I Am Not an Artist | Hannah Witton

I Am Not an Artist | Hannah Witton

(clap, clap)
– Okay. Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi. Hi, I’m Hannah, and I’m
not a creative person. I’m surrounded by actual
creative people all the time and it only confirms my theory. I am not one of them. The irony of the situation is
that I have a creative job. I’m a YouTube star, an
author, a podcaster, and anyone outside of my
industry when they find out what I do assumes that
I must be an artist. The creative juices must be flowing and oozing out of me constantly, but they don’t know how
incapable I really am. I see all these creative people
using interesting techniques in their videos. I just stand in front of the camera, talk for about 20
minutes, and then edit out all of my ums and ahs. (chorus, uuummmmmm) I can’t draw. I can’t write poetry. I can’t make music. Well, actually, I’ve tried to
draw, write poetry and songs, but believe me, it’s embarrassing. When I was in school my
best friends were amazing at art, where I really struggled. I dropped art as soon as
I could and pursued maths. I dropped the brush and
picked up a calculator. I liked numbers and puzzles and logic. I didn’t express myself in
the way that my friends did. I’m so jealous of those who
are seamlessly creative, with an endless outpour from their brains. To me, it seems like
they’re popping videos out left, right, and centre, but I’m here screaming
after 22 hours of labour, contractions, and sweat,
and I’m still only two centimetres dilated. Don’t get me wrong, I imagine
most people’s birthing experiences aren’t pleasant,
but this doesn’t come naturally to me at all. Making this video hurts. My mind is so uncreative, it
has been doing the same doodle for years. Look at this doodle! It’s a complete lost cause. As soon as I started earning money I started buying birthday cards. I hated trying to make them. But it’s so much more
special, parents would say. Good point, mum, but, your
work isn’t being outshone by your nine year old cousin. So, I used my hard earned
cash to buy cold, corporate birthday cards and now I’m
using it to pay someone to help me make this video because you know what I am good at? I am insanely organised. I’m very self-disciplined. I’m a good communicator
and I’m what they call a people person. I get stuff done. I work at my creative job
Monday to Friday, nine til six. I enjoy the weekends
and I enjoy the Mondays. I need to stop putting
all of this on a pedestal. Maybe I’m not creative, and maybe I don’t need to be to create. I work hard and I’m driven, and perhaps that’s a enough. All right, let’s do this. Ohhh. Nope! (laughs) That’s not just done, um. (upbeat electronic music)

100 thoughts on “I Am Not an Artist | Hannah Witton

  1. That thumbnail definitely says autist.

  2. YES

  3. Creativity is a matter of perspective. Isn't organization an art form? Your art may feel different but it's still great!

  4. That 'um' was so harmonious

  5. okay but why did I cry?

  6. I really needed to hear this, thanks a lot

  7. oh great i'm neither creative nor driven or organized what am i to become

  8. lol I thought the thumbnail said "I am not an autist"

  9. Your voice is so relaxing ❤️

  10. Great content and intelligent speech win over doodles or fancy editing any day 😊 The way you think and the things you say are brilliant- could be 380p and upside down, your content would still be more thought provoking and beneficial to the world x

  11. I love this video and I really respect your argument. But – I'm afraid I am one of those people who believes that most people are creative in some way! I believe that being able to craft an argument (like you have in this video or like you would in an academic essay), and see a problem in a way that other people can't (e.g. a logistical problem that requires a unique perspective or careful organisation) is highly creative! I'm aware that this all depends on the definition of an artist/creative person but I would take that to be a person wiht original ideas and ways of thinking and think you are definitely one of those people! (p.s. I love your channel a lot but have never commented before!) X

  12. I am definitely NOT an artist. I'm rational, logical and a problem solver, not a creative person. I am not organized, not a people person and too anxious to be a communicator.

    You are a good Youtuber Hannah, because you are a good communicator.

  13. This is fab <3

  14. Stunning gorgeous woman.

  15. This was incredible

  16. Da fuq kind of job interview is this?

  17. I am neither

  18. Omg it's crazy how all of my friends are creative in some way and just there like :/ ekkk. 100% feel this.

  19. Don't worry girl it happens to the best of us !

  20. You write scripts and come up with video ideas – I would argue that that is creative too, but I totally get your sentiment to be around people who are more creative than you / to whom creativity comes easily.
    Awesome video, my dear!

  21. what is the to-do list you use? it looks so good and aesthetic i want it

  22. Thought that said autist.

  23. 100% can relate

  24. I’ll never get that time back 🙁 why the hell is this on trending?

  25. I love this but it's fucking with me because I am neither creative or organised. I'm officially a lost cause

  26. Love this! I can relate so much with everything you said

  27. 8008135 !!! yaaas!!! Thank u Hannah 🙂

  28. Love this so so much!

  29. Hannah!! Creativity is innate in all humans – it's the ability to imagine things, to see or find meaning in abstract ideas, to express yourself. The application of creativity is down to technique (a learnable skill!). I bought the lie all through school that people are either talented or not talented – You're either good or not good… Nobody ever told me that the people who get good at anything spend hours upon hours upon hours practising and that there are no shortcuts. I think people are drawn to different things, predisposed for whatever reason or influence – maths included – and are therefore happy and want to spend time doing it. It might not feel like a chore as it does to others, and perhaps people feel like they haven't had to 'work hard' to get as good as they are… Every single human is creative!!! 🙂 🙂 My twopenneth!

