How YouTube Notifications Work

How YouTube Notifications Work

Welcome to this series of videos about how YouTube’s
search and discovery system works. In this one
we’re talking about notifications. Notifications are alerts sent to subscribers
of a channel when a new video is made public. They can be sent as
mobile push alerts or emails. Notifications tend to kick start
early traffic to your new uploads but they don’t necessarily
drive the bulk of views in the long run. By default,
YouTube only sends occasional notifications from the channels you watch a lot,
or those you’re subscribed to. If subscribers want to get notifications
every time you make a new video public they can tap the bell icon
next to the Subscribe button. The best way for you to understand
how notifications work is by subscribing
and tapping the bell on other channels. Just make sure
notifications are turned on on your phone. It’s also helpful to teach your subscribers
how to turn on notifications. Lots of creators do this in a visual way,
like making a video with screenshots. Hey, you made it! We covered a lot in this series all the way
from how the algorithm follows the audience to six key areas
where videos can be discovered. We hope this
has helped you understand how YouTube works with the goal of giving your videos
their best chance of success. If you want to start from the beginning,
click here. Otherwise, if you want to learn more remember to visit and subscribe to the YouTube Creator Academy channel. And don’t forget to tap the bell!

100 thoughts on “How YouTube Notifications Work

  1. youtube notifications stopped working yesterday and today i only receive comment notifications and stream notifications but video notifications just dont work and i have missed a lot of videos

  2. I’m so pissed. I uploaded a video and I usually get a couple hundred views but this video only got 20. I ended up asking my brother if he even got a notification (he has bell turned on) and he didn’t get one, leading me to think that most of my audience just didn’t get a notification.

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  6. Do creators need me to have notifications turned on for them to get paid? If so, that is stupid. I watch those who I enjoy. YOU wanting me to tap a bell that inconveniences me and makes our phones infinitely more annoying is something you should be apologizing to the community for.

  7. Why don't you just show people a direct feed of what they subscribed to? Why is the site even called "youtube", just drop the farce and rename it google video.

  8. Invaluable material. More about the way the Algorithms work would be useful.

  9. I like how I am now getting notifications from random channels even when I haven’t even subscribed to them, because the entire reason was to get notifications FROM PEOPLE I ACTUALLY WANTED TO WATCH . IS THE SIMPLE CONCEPT OF SUBSCRIBING SO HARD TO COMPREHEND ?

  10. Didn't answer the only question I have…

    Why is the red shape on the bell, with the number in it, top right, by my avatar… why is it sometime a circle, sometimes a square?

  11. How to to talk on live chat I cause I can't do that anymore

  12. I have a Samsung phone and there is no YouTube notifications

  13. On the computer I can read and YouTube notifications but on Android phone there is no place to read those

  14. What makes me unhappy is that when your a new YouTuber ppl don’t care about you sometimes bc your a small channel Then no one really watches your videos

  15. oh..I thought this was a series about how to get discovered on P*orn Hub dot com… My bad

  16. Help i cant find the notification bell

  17. I call BS on this video. The notifications are not sent every time new content is uploaded. I do not get notifications for LOTS and LOTS of videos. It should send out an alert every time but censorship seems to be the priority.

  18. Sweethearts YouTube: I have a PC and no smartphone. Some days the light on the bell is on, but the notification block is……empty. Please fix it. And… thank you. XO

  19. . . .well guess what(pennywise voice) it's not working!

  20. Subscribe and use notification so you can see more of my art at original art designs by sj

  21. terima kasih atas penjelasannya , semoga saya bisa selalu update video saya dikemudian hari
    ( thank you for the explanation, hopefully I can always update my video in the future )

  22. Thank you guys

  23. I don't want video's sent to my phone.  I don't watch youtube at work, and don't want my phone filling up with video's from my subscriptions or otherwise.  When i get home, after chores and dinner, I would expect to see all the latest video's from my subscriptions on the first screen after signing in.  Why does everything have to be so "back door", secret/ just popped up one day-ish.  I'm leaning more each day to the conspiracies that YouTube hides your choice video's for the purpose of promoting or "pushing" main stream video's.  These" pushed" video's all do have a common theme as well, if you think about it.

