Inside Celebrity Makeup Artist Violette’s MASSIVE Beauty Stash | The Beauty Show | Harper’s BAZAAR

Inside Celebrity Makeup Artist Violette’s MASSIVE Beauty Stash | The Beauty Show | Harper’s BAZAAR

Today we’re in Brooklyn New York to visit the home of Violette. Hi, how are you? Good, how are you? Not only is she a makeup artist but she’s the Global Beauty Director for Estee Lauder and she’s going to take us inside her home and let us pillage through her beauty stash. We’re going to get an inside look on how she stores all of it. So where do you keep all of your stuff? Well there is two places. Let’s see my personal one maybe first and then we can see my studio Let’s go! How cute is this? So this is my beauty sanctuary. It’s beautiful. Thank you. Its very bright and light. Where do you keep all of your makeup? So makeup is over there. Your vanity is so beautiful and very french. Thank you. This, I designed it to fit the space perfectly and so I could have a few drawers to put in all my makeup You designed it yourself? Yes. She’s so talented! Okay, so let’s go through your stuff. So you’ll see its not that crazy. I like to keep it minimal in a way. I mean for a makeup artist- This is very minimal yeah. If I have too much things, I’m going to forget about it I’m not going to use it. So this is the stuff you reach for everyday day. So I love this foundation from Estee Lauder because it has a cushion and I’m always on the go And I like that I don’t have to touch my face with my fingers. And that stays in place all day so it’s amazing. That lipstick I actually recognize. Right? I saw you wearing it right now. Poppy. I have one in my bag all the time, one in my desk It’s everywhere. Well you should ’cause you designed it so It makes sense. But I love that you’re wearing the whole Poppy loo today I must say I was super excited to see you like this. This is like my favorite lip balm on earth. This is what you get at the french pharmacy right? So I buy like 20 of them, it’s like super used. But it’s the best, I don’t use Homeoplasmine the tube because it dries my lips more but this is actually amazing. Things I always use, so it’s this but it stopped, they just stopped it this NYX- Really? Yes, copper, I love it NYX Gentle Eye Pencil in Bronze Love love it. This is my favorite highlighter from Colourpop I love the texture- You can tell she loves it. Yes, I’m like a huge fan. That’s only the things I’m going to use- All the time? So you keep them out, front and center. Then here. Concealer, I’m in love with the Laura Mercier new concelaer. When you are olive skin like me and you work none stop you need a lot of concealer. Nars is more when I have like super deep lines, like dark You have so many and they’re all the same shade. Yeah right? And then I see some nail polish in here. There’s no nail salons in Paris. No, I don’t understand. I always have to ask my girlfriends from set my nail artist friends to say like “Can you hook me up?” But I also always do my nails in New York. Before I leave to Paris, I’m just going to make sure, I have my nails done I just like a huge fan of eyeshadow sticks. Oh my god you have so many. It’s so convenient. I just color my eyelids and I just blend with my fingers and it’s done. This is the last drawer. This is for eyeshadow. Do you ever keep eyeshadow palettes just ’cause they’re pretty but you don’t ever use them? Yes. That’s my problem too. So you have the Poppy Sauvage in the packaging but you also have the first one- the finals that I approved from the lab. Look at these lab samples I love a lab sample. Oh my gosh! Thats the one you’re wearing? That is the one, I’m wearing this. Know that this one is a very very good highlighter. It is? I put it on the inner part of my eye. Try here, it’s so beautiful. So special! Yeah, you see you have all the notes on the back. That is so cool. This is a lip pencil I’m obsessed about. Oooh it’s like a wine color. I want this color as a lipstick but it’s a tricky color to develop and it’s called Wine. Of course I have this one that is an iconic red. Beautiful, yeah 400. So you’re all about the lips, the glittery eyes, and the pencils; Yes. Alright, cool. Exactly. So let’s go see where you keep- You wanna see skincare? Yes, let’s go see that. So skincare is my foundation I would say. I am first drawn to these. What are these? What in the world is this? This is homeopathic gold and zinc. And usually you drink it. My skincare friend told me to use this on my skin So this is like a big charge of antioxidants. It’s like an overload of antioxidants. So it’s like an antioxidant serum? Yes. So I am pretty lucky because I never had any breakouts in my life but last year I had a