  30. I think you need to be very creative to be good at math, understand, and discover it…

  31. I didn't realize how similar we are. I've been watching you for years. The thing is, I'm so detail-oriented that I can be "artistic" and make a perfect piece of art, but I have zero creativity so I can't come up with my own designs. I can barely start a coloring page, because I can't pick which colors would look the best, but if you give me a color-by-number, by golly, it'll be the best color-by-number you've seen.

  32. Now you need to meet PJ Liguori

  33. Maybe you're not creative in the way your friends are but you have new ideas about video content like hormone diaries, which seems like you eing creative in fact^^ AND you're inspiring and motivating and you educate. Those are qualities other people will look up to you for. Just enjoy the stuff you're doing bc you're doing great 🙂

  34. lol at 1:10 clever girl

  35. As one of these mythical creative creatures you're talking about 1) it's not all it's cracked up to be (I wouldn't wish my brain upon anyone. It's well and truely a fucked up place to be) and 2) Creativity isn't just about making "art". Maths and science and logic is incredibly creative, just in a different way. 🙂

  36. I'm the opposite, and while I love being artistic, the other side of my of my brain really let's me down and I struggle at school SO MUCH. Math is kinda ruining my life, I find it incredibly difficult. So while I love my creative side, , my years at school have been kinda hard because of it. And Ive always been jealous of my friends who are good at math, so it feels kinda cool that you felt the opposite, wanting to be more creative.

  37. Loved this!!

  38. No matter if your not creative it all about inspiring ideas that makes it creative 😊

  39. This is so refreshing! I love it!

  40. ❤️❤️❤️

  41. Sure I am creative but loooool I get absolutely nothing done I would rather be like you

  42. I answered this very question today, "what are your strengths?" To which I answered "I get shit done."

  43. Thank you so much for creating this! This is really inspiring and encouraging to other people who aren't naturally creative nor intellectual, but who still aspire to do things that those who are naturally capable do. (Not going to lie, I started crying the moment you admitted that you weren't a natural at what you do)

  44. I wish I was good at math, I couldn’t solve an algebra problem for my life! It’s the most difficult thing for me and I’m always struggling in school. But when it comes to art I love it! You’re creative in your different ways some of us are better/worse than others. From watching this video it seems to me like you’re definitely creative! Congratulations on getting this premiered at the buffer festival! I enjoyed it a lot!

  45. well you're not creative, yet you have the same drawing tablet as me 🙁

  46. I would sell my creativity for those skills immediately, because I have nothing from your habits. And in our modern word, you're better in living with more logical skills.🌼

  47. Really interesting video, held me and made me think. Thanks.

  48. This hits home. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

  49. To be honest I don’t care if you are creative or not. I love your videos because you have a brilliant mind, you are not afraid to say what you think and your videos are intellectually stimulating. I could sit there and listen to you for hours!

  50. If I would want kids I would show this video to my future children.

  51. I feel this, I love being creative but I'm really not a creative person if you get what I mean.

  52. I get this I am an engineering student and hang with arty people.

  53. Omg this was great. I honestly related so much to this and that doodle is very similar to my doodle 😂

  54. Love your videos and you ! <3

  55. Can you make a video about your time management techniques? Or basically how you organize your life? ☺️ much approached!

  56. I am the exact opposite of you Hannah (I cannot logic, ever, no chance) and I've done the same thing as you, where I revere everything I can't do and minimize what I can do. I can write music and draw, but I miserably failed science in school. I love creative writing, but I'm a terrible academic research writer. People like me desperately need people like you, and vice versa. We don't need to change who we are, we need to work together, you know?
    Thank you so much for this vid. You're amazing, keep on keeping on.

  57. I love this. I just spent 2 years working an admin job at an arts organization. When people found out where I worked, I would get asked what Instrument I played, and I would say the Telephone. I am not creative. But I am able to support creative people achieve and share their wonderful. And I'll take it

  58. Holy fuck, I've just realized this is what I've been waiting to hear for so long. Thank you so much, truly.

  59. Yaaay… A fellow human being that fails at even stick figure drawing ! Hello ! 😀

    If you aren't good at art. There are other ways to be creative. For me that is programming. I love to code, and I'm good at it. Surprise, I made it my job.

