie's playing because its genius. The actin is hilarious plus she looks really good in that wig.

  23. okay but this entire thing is every tumblr poet

  24. Sums up Instagram's art scene in three-&-a-half minutes. 😏 You don't need to be particularly talented or skilled…just young, cute & banal.

  25. I post genuinely fine art on my instagram and the fanime art just naturally gets more followers because people want something easy to understand on there unfortunately. That’s kinda just how it is

  26. Toni's hair on Velvet Buzzsaw!

  27. this me when i get 5 followers

  28. 2:01 Man in the mirror?

  29. I like how Raph seems rude troughout the video, but in the end he is her only true friend.

  30. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY KILLING ME LMAO Being a kid who does post art in Instagram, I see this and relate to this a lot

  31. The fact that Katie looks like a broken down Sia. Scares me

  32. Katie is my favourite 😊😊

  33. 2:54 I kinda agree with the white dude tho? Like yeah not all of it's that good but it isn't necessary to say that your nephew, presumably a kid/teen, could do something better then her. He's right when he says that not all of it is good but that doesn't mean that he gets to be rude about it.

  34. Katie looks like my art teacher in this 😂

  35. Allie Allie allie

  36. They’re getting margaritas

  37. The "get away from me" makes me laugh out loud


  39. I lost it at "anime drawings"

  40. 1:44 Me as an anime artist: Pleb

  41. I feel attacked

  42. Could also call this "Deviantart Show" XD

  43. Didn’t one of the pictures look like Donald trump

  44. 2:14 I mean maayyyybbbeeeeeeee she could make that cash money off the duck one, but that's probably like… it unless she's Da Vinci reincarnated as a smarmy lady with a smarmy accent

  45. 3:14 I mean she's better then me but she's not really that great? It's fine to draw as a hobby but I mean her stuff probably isn't something I'd go out of my way to buy

  46. if this ISNT 2014 me, idk what is.

  47. BOYS!

  48. Does anyone know how to edit pictures so they look decent? Never could figure that out. I mean, the Facebook photo editing feature and my phone do no justice…

  49. Definitely art in general.

  50. The anime needs rules…
    Katie: My aRT dOeSN't neEd rULeS!1!

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  54. Katie is actually the best cast member. What happened to her cocaine addiction though?

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  64. Art is subjective.

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  66. art is for everyone tho

  67. This in all honesty is a decent representation of how these “influencers” act lol. Especially when faced with criticism.

  68. This is a lie my followers do not care about my art

  69. Wow. That was super annoying.

  70. I swear this is every 14 year old emo girl that draws and is an introvert

  71. As an Insta artist, I'm offended

    Edit- it's a joke, btw

  72. Ik someone probably have saidbit before but…


  73. Would you like to see my anime drawings?

  74. This video is the epitome of r/delusionalartists

  75. 0:57

    Best Katie moments

  76. 3:24

  77. Looks like Raph's going through booty withdrawal.

  78. I just hate Katie, why does she have to be always so annoying

  79. Three and a half minutes of cringe

  80. Its weird how well Katie is rocking all that grey.

  81. Seriously tho, this is how people who can't take criticism acts. If you are going to improve then you need to be able to take criticism.

  82. My old art teacher literally wore the same thing Katie is wearing and the hair is even the same😕

  83. "Would you like to see me Anime drawings?" Effing lost it! 😂

  84. When people compliment me
    Me on the outside: "OMG NO STOP"
    Me on the inside: Katie @ 1:12

  85. Why does Katie remind me of Gina from Brooklyn 99?

  86. I don’t see the big deal in posting art to Instagram? Can someone explain why this is supposedly annoying

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    Everyone else: (Amazed)
    Picasso: Am I a joke to you?

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