How to Use Relax My Dog Music!

How to Use Relax My Dog Music!

hi everybody and welcome back to relax my dog and now today me and milo have quite an interesting topic we are going to be talking about how to use relax my dog music for you and your dog
obviously here on this channel we do both music videos and we also do vlogs
as well which is what you’re watching right now and we want to be able to
share with you guys exactly how you can use the relax mode rock music with your
dog and in your usual lifestyle that you might not have really thought about
before we do get started though let me know down below in the comments how do
you tend to use a lot smaller music let me know down below in the comment I’ll
be sure to have a good read of them so the great thing about my last part of
music is you can use it anywhere anytime anyplace it really doesn’t matter if you
have a phone that has the speaker you are able to use them a lot so I love
music it really is that simple so for example if your dog has the separation
anxiety pop it on going out of the house and
just see what a difference it can actually make to your dog obviously if a
dog has separation anxiety they get quite sad being alone but I said they
have this music I can have to calm down and to be a little bit more reassured as
well does your dog have it trouble sleeping at night because lots of other
music can really really help to get your dog to go to sleep quicker and easier
especially if they are sort of downstairs in the kitchen or in the
living room if you played that music down there it sort of won’t affect your
sleep and also allow them to have a good night’s sleep as well so you can
actually use for that smart music anywhere the music is available on
YouTube obviously you can also use it on Spotify you could also download the
music as well like I said as well as that you can use on any device the TV a
phone a speaker a computer a laptop literally any device that you have you
can play the last mile of music art in some way so like I say there are many
different situations that can really help for your dog for example if there
was a stress well think I’m gonna play the music and I’ll just help them calm
down up to that day and the other great thing about this is it doesn’t just work
on one dog if you have multiple dogs living in your house it will also work
on those as well if you want a mixture of dogs TV and a lot of music you can
watch our dog TV sessions on our Channel they are basically at videos that will
help your dog interact with and to watch but it will also be combined
with the last melodic music as well so it’ll also help them to calm down to
just create great music and great footage for your dog to watch but that
is it for this video I really do hope you enjoyed it don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up if you did, don’t forget to comment down below and also
don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already and would like to and me and Milo
we’ll see you next week for next week’s video, bye!

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  2. We use your channels music all day long. Especially when we are leaving or when my partner is sleeping (he is a day sleeper). I 100000 percent know this works and can not thank you enough!
    Truly, thank you❤

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