hormonal imbalance and I started to break out. I’m happy it happened to me because my job is to give advice to women and unless it happened to you, you don’t really understand. This is actually an amazing cure. The Zinc Impulse because that’s going to dry any and of the pimples you have or the breakouts you have and treat it. So you break it open into your hand and just tap it in? Yes, you always have to do the most liquid to the most thick when you do your skincare so this is like water, so I’m going to start with this. You’ll have to go to France to get these? Yes. Alright, well next trip you know where I’m going. A&R for sure. It helps my skin so much. I feel like when you’re- I travel so much, in different climates. This is really helping my skin. Sometimes I’ll like not use it for a while and then I’ll go back to it and I’m like “it’s so good.” What’s in there? So a bunch of secrets right here. Lets see. Look at all, this is like French skincare dreams. Oooh look at this sunscreen. So chic. That’s from the same, from the french pharmacy It’s the same brand that I use to clean my face in the morning. And that I like for when my skin ins super- Like when its super freezing in New York that’s very very helpful. Tumeric mask is amazing. Amazing color. Then I have a few serums. My favorite foil mask from Estee Lauder. This is also- Is this the one that has the foil? If you’ve never tried these it’s like metallic silver foil all over your face it’s really freaky but I like it. So the second drawer is I have a dry brush that I use every morning for blood circulation. Thats the spray for the- So that’s more nail stuff And then I have hair This I love, I use in my bangs to give a little pinch. Of course when you have bangs you know you have to use dry shampoo. This is the best dry shampoo on the planet I think You can get it at I think pharmacies now. Yes. I’m a huge fan of this. It’s a leave in conditioner Milkshake. I just like I just put it on and it gives this little shine and it smells amazing. Oh my god. It smells like a milkshake. So I feel like that was very organized for a makeup artist. Is there anywhere else you keep make up? We have like my office downstairs where I keep my professional products Oh my god, can we go see that? Yes, let’s go. Here it is. Woah. This is so cool. So this is your creative space? Yes, this is where everything is happening. It has to be very creative- I have my books here if I need to find some inspiration. All these are makeup pigments. Oh my god. Did you like mix your own makeup colors? Yes, that’s how I started. I didn’t have money to buy makeup So I had this very small kit and I just bought pigments. And I was doing my own lipsticks, my own eyeshadow on set So that’s where I came from. So cool. So where do you keep the rest of the products you were talking about. SO we have a few things here This is so organized. I’m like sweating. Here we have a few skincare. Foundation, concealer. Bronzers, highlighters Blushes Powders Just a few. Here are accessories because you know I just- What is this? I do creative makeup. You can see that there is glitter on it. Now you have it on you. I use it to put pigments on a girls face at some point but you need to be like a pro to use this You have two just in case. Alright, whats in here. Is this a mix of things that people send you or stuff that you buy? A lot have been sent to me but I’m lucky that- They sent you a lot. Yeah for sure, and that’s how I discover it so then I use it On shoots and what not. Tutorials as well. So that’s all the eye sticks Oh my god. -and pencils. So organized. It’s so helpful because like this is a specific texture and I can just say “Hey I had an idea, I wanna do this.” Everything is to make my life easier because I am hyperactive and I love to do many things so I don’t have time to struggle when I when I’m going crazy. Here is the more creative stuff. All the oils I’m using. All my bigger amounts of pigments. Then here you have all the stickers Stickers! I use a lot. She has a sticker drawer. I have in the basement a huge boxes for my future how do you call this, giveaway. And but here is like where i really like design my collection and I work and create like the art direction for my beauty stories. All happens in here. So this is your creative space. Yes, I lucky to be able to have like a such a nice creative bubble. Thank you so much for having us over today. Thank you for coming. Oh my gosh your space was gorgeous. You’re very organized and I have to say you’re making me consider moving to Brooklyn. Brooklyn for me is like a little Paris. Thank you so much. Thank you! Bye guys!

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