  60. this moved me to tears 💖

  61. Well said, Hannah! Besides, as the famous quote tells us: "Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration." I would say that's often true of success, too. 🙂

  62. You may not be an artist, but challenging problem solving requires creativity.. And you,dear Hannah, seem to be very qualified in that area.😉

  63. Damn, I Love You.

  64. hannah, I don't want to discredit what you think or value of yourself but I feel like you may have a sense of imposter syndrome.
    you said you think the people around you are creative , but you only appear to be. but maybe you're all in the same boat; despite finding it difficult, you did somehow all create videos and are thus "creators" . Maybe you just think they're better than u because you compare their finished product to your work in progress

  65. your brain just works in a different, more calculative and mathematical way and that is in no means lesser than the way the creative, artistic brain works. they are just different, neither is inferior, and like others in the comments have said, being organized and having a puzzle-solving brain is its own way a realm of creativity as well( just not the conventional type that's associated with the arts)

  66. your brain just works in a different, more calculative and mathematical way and that is in no means lesser than the way the creative, artistic brain works. they are just different, neither is inferior, and like others in the comments have said, being organized and having a puzzle-solving brain is its own way a realm of creativity as well( just not the conventional type that's associated with the arts

  67. did anyone caught what she drew at the end? 😀

  68. I can relate to this a lot, however the big question is what even is creativity? The way I see it most subjects can be studied from either a theoretical or an applied approach. My current opinion is that the theoretical approach requires a high level of creativity, but then my next thought is how do you prove that the idea you just had is original? I could take this a lot further but due to my incomplete knowledge of the world I wont. So in conclusion Hannah, you sexy litttle… I think we both have the right to call ourselves Artists 🙂

  69. Creative or not, I love your videos! 🙂

  70. But Hannah, you are self-employed right? So in my opinion you are creative in some way because you always have to think of what to do next, what's your next move. Creativity doesn't always come in standard, established format.


  72. This. Is. Amazing.

  73. I love this!

  74. Why isn't there such things as "relate button"


  76. You say you can't make music but oh. my. days. your collab with Dodie for Lonely People has to be one of the best videos, in terms of entertainment, on youtube 🙂 it seems like i need help with my organisation of tasks and prioritising… Keep up the good work Hannah!

  77. as someone with adhd, who has constant ideas but never gets them freaking done I'm like the complete inversion and envy you a lot

  78. What frustrates me is at school they put art in a very narrow box. I can't paint or draw, and was told over and over at school by art teachers I was not good. Useless in fact.

    Years later I now do an entirely creative job – making items out of fused glass. I have a studio, I have kilns, people buy my stuff. Yet my art teacher said I was a lost cause.

    There are SO MANY ways to be artistic or creative – whether it is writing, wood carving, pottery, or whatever floats your boat. I wish they would teach that in art class.

  79. That's the thing tho, I do find you creative, but in other ways. I come to this channel for knowledge, connection, a bright and positive environment. You're different as a person and you are extremely open about subjects that are hard to talk about, you bring awareness to people and make them more comfortable in their own skin. To me this all more valuable sometimes than something on canvas. Ps, I love your doodle <3

  80. Hannah, if you think, you are creating ideas, so you are creative. Creativity is not defined by the medium but by the idea behind it, it's called the creative will.

  81. Interesting video and everyone has there strong point and there not so strong points, for example I’m good at music and computer graphics, but I’m terrible at arts/crafts and definitely math. By the way, I kept getting distracted by the shuttle necklace you have, is there a story behind it?

  82. love it, I am the opposite xD

  83. I don't know that I've ever related so hard to a video about vlogging. Amalia is definitely the more creative of the two of us, and maybe the more driven, but it's seriously so refreshing to be reminded that I don't have to be Rembrandt to make my life what I want it to be. Thank you!! – C

  84. You use trello! Bloody love trello.

  85. Someone needs to comment that she is good at presentations.

  86. You're a Creative Director… you're creative, in the way you direct people, to be creative for you. Simples <3

  87. this is so inspirational

  88. You know what I wouldn't give to trade all of my creative impulses for an organized and sociable mind like yours?

    Nothing. Zero things.

  89. When Hannah had the calculator that said "boobies" on it, I remembered this scene from Yugioh: the abridged series season 0 https://youtu.be/OA3aDWg_4XE?t=1m43s

  90. ho god thank you for your video

  91. This was a very creative video

  92. She kinda reminds me of Emma Blackery.

  93. So Hannah's great. Yay! Another good YouTuber to add to my subscriptions!

  94. the more i begin to watch your videos the more that I realise how similar I am to you and it's really comforting

  95. what's a youtube star?

  96. I adore this!

  97. This is a great great video

  98. I cant emphasis how much i relate to this!

  99. all of my friends are so good at art, so this is so relatable to me!❤

  100. this is meeee! every single one of my close friends do art, and tbh art is all they talk about. it's quite hard to be around sometimes, because even though i've learnt a lot about art because of them, i never feel fully involved. i'm much more interested in History and English and although i write and that's my art, it's really not as accepted as an art form amongst my friends. this was perfect! x

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