  24. I know this might be a stupid question to some people but can someone please help me. Let's say there is a YouTube channel…we will use NBC for this example…and it's the very first time that you make a comment about a video ever on this channel and you say something about a person in the video that is being interviewed and unexpectedly the person that you were talking about is the person that responded even though it's certain that it is not his channel…i am assuming that the person is subscribed to the channel and hit the bell.. And he gets notified every single time a person types and hits enter.. That would be a very huge amount of alerts for a channel that is not even theirs..i was not expecting that the person I was talking about would reply…please explain the process of how that person would get alerted when I made my first comment on the channel that is not his and there was no existing conversation that I got into between him and others… I searched for his name throughout the comments…which was a shitload of comments and couldn't find it…we are talking thousands of comments for this one video… Are u telling me that you get every comment when you hit the bell for every video…the person was in only 1 video on the channel… Doesn't make sense… Thanks in advance…

  25. Hi, I have notifications set up on my channel, but I'm not receiving any email alerts about comments posted on my videos. how do I fix this?

  26. when i look my messages on notifications…nothing appear has it used to what,s wrong…for example…how can i know if someone send me a message about a comment i made on him on any videos?

  27. Notifications DON'T EVEN WORK 60% of the Time. Also Subscribers don't even mean Viewers Nowadays because youtube never puts their new videos in your sub box.

  28. Thanks for this, always new things to learn.


  30. Actually they dont work

  31. just, dont get rid of the notification button, like these people weirdly want, so much easier than people think, they’re just to lazy to not check anything

  32. There is a lot of information I do not know about here.

  33. Great videos in this playlist on discovery of videos on youtube.
    YouTube Creators Academy is doing great work. Do keep it up.

  34. They don't.

  35. Please Fix Youtube Notifications On Windows 10 via Chrome using setting for windows notifications. Youtube notifications require a action to close them, and they Ignore the Windows display time setting. I will turn YT notifications off if they continue to be an issue. only happens on YT Notifications where the notification also shows a close button.

  36. The only thing I got from this video, that notifications work…somehow.

  37. Why is it so hard to find a video I just watched which I wanted to share before you bumped me off it? I am so tired of wasting so much time trying to find a video that was sent to me just today and there's no way to go back and find the notifications for today to be able to even find it that way much less just hit the back button like you can with every other program there is out there

  38. We do everything correctly but there is a small percentage of views and subscriptions, and the reason for the new YouTube algorithm.

  39. Then how come I have the bell turned on for Pewdiepie and yet I have NEVER gotten a notification from him?

  40. Thanks for this information 👍

  41. I'm a small YouTuber and I have a question and I need some help anyone feel free to reply to this comment if you know what I should do, you see the most recent video I uploaded hasn't sent out notifications to a lot of my Subscribers even though they clicked the bell icon and I don't know if that means the video is like messed up or what, I think it has to do with the fact that I uploaded it at 11:03 PM and it took slightly over an hour to upload (So it uploaded passed midnight technically on December the 7th but yet it say it uploaded on the 6th instead) and because I uploaded over my cell network (I also think that it has something to do with the video having the same thumbnail image as another one that I uploaded), I have been able to find it when I search it up and people are able to watch it but I'm worried that something is just messed up and will affect my next uploads, so what should I do, should I delete it and re upload it (Note that I'm also worried that the re upload will be even more messed up then the original), should I just leave it alone, or am I just freaking out over nothing (It's Probably the last one) I appreciate any and all feedback, thank you.

  42. شكرا

  43. Are notifications only for videos or even comments😕

  44. I enjoyed this series. As a YouTube creator I can use all the help I can get! Thank you. -Glen

  45. Kill the "Bell" – it over complicates things.

  46. Thanks

  47. There is NO bell on my IPad!!
    What happend??????

  48. I turn on all notifacations on my favorite youtubers.
    "Oh my gosh! I got so many notes! I have to remove some of them."

  49. I have a notification that says someone liked my comment on a particular video. I read it. Now I'd like to delete it. Every time I go to notifications to read a new one, all the old ones are still there. I clicked settings and it takes me to a page that asks if I want notifications or not or on my desktop etc and it seems to be more for the people who own the video I watched. Does anyone know how I delete a notification after I've read it? I hope you can help. Thank you.

