I Made A Giant 40-Pound Sushi Boat For A Mukbang Artist • Tasty

I Made A Giant 40-Pound Sushi Boat For A Mukbang Artist • Tasty

so it was like 30 pounds of rice you could probably make a cheesecake with one of these this is the shrimp Mountain it’s only crazy if it doesn’t work whoa this is huge okay that’s like 40 pounds one two three whoa hey guys I’m Alvin and I love making giant food we’re back with tasties making a big season 2 everything’s bigger and better than before who’s gonna be a big asset is big I’m probably gonna be a little bit bigger by the end of the show but I’m very excited to show you guys the giant food and the special guests we have for the season today I’ve invited in honey a popular book bomb artist on YouTube who better to make giant food for than someone who’s used to eating giant portions so let’s go meet her and see what she wants to eat how are you good yeah what are you hungry hungry good well I’m a big fan of yours and you are a very popular artist on YouTube right where you upload videos of you eating giant amounts of food what is that called it’s called mukbang and it’s derived from the word London which means eating and pungsong broadcast and it originated in South Korea why do you think people enjoy watching other people eat it’s interesting to listen to other people’s life stories while they’re eating and sharing their love for food I really want to cook for you today and I want to make something giant that you like to eat is there any food that you would love for me to make today I would love to see a giant version of a sushi roll okay it’s funny that is the number one requested food I always get it’s just like please make a giant sushi roll please make a giant sushi roll you’re really good at what you do on your channel I’ve always been very curious about like doing mukbang could you teach me how to do it later if I can make the giant boat for you yes of course I would love to teach okay well I’m very excited for that so I’m gonna get to work and I will see you in a bit all right bye okay we’re gonna make a lot of sushi I want to clarify before we get started this is 100% American sushi this is not Japanese machine you have a lot of rice here are we rinsed out and to cook sushi rice we’re going to dump this into a very big pot okay with a lot of water let’s just do that well that’s cool my grandpa used to say you got to eat every grain of rice out of your bowl because if you don’t every single grain of rice is one hair yours he’s also bald so I’m not sure why he told me that so we’re gonna cover this with a lot of water [Music] this is going to be brought to a boil then I’m gonna cover it and simmer it on low for 20 minutes and I’m gonna have a lot of sushi rice after that all right it’s been about 20 minutes this rice should be cooked by now so we’re gonna take a look and see how it is whoa that’s a lot of rice all right I want to fluff this rice okay it’s a lot harder and a lot hotter than it seems steam is hot you guys be careful okay so I’m gonna try to get all this rice out of the pot into a bowl let me see how okay that’s kind of heavy I might have to call some help so I’m gonna go get Ryan one of our amazing culinary people all right guys this is my buddy Ryan he’s one of our amazing food people you got it Brian’s very strong this is why he’s doing it okay how’s your day going Ryan you know this is gonna be the highlight is it giant red did you go to the gym yet no they think this is my workout right you don’t need to oh thanks right yeah appreciate it hi this is like 25 30 pounds of rice all this cools down I’m going to make the sushi vinegar mixture to mix with this rice so first long when it give myself a steam bath I’ll be right back the rice is cooling we’re gonna make our version of a sushi vinegar mixture for our rice gotta go in with the rice vinegar followed by the sugar salt and the vegetable oil so there’s a lot of rice and a lot of weights and the reason we’re adding vegetable oil is to help it hopefully not stick too much together because I think you’ll be adding a lot of pressure on the rice it could cause the granules to burst and just could cause the whole thing to clump together too much okay this is the cold rice this vinegar mixture is hot it’s ready to go we’re gonna put it into the rice so it absorbs better than if it were cold Oh actually I’ve done that well over the rice don’t do this if you’re about to go on a date afterwards we have a nice little paddle to mix this rice in so the goal of this you want to coat as many grains of the rice as you can ideally every single grain of rice is coated with the vinegar mixture but it’s a lot of rice I’m not an expert this so I think this is a pretty much there I did my best and my arms might fall off afterwards so we’re gonna call it do you want to taste it though oh I actually have never made a sushi roll before so I want to practice doing a normal tissue as I don’t want to mess up the big one so we have our sushi mat the saran wrap is gonna help make sure that it has an easy release from the roll we’re gonna take nori which is seaweed the shiny side stays down because the shiny side is what’s gonna be on the outside of the roll a little bit of the sushi rice this is pretty fun actually then we’re gonna go with our topping so we’re gonna go down with a piece of cucumber over here followed up with some cream cheese and then on top of that a smoked salmon that’s looking pretty good for fillings so the rolling what we want to do is kind of use the mat as a guide to roll it without having to get your hand super into it okay that looks pretty good actually it’s clean stroke so it’s actually not half bad Alvin I want to take a picture of it this is my first ever sushi roll I think I’m ready and we’re gonna go make the big one so Cheers we have a giant sushi mat this is an invention made by our culinary team who really helped me out because I asked them for a bamboo curtain we could not find a bamboo curtain to roll the sushi so they stitched together six regular sushi mats need to go really big for this one don’t get stuck to yourself do not dare get stuck I’m thinking we can go like make like a giant square this whole thing is 18 inches I do want some space on the side so minus one inch on the sizes seven and a half I’m just gonna do it hold up one okay cool and then we’re gonna try to seal the edges of the nori with water so it’s kind of like dumplings where if you add water to this I don’t get sticky and hopefully stick together in this boom okay so we have kind of a square let’s get rolling okay you’re just gonna press it down and flat okay so this is ready for toppings let me get to it so let me see these cucumbers start here time for the cream cheese you got bigger blocks this time they’re huge you could probably make a cheesecake with one of these this hopefully it doesn’t fall apart all right now for