I had a black dog, his name was depression

I had a black dog, his name was depression

I had a black dog. His name was depression Whenever the black dog made an appearance, I felt empty and life seemed to slow down. He could surprise me with a visit for no reason or occasion. The black dog made me look and feel older than my years. When the rest of the world seemed to be enjoying life, I could only see it through the black dog Activities that usually brought me pleasure, suddenly ceased to. He liked to ruin my appetite. He chewed up my memory and ability to concentrate. Doing anything or going anywhere with the black dog required super human strength. At social situations, he would sniff out what confidence I had and chase it away. My biggest fear was being found out. I worried that people would judge me. Because of the shame and stigma of the black dog I was constantly worried that I would be found out. So I invested vast amounts of energy into covering him up. Keeping up an emotional lie is exhausting Black dog could make me think and say negative things. He could make me irritable and difficult to be around. He would take my love and bury my intimacy. He loved nothing more than to wake me up with highly repetitive and negative thinking. He also liked to remind me how exhausted I was going to be the next day. Having a black dog in your life isn’t so much about feeling a bit down, sad or blue… at its worst it’s about being devoid of feeling altogether. As I got older the black dog got bigger and he started hanging around all the time. I’d chase him off with whatever I thought might send him running. But more often than not he’d come out on top going down became easier than getting up again. So I became rather good at self medication… which never really helped. Eventually I felt totally isolated from everything and everyone. The black dog had finally succeeded in hijacking my life. When you lose all joy in life you can begin to question what the point of it is. Thankfully this was the time that I sought professional help. This was my first step towards recovery and a major turning point in my life I learnt that it doesn’t matter who you are the black dog affects millions and millions of people; it is an equal opportunity mongrel. I also learnt that there was no silver bullet or magic pill. Medication can help some and others might need a different approach altogether. I also learnt that being emotionally genuine and authentic to those who are close to you, can be an absolute game changer. Most importantly I learnt not to be afraid of the black dog and I taught him a few new tricks of my own. The more tired and stressed you are the louder he barks, so it’s important to learn how to quiet your mind. It’s been clinically proven that regular exercise can be as effective for treating mild to moderate depression as antidepressants. So go for a walk or a run and leave the mutt behind. Keep a mood journal; getting your thoughts on paper can be cathartic and often insightful Also keep track of the things that you have to be grateful for. The most important thing to remember is that no matter how bad it gets… if you take the right steps, talk to the right people, black dog days can and will pass. I wouldn’t say that I’m grateful for the black dog but he has been an incredible teacher. He forced me to re-evaluate and simplify my life. I learnt that rather than running away from my problems it’s better to embrace them. The black dog may always be part of my life but he will never be the beast that he was. We have an understanding. I’ve learnt through knowledge, patience, discipline and humour the worst black dog can be made to heel. If you are in difficulty, never be afraid to ask for help. There is absolutely no shame in doing so the only shame is missing out on life.

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  1. I thought I had won against my black dog but it came back bigger a few years larter
    I think it will never leave me

  2. Can depression be cured?

  3. My black dog is full part of me. Can’t see a way out.

  4. I have a black dogo

  5. The black dog in this video is actually a metaphor for depression

  6. you know that anti depressants can lead you to suicide

  7. Good video – maybe an insightful representation of depression. I just wished a dog was not used. I just cannot associate a dog with depression. Through the video even though I heard and understood what was being conveyed, I could not help but feel 'such a cute dog'.

  8. I’ve had several depressive episodes and I’m currently going through one. But this is the first time I’ve struggled with being devoid of feelings altogether – and I honestly think that’s the worst part. Feels like that numbness is never gonna go away

  9. The thing is : i had a black dog. She died last year. I loved her so much. How dare you compare this super effective anti depressant to depression?

  10. As a depressed autist, I dont get this. Why do you hate dogs? Dogs are comfort. Edit; saw it all, still don't get it. Seems like a very "artsy" way of making the message be more complicated than it needs to be.

  11. Great message for people thanks!

  12. Why does it have to be a black dog? Black seems to have a negative connotation in everything. It could have been a cloud hanging over you.

  13. Seriously, when will we evolve and stop equating black with almost everything bad. Come on WHO.

  14. Please put it in Portuguese.

  15. i have a black dog too. he’s a black lab and he’s so adorable i love him so much.

  16. Babadook!

  17. Very good video,wish I could get over it but had it all my life.

  18. This is beautiful, wonderful, insightful, hopeful.

  19. This is dumb

  20. What the ??????????

  21. This video is very powerful in getting across how it feels to have depression. Would the owners of the video have any objections if I used to it to show my students??

  22. Jonghyun…

  23. Incredible video. Though surprised someone hasn't brought race into this yet due to the dog being black.

  24. thank you so much for such an incredible video.