  50. Yea why do we need a bell! YOUTUBE REMOVE THE BELL!

  51. Did Hide notification in my Inbox how do i make it show again in notifications like when it was uploaded and how many hours need someone help me

  52. Would be nice if youtube fixed their notifications for live streams. I always stream and fans tell me time to time again that they dont get told I went live until after the stream was done even if they had the bell on.

  53. Why are people subscribed to channels yet need a bell to tell them a new video is out? Just look in your subscriptions…. If you dont want to watch the vids.. unsubscribe. Youtube staff are fucken cooked mate.

  54. Great tips! I hope to implement some of the suggestions in our future videos. We are looking for ways to grow as a channel and hope that these tips will help with more views and subscriptions. Thanks!

  55. YouTube is arguably the greatest website in the world however they broke the notifications feature years and years and years ago and they have never fixed it. I've adjusted, readjusted, checked and rechecked my notifications settings countless times but haven't received accurate notifications for almost 6 years now. It's a conspiracy, people were spending too much time commenting with eachother etc and not enough time viewing ads.

  56. thanks a lot for your help!

  57. Why "occasional notifications?"

  58. How do you just delete the comments in the bell after you read them?

  59. I receive notifications from channels i don t want to watch. How is that possible?

  60. nice

  61. Thank you so much

  62. Thank you!

  63. Hi, I can't find the option to aggregate watch time (or any other) by week, month, year….etc in youtube creator studio Beta. can you help me?

  64. nothing to say

  65. I can't find the bell!!!!!!!!!

  66. youtube algorithm, do your thing

  67. I'm learning a lot

  68. I still don't know what PUSH means.

  69. My problem is I get too many notifications don't know how to delete them therefore I have to unsubscribe to my channels or I get overloaded on notifications anybody know how to delete notifications please help

  70. 200 coment 1mil subs lol

  71. Poorly made video. For the title, anyway. It's one little facet of 'Notifcations', and even that is not explained well, then you claim at the end you covered 6 items from A-F, only I don't recognize A or F and wonder wth you are talking about. laughable

  72. I need help it popes up and dissappers or it doesn't appear please make a video

  73. Wait so why do I receive notifications anyway without the bell

  74. But why does my notifakation button look like personalisierte…it doesn't look normal…

  75. what's the goat giving your videos the best Chains of 6s welcome

  76. I have a comment that seems to be stuck in the notification bell. It won't flow to the comment section, It was originally in the comments section, but now is back in notification bell. How do I get it back in the comment section?

  77. Good news..and..i think if YouTube send monthly notifications to Subscribers or refreshing old video's for one time in a month I think it's make that good for YouTube and video creators and Subscribers..thank you YouTube..with my Best regards

  78. Thank you for this video sharing

  79. Спасибо огромное за столь подробную информацию , конечно хотелось на русском , а не титры читать.

  80. How i get subscribers notifications

    Like n subscribe us….we need your love also bro😊

  82. They dont

  83. Hey… Why does my notifications get deleted after youtube's update.. I'm from mobile.. Please answer

  84. nicd

  85. why subscribers don't receive notifications about ALL NEW VIDEOS? Why they MUST CLICK FUC**G BELL!?!?!?!?

  86. On my phone it doesn’t have the bell icon

  87. You didn't explain that you must CHECKBOX the notification feature during upload found under the Advanced Setting tab. Once you publish the vid it cannot be sent out.

  88. suscribe x suscribe?


  90. Plz help, I just recently updated my computer, and now for some reason, when I begin a video on youtube, it gives me a notification with the video's thumbnail and title on it, and a play button, a rewind button, and a fast foward button.. if I get rid of the notification, then pause the video, it gives me it again, if i press the buttons on the notification, it does the same to the actual video…
    Is this part of an update or is something wrong with youtube??

  91. disini ada yang orang indonesia terus kesusahan buat nerjemahin -_-

  92. SUBS back pls Tnx.

  93. Are you listening Youtube! I am watching all of your vids and be interactive. I am ready to be famous. Thanks.

  94. How do i unhide notification on YouTube in inbox

  95. thxu youtube

  96. I made it…. I learnt nothing!

  97. I literally don't get notifications for anything I subscribe to and have rung the bell…Youtube is a POS!

  98. منورين

  99. 😅❤️👌

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