Hypnosis for sleep – Creativity Boost ASMR POV (Female Hypnotist – Pocket watch induction)

Hypnosis for sleep – Creativity Boost ASMR POV (Female Hypnotist – Pocket watch induction)

I want you to sit back let your arms lay
loose and limp by your side that’s right with your eyes wide open
just focus all of your attention on the swinging motion of my pocket watch to focus all of your attention that’s right
watch it as it goes back and forth back and forth watch the light as it
reflects off the surface of this pocket watch soon you will drop into a very deep
hypnotic sleep soon you will let go of all of your
tension let go of all of your stress sleeeeep keep following my pocket watch focus all of your attention on it some people are easily hypnotized by the
swinging motion of a pocket watch they may spend 10 seconds or 30 seconds before their eyes become too tired before they become too sleepy to keep
their eyes open they want to close their eyes some people might spend up to two
minutes to go into hypnosis that is perfectly okay to your
unconscious mind knows to completely let go it knows when to let yourself go that
it’s okay and sleep that’s right soon your eyelids will become very
very happy very tired soon they will become very
watery and heavy you will need to close your eyes but
don’t close them yet keep staring at my pocket watch going back back and forth back and forth so easy
let me come back word from 10:00 to 1:00 when I reached the number one you will find that you will no longer be
able to keep your eyes open you will need to shut them very tight tight right you’ll need to shut them so tight that
it will make you so completely relaxed that you will need to let yourself go
completely so completely you will drop into hypnotic sleep when I reach the number one are you ready good very good
ten 9 so sleepy
so heavy eight so tired
seven just like Oh
sleeeeep six-five
for three two one
sleep now going so deep deep down
and to sleep deeper and deeper down
feeling so warm so relaxed that’s yourself go and sleep good
you’re doing so well let yourself go and sleep at the count of three I want you to open
your eyes stare at my pocket watch again when you go back into deep hypnosis
you’ll go twice as deep twice as deep as before
your body will feel twice as loose twice’s lamp
twice as relaxed one two three open your eyes
you’re awake this time when you go into hypnosis I
want you to imagine that you’re on a porch
a quiet house by the lake you see the trees on the other side of the lake
you can see the peaceful clear water of the lake so pristine so beautiful you
can see the color the porch you can see the railings you can see the woodwork
you can even see a small pebble on the top of the railing
everything is so peaceful it’s so colorful you see the birds on
the sky you can see the fist jump off the
surface of the water you could see the ripple when something drops into the
water it’s all so clear to you all very clear to you when I count
backward from five to one you will find your eyes become so watery
so heavy so tired that you will not be able to open them any longer five so heavy so watery so tired
for relax let go three to relax let go one imagine the Euro on a porch of a quiet
house by the lake you can see the trees on the other side
of the lake you can see the peaceful clear water of
the lake so pristine so beautiful
you can see the color of the porch you can see the railings you can see the
woodwork you can even see the small pebble on top of the railing everything
is so peaceful yeah so colorful you see the birds on
the sky see a fist jump off the surface of the
water you can see the ripple when something
drops into the water it’s all very clear to you it’s all very clear that’s right
just let yourself go and drift drifting along with the sound of my voice let the sound of my voice take you deep
take you deeper and deeper
down down down good drifting along with my words so
deep so relaxed loose and limp safe and sound nice and left
safe and sound let go and sleep feeling as if the sound of my voice is
coming from the inside of your mind feeling so safe listening to the sound
of voice so safe so comfortable that’s right
let your unconscious mind flow with the sound of my voice as you hear me count from 20 to 1 with
each number you seem twice as deep twice as deep
into your chair with each number see twice as deep into hypnosis that’s right 20 just let yourself lay there
I lose them and relax letting yourself drift drifting and floating and drifting
and floating your body is so heavy and let just like a ragdoll
a ragdoll has no bones it just lays there loose lip and relax nineteen deeper and deeper down with each count
you are becoming more and more of a ragdoll just lay there
let yourself sink deeper and deeper down so loose so if you’re holding on to any
tension in your arms and in your shoulders
let them go right now that’s right sleep 19 just like a
ragdoll just your arms hang loose your fingers hang limp
see sleeeeep good 18 feel your back into the softness of the
cushion feel your legs sinking deeper and deeper down a chair just let your
legs lay there hanging or loose hanging lip let go let go now okay letting go and sleep sleep 17
all the way down deep
deeper good feeling so good sinking deeper and deeper into your
chair or your bet just feel yourself sinking
deeper and deeper down deeper and deeper that’s right you’re doing so well you’re
deeply hypnotized sleep now add your mind water off off to
a distant land so far away that’s right you still hear the sound of my voice you may or may not be able to make out
what I’m saying to you it’s okay there’s nothing to think about
nothing to worry let yourself go and sleep feeling so good isn’t it good sixteen
all the way down to the floor 1514 thirteen 12:11 ten-nine sleep all the way down through
the 4/8 down down down deeper to hypnosis five loose yep
and relax for three to and what sleeeeep sleeeeep good you are a very good hypnosis subject you’re doing very very for me just let yourself drift drifts set the
warm sound of my voice into your mind good now don’t you define a moment in your
mind a happy moment everything is perfect a happy moment
where everything is going so well a happy moment where you’re delighted
with everything all you since it’s alive in this moment be a moment in the in the
past it could be a moment you wish to experience it doesn’t matter just let
yourself go to this moment I just want you to step into this happy
woman we’re unconscious mind I’ll be at the
forefront to receive all the positive and beneficial suggestions that I’m
about to give to you at the count of three you allow to happen three
to what sleeeeep go deeper good sleeping so deeply so soundly letting go and sleep that your mind has become
so sensitive so receptive to what I say that everything that I put into your
mind so so deeply so deeply into the
unconscious part of your mind and will cause so deep