  25. I have an actual black dog, and she’s the only thing that keeps me going from your analogy.

  26. New research shows that depression has it's origins in bodily inflammation.

  27. I’m sure many people have commented on the dog as depression but here’s another one. Depression is not an animal my pets help me in my depression, who ever thought of using a dog was an idiot, sorry I know I shouldn’t be so judgemental. why not use a dementor from Harry Potter, when I first read the books I knew right away the dementors were here version of depression, they suck out all the happiness. But choosing an animal loud stupid, sorry I’m ranting here but you get my message.

  28. I once have a black dog and it was really bad. But I started to pray to God and I embraced my depression. I told my black dog, I know what you feel and I know this feelings are real. But everything inside my mind, all those negative thoughts are just made up in my mind. I started to see black dog as my broken child form and I give it love. I love myself, I love everyone, I love my black dog. When you started to see accept your black dog, you won't be afraid of it anymore 😄

  29. I hope Hyunbin will be fine 😭

  30. Thank you

  31. Inspiring video. I live with depression and this describes it sm

  32. this video made me cry

  33. Do folks think this video might be helpful for a younger audience, like high schoolers? On one hand, I really like the points that are touched upon in this video. And the types of animations used make this video somewhat timeless (it's 6 years old and I can't even tell!) On the otherhand, there are parts of the video that seem more useful for mature audiences, which is a bit of a bummer.

  34. Omg 😳😳😳😳

  35. I Absolutely loved this video, I wouldn't exactly call that thing a dog, I'd call it a crow.

  36. Shoot the Damn dog

  37. Awesome.. Single video shows my entire daily routine..

  38. You are not alone.

  39. Im so exhausted and numb 😦

  40. i had a white bunny

  41. I like dogs

  42. Wow this is bang on. They know how I am now. Its like drug addition you are never really cured its a fight every day. I keep fighting for my kids and wife.Sometimes it feels like I only stay alive to stop their pain even though Im in agony just living. Keep fighting the black dog …Or he will chew you up.

  43. The reason why the used a dog is blatantly obvious.
    They smell, eat there own and every other bit of shit they can find, make loud noises, bark for no reason, are extremely heavy, destroy everything you love, they can't be left unattended, are expensive to buy and fix, everywhere you go the dog will randomly shit and you've got to pick it up, they trespass and got you into trouble, if you go on holiday they normally come with you, need I go on?

    Where as cats are the complete opposite and then some. Where as looking at cat's, being with cat's and everything they do is calm and collective. Even though I've had anxiety & depression for as long as I can remember.

  44. When you tell people you are depressed, people then decide to not talk to you…

  45. I have a black dog, and I'm getting tired pretending.

  46. This is one of the most amazing videos ever. The analogy is spot on and gives non-sufferers an insight into how people can feel. WAHBx

  47. I hate when people simply say "I'm depressed" or "I have depression". I was diagnosed as depression and I live with a black dog in my heart, head, and body. I know how hard living with it. I act normal at work, I laugh, I smile because I want to hide my condition from my coworkers. It's very tiredness. I always have negative thoughts in my mind. I lost interests on anything. I see a psychologist every Saturday, it's $20 per week. It's $80 per month. I'm not sure if this is helping me. I don't know why I'm living in this world with having all these negative thoughts, no life goal, why am I living in this world if I'm not happy. There's noting can make me happy ever again. So please don't say if you are depressed or have depression without seeing a doctor or truly diagnosed it. Sorry for my unprofessional English grammar

  48. The term "black dog" is not suitable to be used; a black person like me is not comfortable with such a name. How about you call it "the white dog" instead since it is mainly associated with whites, or because it is overwhelming like white/ bright light. After all, black/ darkness helps one rest and calm down.
    Better still, don't associate black or dog to it. Call it depression!

  49. I recently came across this video, and I think it's such a disappointment that the WHO would put this video and the term it carries up for viewing, even with the numerous complaints about the term! I'm disappointed. I expected better from the WHO.

  50. Medication, therapy, group therapy, CBT, regular exercise – yet I still have severe depression!

  51. Everyone keeps saying get help. What if help doesnot exist?? what then?

  52. I have zero memory 👍

  53. With the help of Zen master, we will learn how to meditate and how to control our black dog (inner emotional feeling). Only with breath in and breath out therapy will ease the inner pain and find inner peace. Of course, there are more solutions and breath in method is one of the suggested method. such as excercise, community activity, kungfu with the breath in and breath out…

  54. I got this depression from trauma then anxiety after depression for 10 years now, I know I am strong but i don't know when will all these end. I am very very very tired, I have these suicidal thoughts. Please pray for me 🙂 :(((((

