Inside The Studio Ghibli Museum + Tokyo Cat Cafe! | Solo Travel Japan Vlog

Inside The Studio Ghibli Museum + Tokyo Cat Cafe! | Solo Travel Japan Vlog

hey guys it's just a welcome back to my channel today I'm heading out to meet akka and in okashira park because i am finally after three years missing out on tickets going to the Studio Ghibli Museum the Studio Ghibli Museum is notoriously hard to get tickets to usually have to book them way way way in advance with the travel agent in your local country or you can buy them from a vending machine in a convenience store but that process is all in Japanese plus they only have a limited amount of tickets per day and they do sell out very quickly so this is literally my fourth time trying to get tickets and I literally waited until the morning of the day they got released in Australia and then I snapped up a ticket for myself so I will be heading to a meter car today to see the museum it is inside in or cut apart and then the park is very close to a neighborhood called at Kichijoji which is one of the most desired places to live in tokyo apparently it's a lovely little neighborhood so i'm going to go check that out in the afternoon as well right now i am going to head out to a coffee shop very close to my apartment called peddlers it's apparently very famous and i am in desperate need of a coffee this morning so let's go a cake just finished company now it's time to head to the Ghibli Museum there's the Jubilee bus guys in the actual museum that you can't take photos or videos but I will show you guys a little bit around the outside of the museum for the inside you'll just have to come see for yourself there is a little section outside where you can take some photos with the giant robot if you want you have to climb all the way up the stairs to check out this area definitely come in the morning if you can guys look at the line now I just finished at the Ghibli Museum and my goodness if you guys are fans of Ghibli any of the films it is worthwhile going just make sure you get your tickets in advance I couldn't take photos or video in there but I did buy a set of postcards that have illustrations of each of the room so I thought I would pick that up and then I'll show you guys kind of what it looks like inside now I'm just having a walk in it you know cash at a park it's literally just outside the museum and I'm gonna walk through the park to head to Kitty Georgie I've made it to QT Joji let's have our hunt the apartment buildings are very cool there's a well-known cat cafe called cat cafe Tim body ology in that kitty Jodie and so I thought well I have a couple of hours before I'm meeting up with it um for dinner and I just want a nice quiet place to sit down so why not give it again which mean to the cat cafe is 1200 yen for one an adult person and you can stay here as long as you like are you looking for a relaxing afternoon this is pretty good hey guys I just finished up a cat cafe oh what a nice relaxing way to spend an afternoon for now I'm heading back to Kentucky ology station to go to shin-okubo which is at Japan's Koreatown to meet up with email because we're going to have Korean there for dinner it started to get cold too so anything spicy sounds good to me hey guys I'm back at my apartment now and full of Korean food if you're ever looking for a good Korean fix definitely go to shin-okubo it's known as Tokyo's Koreatown and the food YUM I thought I would share with you guys a little sneak peek of the inside of the Studio Ghibli Museum now I know you're not allowed to take photos or videos inside the museum so when I saw these in the gift shop I just had to get them these are hand drawn postcards each of the areas of the Studio Ghibli museum they're so pretty and I think it because I couldn't film in there if I got these postcards I could at least share with you a little taste of what the museum is like it's basically a little stationery kid it has 10 postcards 10:00 at night lips and 20 envelopes so aren't they beautiful so this is just the entrance of the museum this is what the entrance hall looks like when you first walk into the museum once you get into the museum you actually swap your exchange order for an actual physical ticket and that is a little piece of film like real film it is so cool here let me go and find mine to get you guys kind of see that ready you can use this to get into the theater inside the museum to watch the exclusive museum only film these little touches are so so cute this is the area you wait in just before going into the theater there's also replicas of these studios that Hayao Miyazaki and his team all work in these rooms were extremely immersive and full of original drawings and sketches it was absolutely beautiful there's also a life-sized cat bus for little kids to run around and jump in unfortunately it is too small for adults but there's also an outdoor little patio area where you can just sit down and relax and then of course there is the official Studio Ghibli Museum at cafe I know it's not quite the same as the real thing but I thought that's a nice little way they just you guys a little sneak peek of the museum for the rest of the night I have a lot of packing to do because I am heading to Osaka I have been to Osaka twice before but I think the last time was still three or four years ago so I'm really looking forward to heading back there again I'm planning on going to Osaka Castle number de Tom buddy ah I'm just thinking about all of the amazing Osaka food though I have a lot of packing to do tonight so I will sign off today's video here I hope you guys enjoyed today's vlog and I will catch you in 2 hours 1 you know soccer bye you

15 thoughts on “Inside The Studio Ghibli Museum + Tokyo Cat Cafe! | Solo Travel Japan Vlog

  1. Catching up on your vlogs 😍

  2. Hey love your video! Subbed to you so hope we could exchange subs!! Keep going!!!

  3. I go to the Ghibli museum each time I’m in Japan. This will be my 6th time.
    I don’t find it hard to get tickets at all. The website is in English and easy to navigate.
    Each time we’ve been we have seen a different short film. It’s basically the only reason we keep going back (and because it’s super cheap too)
    I wouldn’t buy tickets from a travel site though. They triple the ticket price and it’s really not worth paying that much.
    (Tickets are ¥1000 and JTB charges $35 + booking fees)

  4. Thank you for sharing this with us, really enjoyed watching. Even just the outside of the museum is breathtaking!
    We have subbed to your channel, keep in touch! We upload vlogs of our travels around New Zealand, check them out 👍❤️

  5. Shopping in Tokyo i feel like im gonna have to save up 100x more cause i need everything!

  6. Is it expensive to get a ticket to the Ghibli Museum ?

  7. Thanks for showing those post cards of the Ghibli Museum! Ahh, I really wanna go! Love your P5 pass case!

  8. you deserve so many more subscribers 🙁

  9. Wow I love this Tokyo series!!! I’m literally taking notes while watching cause I’m also in Tokyo right now.😆 I get so much inspiration from your videos 🌸❤️and now I want to visit so many places 😃. Thank youuu 💓

  10. Such beautiful cherry blossom trees, looks like a fun museum! Love 💕 your vlogs!

  11. Aaaaaaa!!! Just bought my tickets for Tokyo in September! Time to rewatch all your videos to absorb all information

  12. Lucky little ducklin'! The Studio Ghibli museum must have been amazing

  13. Omg I cant wait till I go again💕💕💕

  14. Please post more ❤❤❤❤

  15. Omg this place looks amazing!

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