and laughing and impression here these things will remain firmly embedded and the unconscious part of your mind firmly and better in the way that you
feel firmly the way that you think firmly embedded and the way that you do
things your unconscious mind
now realize that you’re a very creative person in the past
there might be events that led you to believe otherwise it is time to let go of all the negative
emotions whatever negative things that happen in
the past stays we all learn from the past and you learn very well now it is time to move on let go of the past and move on
I want you to use your conscious mind to find any pieces unconscious notion
that might keep you from being alive be creative any experience which weighs
on your mind anything that might have blocked you from your creative flow of
energy it could be weight on your conscious
mind it could be weight on your unconscious
mind it doesn’t matter use your conscious mind to find every
bit of unlucky thoughts feelings or
behaviors take a moment find them release them find them in your shoulders
arms elbows thinkers
shoulders finding them and release them
your neck find them release them center of your
body just stomach back spine
all your internal organs find them
and release them our hips eyes legs toes find them
release them your eyes ears those Jen
eyebrows every strand of your hair
find them release them looking inside your mind your past your personal life your family
career for school everyday life
any bit of negative influence release them now want you to notice all the creative
people in your life focus on the creative aura as you do
your unconscious mind will now pick up all of the positive you will not need to copy their style your unconscious line it will
automatically find a connection that they’ll find a connection with the kind
of universal energy you will find a new sense of confidence and your ability to create you will much more in tune with your
craft much less easily distracted much less needed to rely on the opinions of
others much less hung up on the need each day
you’ll find yourself much more organized
and focused on your work we’ll budget a specific amount of time
of the day and you will dedicate yourself to you you know much less easily hung up on the
notion of perfection much less hung up on the need to impress people
instead you’ll spend more time on trying out new
ideas spend more time and energy in testing
out new projects knowing that creative energy will flow it will flow as you work on your crafts every day you will find new inspirations
everything you see everything you hear everything you touch inspire new ideas on your work you’ll be
much more easily able to put things together to find new ideas much more easily see things in a
different light your sounds in a different tune in that tune
it will give you inspiration in return you’ll be much more able to translate
your ideas on a paper on to your work he easily express the ideas you have when you Express we’ll freely flow onto your hands freely flow on to your lips really flow on your keyboard freely flow
on to your media each and every minute
you’ll feel more delighted each and every minute
beautiful more and more accomplished you know a super creative person
you’re so confident in your ability all negative energy has been removed your mind and body
this filled web with an energy of creative genius feel this energy flows through your arm it flows through your legs flows through
your body flows through the tip of your fingers flows through your eyes flows through your mind you can feel this creative force flowing
on forever and ever let it speak through
you good just allow your unconscious mind to
absorb all these thoughts all of these feelings all of these behaviors you already know how to be creative
you’re unconscious nose and it will always connect and lead you to all of the great joys
and delights in life you will allow it to happen naturally and automatically good now take a breath moment and let your
minds and body bathe in this glow of positive lucky Farah okay good you’re doing such a great job you’re such a good have notes the
subject every time you go back into gnosis you will go to hypnosis twice as quickly twice as easily twice as me feeling twice as calm twice’s relax twice as comfortable as a result of our brief time spent
together you’re already experiencing changes
changes in the way that you feel changes in the way that you think changes in the way that you behave now I want you to take a moment when you go to
sleep tonight you’ll have many happy delightful drinks you will be able to use your dreams to
help guide you to all the goals that you wish to achieve you might find yourself
having a dream that is very close to the images that you have experienced today you’ll be able to see
here and feel the way that you envision your
success or your dreams might be very different
they might be dreams that are metaphysical in nature dreams that will
guide you to see your goal you may not understand
I’m at the moment but gradually
they will become so clear to you you will find these dreams
very very happy very delightful very insightful you will enjoy these dreams very you might even be able to control these
dreams you will find that you’ll be able to
remember these dreams very clearly the next day you’ll find it very easy to be able to
connect to your dreams to your real life they will all be very positive and very
beneficial to your life and allow the new year
connect reconnect with all the forces of nature
all the positive energy of this world allow yourself to reconnect with all the
life force and energy feeling all life all the flowers
autograph the trees with all this wonderful life energy
allow yourself to reconnect with the sky the ocean
the mountain rivers
streams becoming one with Al and one with the c1 of the sky allow yourself to reconnect with the
winds the currents snow becoming one dear
with water with metal with fire with earth with each breath you take your
becoming or fully actualized more confidence
we’re secured happier enjoy while in delighted
toys in center when you wake up
you’ll feel a load of burden has been lifted from your shoulders you will walk around filling
much lighter much more ease you’ll find yourself smiling a lot more
smiling to everybody that you see smiling at people you know people you
don’t know even if animals in return you’ll find them smiling back
to you your life is filled with joy the light
and Happiness all of your senses will become much much more cute
you’ll be able to see much more brighter colors they’re much more vivid sounds
feel much more defined sensations taste and smell became new and refreshed
your mind will be clear and focused your body will be vital and energetic
every day in every way you will become better and better better and better you
you you you you

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