  55. But why dog ?
    Dog is human's bestfriend
    That can undertand the owner than human friends

  56. Missing in the illustration video is that when black dog is uncured it gets bigger and you will have these suicidal thoughts

  57. I cry every time I listen to this as it's exactly how I feel

  58. Hi there everyone! I am a small YouTuber that focuses on mental health on my channel! If you are someone you know are struggling with any mental health issues I have some helpful videos on my channel that you can go check out! I also offer my subscribers the chance to dm me and talk to me for one on one advice if that would be something you think might help💓

  59. How can you dislike this?

  60. WoW! A mental health specialist gave me this link. It talks about me as a person. I'm 43, totally alone as I push everyone away. I can't work and some days I wonder why I go on. I am incredibly irritated about the most trivial things and find humans the most irritating. I am so sensitive and get hurt easily. I crave love and attention in my life but am so used to being on my own. I know things have to change. What a fantastic video.

  61. Enhorabuena por el video

  62. very depressing film

  63. Wow thx mum for sending this to me -_-

  64. 🙂

  65. Damn…. I recognize, myself sooooo much.

  66. The first half of the video is so so real. I could not better describe depression.

  67. Don’t be ashamed! You have to speak up how you feel, and what you need help . I already went through depression, I already thought about suicide. Because I kept silent, I didn’t share anything, I hide my feelings with my partner, i refused his help regardless he was willing to help me a lot I was afraid i am an burden . One day he couldn’t stand my depression anymore, his depression came back. Now we have to stop our relationship to cure our health. I feel very regret about that. Now i am curing depression by meditation everyday, i go outside to play with nature, i plant trees. And important I always speak up my feelings for everybody, how I feel, what I need to help. I am getting more better every day. I hope my partner’s health is good and I hope we will get back together soon.

  68. This changed my life, I also share this with people close to me. Thank you.x

  69. thanks to the black dog <3

  70. Why a dog?

  71. Very powerful video.

  72. Very nice video!

  73. I live with a black dog almost a decade now.

  74. The .Black Dog analogy is inappropriate…Dogs alleviate symptoms of depressions…and are the BEST medicine for people suffering from depression …A BLACK SHADE./GHOST…..or a BLACK HOLE…

  75. Why are they always referring the word black in a negative way, I hate white racist people?

  76. I love dogs!! 🐶 ❤️

  77. The best antidepressant:

  78. I need help..

  79. You can't get rid of your demons, you can only live above them.

  80. What a sad metaphor ! My 3 dogs are the sunshine of my life. I am so thankful I have them in this otherwise shitty life. They are one of the few things that make me feel grateful about life. Using the word "dog" to talk about depression is a total contradiction in terms ! You should have used another metaphor for depression!

  81. on jah?

  82. Kenya gracias

  83. Why a dog? Dogs are the greatest thing on the planet!

  84. Just eat the dog

  85. RIP Kim Jonghyun

  86. This was one of the first videos my therapist send to me over a year ago and my black dog has gone from super big to on a leash :))

  87. I actually like dogs

  88. there is no help…no turning point…

  89. 😒

  90. This video refers to the dog as 'mongrel' and 'mutt'. WHO, choose your symbolism more carefully! Dogs are beautiful, happy animals, and their presence literally helps ward off sad and negative thoughts.

    I've had depression. It did not feel like a silent companion that came and went. It was ever-present. I think you could and should have chosen a different concept for the imagery. Perhaps a dark blanket might have been better.

  91. this is why you need to adopt a black cat instead !

  92. I live with my own black dog,and sometimes he is just in the background, other times he's front and centre

  93. Depression sucks.

  94. I have a black dog… Yeah its not fun…🙃

  95. "Keeping up an emotional lie is eqausting"

    You could've not been more precise my man 👏👏👏

  96. Hi, I work in education and would like to show this video as part of my lesson. Can I have your permission to do this. Many Thanks, Katie

  97. when does a person begin to really see the blackdog for years its been there at your feet the mental anguish begins when mistake after mistake is often covered up as depression maybe aloved one cant cope with your dramas the dog takes hold and then the depression quickly itensifies next thing your so called putting labels all over yourself i know ive become a walking stick it note god grant me the ability to know the difference sadly most cant see the difference when i wake up tomorrow i promise to have no negative thoughts practice my positive mental attitude and try as hard as hell to push the darkness away and let some new light in stay safe and be proud of whatever you have because some have less its a good thought be strong and smile and remember to TALK its also a big plus in life

  98. So incredibly relatable. Currently having the worst time of my life with Depression and Anxiety,feel so alone like it will never get better and i have no purpose in my life anymore. Keep trying to tell myself I can get better and certainly hope I will. This is hopefully a phase that I will get over as I hope all you will guys will aswell. Good luck to you all👍🏻

  99. Is there a psychiatrist here

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