the smoked salmon this is like a couple pounds trying to keep this pile together here we’re going big and we’re not going home Wow okay that’s a lot of stuff I might have overfilled it but we’re gonna try to roll it okay this is the nerve-racking part I’m kind of getting flashbacks to the hundred egg omelet I made and we’re gonna try to roll this card a lot of tucking going on so you can go up I’m gonna need it tuck it keep it tight now and keep it tight gotta keep it taste it won’t fall out okay let’s just do that for now it’s like giving this guy like a little massage think that’s a roll you get it whoo whoa this is huge like the size of a baby I’m gonna name you Herbert hey Herbert you’re a fat baby we’re gonna wrap up Herbert and it’s blanket and throw him in the fridge until he gets nice and cold and hard and ready to be cut sleep well Herbert cool this is roll number two because this is an inverted roll that means the rice is going to go down first that is a lot of rice my strategy is to do the harder things on the bottom so we’re gonna go in with the cucumber first and then we’re gonna top it with the crab this is imitation crab meat I’ve heard it’s some sort of blend of fish but fooled me we’re going with avocado this is also kind of scary because the there’s no nori and the bottom it’s just the rice and there’s a lot of stuff in it whoa that was close all right Alvin don’t do that again lift from the bottom and then slowly slowly no come on why is a problem child I’m gonna press it down and bring him back Shum who’s boss I’m your father I’ll call you Theodore he’s the most devious of the three chipmunks whoa I’m gonna finish by garnishing it with some sesame cuz I think it’s just a nice touch Theodore is done moving on to roll number three we got shrimp avocado and cucumber so it’s just can tried to it feel like I’m getting faster at this as I move along so that’s a good sign I’m really into the shrimp are they taste like almost good shrimp okay yeah it’s actually kind of hooking precarious so I want to stop right there this is the shrimp Mountain elevation four strips I’ll put two in show guys oh wait that’s coming apart the shrimp Mountains there’s an avalanche okay cool that’s fine that’s okay we’re gonna tuck oh oh yeah look at that that’s pretty cool if you guys have been to the restaurants there are roles that have these patterns on top when they kind of have these different names apparently there’s a rule called the caterpillar roll because there’s like avocados fanned out and I really want to try that out to see if I can do it probably not gonna do this right that’s like kind of it wanna see if we can put that on there okay that’s a lot of avocado thing is on in order to get it to form to the shape of the roll you have to take this top and then just like press it down hard you need it to almost bind to the rice all right well this is the one with the shrimp I love it it’s my favorite I’m gonna name this one after my dad cause he’s pretty cool so it’s not Peter wow I’ve never been able to have control over my dad like that what had changed okay rule number four we got again cucumbers cream cheese that’s next time probably it’s pretty much set nice another roll that’s pretty popular in the restaurants they have salmon on top can’t really go get sushi grade salmon in such a large quantity Costco unfortunately didn’t have it so we’re gonna go with smoked salmon perfect it’s like as if these things were designed for giant rolls made by an Asian guy that doesn’t know how to make sushi oh yes okay that was cool Wow look at that that’s like exactly what it looks like at the restaurants when they do the salmon roll I got to give this guy name really good-looking on top we call this guy Brad Pitt so our wonderful art department got us a beautiful wooden boat to serve the sushi on I think it’s amazing I think it looks better than a plate okay we’re gonna unroll Herbert he’s been sleeping for a bit Wow look at that that’s so cool we’re gonna put this on let’s go Brad Pitt I’ve seen videos where they cut the rolls with stuff on top and they cut it in the saran wrap so it’s easier to hold the top together look at that that’s so sick all right so this is roll number three the problem child the avocado okay I can never hit tire these cross-sections not gonna lie look at all that shrimp each of these has like a little like like a green comb-over like a double comb-over airdrop all right I have one more roll this boat is at full capacity we’re gonna capsize if we keep going so I’m just gonna cut it up and then let put it on a nice little rectangle plate okay so I cut out the last one it’s nicely plated cuz it won’t fit on this okay that’s like 40 it’s like 40 pounds and the last finishing touches just a little bit of pickled ginger clean your palate a little bit a tiny little squeeze of wasabi all right so this is pretty much done it looks really cool I’m very happy with the way it turned out and I’m excited for honey to eat it so I’m gonna go bring her in all right welcome back yeah yeah the sushis in front of you so on three one two three here’s your sushi this is a regular sushi roll four scales actually my first sushi will have ever made there’s some spicy mayo and some soy sauce for dipping time to learn how to do McClung properly so we’re gonna get some chairs sit down and you’re gonna teach me okay honey we’re in a different sort of setup can you explain to me why things are set up this way so this is set up a lot in front of us because it looks bigger this way you want to show our viewers everything so we have it set up all around us so I haven’t intro it goes hello my honey bees it’s your girl Kenny and so you’re gonna go it’s your boy hello my honey bees it’s your girl honey it’s your boy Alvin and today we’re gonna be eating 40 pounds of sushi rolls so let’s dig in because they’re so hungry you have an intro my intros just like I’m Alvin I like junk food first by first but you guys eat first and for me I do this thing called honey bite which is like your biggest bite you can take okay so let’s try that and three Wow cheers Cheers honey bite [Laughter] I’m also gonna drizzle some spicy mayo my sushi roll and then I go drizzle drizzle drizzle drizzle drizzle drizzle drizzle drizzle drizzle and have like the most sauce on my food that’s a lot of sauce this is like one of the craziest things I’ve ever eaten I think don’t know last bite that’s you there well we’re gonna probably keep you eating for the next how long would you take to finish this finish this maybe like 40 minutes to an hour kidding me thank you for teaching me how to do much fun properly thank you guys so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please don’t have to subscribe button if you haven’t already and to become a honey bee and I’ll see you guys in my next video [Music]

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