Huge Slime Collection Review! (Haschak Sisters)

Huge Slime Collection Review! (Haschak Sisters)

what's up guys it's Olivia here and today I've decided to do a slime review of all of my sons I don't know if you guys know but I like I'm obsessed with slime that's like it's so satisfying and stuff let's do this three two one and action this slime that I made with Sarah Grace and it was a lot of fun we made googly eyes slime and its pilot crunchy sign and it has googly eyes in it okay it's very stretchy whoa that's really sketchy and watching I did it – guys this is fine Oh sound effects are so funny next one this time is a crunchy blue clear slime and I basically just made it with like clear glue and some activator and has like these little letter things in them and sometimes I like to be sorry sometimes I am like I'm playing with it and like I see words oh listen so yeah it's really clear and speaking of Oh Oh watch so satisfying and I also okay hidden secret about myself is that I literally spend like a good two hours of my day watching slime videos on Instagram and like all social media and it's like you might think that's a little weird but I may just be watching your slime like Instagram account next line so this time melted on the card I think it was kind of a fail I don't know what happened to this reads a review right it doesn't have to all be perfect we the name of the slime is gal she's fun but I got made it with white glue and stuff like it it melted I can show you how to fix it so how you fix the milk and slime you just add really thick slime to it it's mixing in okay it's getting better because I'm able to take it off my hands now okay guys so I'm gonna view this slime so it's really good it's a galaxy slime and um like it doesn't stick to my hands at anymore anymore okay it's like a fluffy slime and I made it like with white glue and activator and fluff like shaving cream my dad's shaving cream and this is a butterfly it's a purple one and this is the first person ever made I really like this time it's really soft cuz like you know how you make butter Simon you put like um it's called mono magic clay or like dinosaur clay I don't know how people say it looks like clay basically and it's really soft so like whenever you play with it like it makes all these really cool like I don't know like little lines in them it's really soft so I really like this slime it's probably one of my favorite okay guys so I'm here with my next personal slime and I just realized I haven't done any poking you know slime cookie that makes them really like funny sound like your clothes I really like to sign because it's glossy slime as you can see it's really shiny and it makes really big bubbles and yeah it has glitter in it too and this is like this slime is really nice like I really like it and it doesn't stick to my hands at all watch you go like this and you kind of like make a little like circle and your finger and you go whoop you make huge bubbles and then you pop them and that's the most satisfying sound and nowhere so that was this one hope you guys liked it so my next line this one is a butter slime and I actually made it today and I really like this one I think I did really get up this this slime and it has the clay in it again and it's really soft and stretchy cuz I put I put a lot of lotion in this one and I guess it's called butter slime you know so I always like this I make my signature twist hang something like that many twisted okay so after that you like get a butter knife like one of you like kind of like you use on toast we stick in the milk and you spread it so that is one of my favorite slides so this next line is a boom look as you can see there's like a lot of wood or like foam and this one is pink and I really like this one because when you stretch it you can see all the foam beads and this one I just it's just another white goose line I like dyed it pink like really light pink and then um I activated it obviously and then after was done I just got in a separate Bowl flung beads and then I like swirled it in like this and to the phone beeps what kind of mix of it and I love the sign so much okay guys so I say define best for last like my favorite time in the whole universe and this color is perfect so one day I just obviously I went to go mix lime and I was just making it clear and I was just like making it I put clear glue in a bowl and then I added this shaving gel I don't know I had to shaving gel and I just started activating my slime and it like I feel like when I just said it activated it and I was so surprised and so this slide was like scented same shaving bill and that my dad uses to shave his face okay this is my favorite sign because it's like pearl – I call it pearl fun because it has that really like nice shine to it see that's why it's my favorite slime okay guys so that was the end of this video I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed show you guys all of my slimes and comment down below if you guys have like a slime account on Instagram or something that I can go check out and what was your fat guys favorite slime than I've had oh my gosh my fault we should set this down so thanks for watching this video I hope you guys enjoyed by proof like and subscribe Chuchu make sure you turn on your post notifications click one of these videos to keep watching we love you guys

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