How to Refill Artist Markers and Colour Beautiful Flowers!

How to Refill Artist Markers and Colour Beautiful Flowers!

It’s time for some artist marker
coloring and some beautiful flowers from Altenew! Hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and
this is a new set from Altenew called Precious Peony
and these flowers are awesome. I’m going to use two of the images to frame a card
so I’m just working out here which flowers cause there’s three large kind
of bouquets in this set and I decided on two of the images and I’m just gonna
repeat them. But first I’m going to share with you a quick tip I need to
refill some markers today so I thought I’d just show you how I did that I like
to take both the caps off each end and double check that I’ve got the correct
number or the color that’s my biggest tip actually it’s really easy to do
I’ve just got a pair of tweezers here and I actually removed the brush end of
the nib and then it’s just as simple as dropping in eight to ten drops depending
on how dry your marker is I did overfill this one a little bit and you can tell
because it actually does drip out the other end but I’m not worried about that
but I will be aware of it while I’m using my marker, another good tip also is if
you have overfilled your marker you can to scribble it off on some card stock
but when you are coloring with it if you don’t want to accidentally end up with
any blobs in your work you can take the back end off like the other cap off
while you’re using it! And these are the flowers that I’m going to color and I’m
using three different shades of purple and starting off with my darkest color
I’m only going to share one of the flowers and some of the leaves with
you today otherwise you’d be here forever because I actually did color
this up four times oh not four times I colored four floral
bunches but they are massive! I
really enjoyed it, I just had the music going I was watching some YouTube videos
some of my favorite youtubers and just seeing what they’ve been up to and
coloring it’s so much fun I find it really relaxing
so anyway focus I am laying down my darkest color first where like in the
crevices of of the flower where the petals are going to be on top of what
looks like they’re on top of each other and you can see they are a fairly loose
drawing so like I was saying they would be a really good floral image, any of these from this
set, to use for watercolor techniques also like if you did sort of a
watercolor background they look beautiful just stamped as a line image
or embossed and there’s some nice sentiments in the set as well although I
didn’t use the sentiments from this set today. So I’ve laid out my darkest colour
down and come in with the mid tone and blended it from usually
from about halfway through the marker towards the other end of the petal and
then I’ve come in with my lighter color I have left a couple of little white
highlights on the petals but not a lot though.
And just allow the marker to blend I’m trying not to over blend my alcohol
marker coloring anymore I found that I used to lay down too much color and
get too wound up and at all, but the petals on the flowers are
really easy to color because they’re never going to look the same anyway and
unless you’re practicing and keeping on coloring it is going to look all much
the same so just stamp out some flowers get your markers out and have some fun
because petals aren’t always going to look the same
every one is going to be different if you look at a real flower and there’s
shadows everywhere there’s often different tones that you can see so I just
have fun. So like I was saying this is a new set from Altenew they have a new
release and this one’s really awesome as usual the floral images are just
mind-blowing so I’ll have the link to my blog in the description below where you
can see two other cards that I’ve made and also to all the other
people hopping along because there is always so much inspiration and if you’re
here in October 2019 you can also have a chance to win which is even
better and if you go to the other blogs that I’ve linked you’ll have more
chances to win and just in case you missed the colors that I’ve used today I
will always list the colors that I’ve used in my coloring at my blog and I’ll
also link all the products that I’ve used there and also in the description
below but if you’re not sure of anything you can always write me a
comment here and I can always answer I’m happy to answer any of your questions so
I”m on to the leaves now I’m only just going to show you a few of these leaves I
colored them all pretty much the same and then after I finish this flower I
colored another three like I said I had so much fun coloring these images they
do come with coordinating dies and I did actually run them through my die kind of
machine they’re quite big they didn’t fit in the mini blossom and before I
did that I actually restamped, I left the images in my Misti they’re
big stamps so I did actually stamp them out initially with the permanent black
ink and I’m coloring it on some Neenah 80 pound cardstock I find that is my
go-to for alcohol marker coloring and that works really well with the artist
markers and just by re stamping over the top with the obsidian black ink it just
crisps up those black edges and then I kind of with the coordinating
dies I’ve attached some gray cardstock it’s the pale gray to the front of a top
fold card and now I’m popping up my images and we’re not sort of laying them
out working out where I wanted them I decided I only actually needed three of
the images so I’ve got a spare one and I haven’t I just was thinking I haven’t
actually made that into a card and this year I’ve been so good at not putting
images aside and not using them I’ve been using them so I don’t even know
where that image is right now but I’m kind of figuring it’s probably in the
packet so I’m gonna have to use that image on the card so because I do want
to use this other half of the flower I am going to cut that off and pop that
one up as well I’m just using some foam squares these are about two millimeters
so this is actually gonna sit like a frame around the edge of the card and
then I can just cut the edges off with a long straight sharp pair of scissors I
don’t know how these scissors are still sharp I have had them since I lived in
Guernsey and that was like 2007 and they are amazing I bought another pair cuz I
love them so much but I haven’t had to get them out yet (wink) alright looking forward
to seeing you at my blog and if you like this video please like it well if you
haven’t already I’d love it if you would subscribe to my YouTube channel and I’ll
see you here again real soon there is heaps coming up in the next couple of months
Happy papercrafting, bye

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