Inside University Library

Inside University Library

22 thoughts on “Inside University Library

  1. Jake’s videos still being relevant in 2019 ❤️

  2. The person in the bushes signalling you was probably one of your YouTube fans desperate to be acknowledged by you

  3. .,

  4. 5:51 that guy looks like he's brushing his teeth with his arm lmao

  5. Thanks you so much. I'm working on a novel that takes place in UL. Your video has helped me a lot to visualize what it really looks like.

  6. It literally looks like a prison (the library).
    I'd rather revise/work in a big glass building.

  7. i think u should go bum them as musicians charging for a song…..or come to Asia.


  9. wow happy that I've found u 😍

  10. As soon as you'd mentioned how much pressure you were sensing in the library, I was thinking — ah, it's primal-scream-time! Nice to know it's still an option 🙂

  11. wow that looks so cool…..are there seperate libraries for students from different colleges and subjects?

  12. I am from Thailand I love this video very much

  13. I love you Cambridge.

  14. how can i make video like from 5:19 – 5:41 ?

  15. What camera did u use?

  16. BTW. Do we have same kind of wallets, Makia's? Great wallet although it doesn't contain coin purse.

  17. Whats song 2.28 ???

  18. Muy interesante, el estrés debe ser insoportable.

  19. Wtf is the person sitting behind you doing at 5:49 😂😂😂

  20. What's the name of the music played in the video?

  21. i really love ur vlog. i usually watch it… lol.

  22. wood door opening with a pass card awesome:)

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