How To Play Spoons 6 – tuning musical spoons (Spoon Lady)

How To Play Spoons 6 – tuning musical spoons (Spoon Lady)

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  1. it would also be nice if you show the day-to-day journey also to add content to your channel your followers will like to know where you go on your travels.

    I'm from Brazil and I like your channel.

  2. Sweet little bus.

  3. I love your outlook and approach to life ma’am. God bless you❤️

  4. do that on an anvil be much faster

  5. You should go buy or acquire a small anvil. To massage the metal. Then use a ballpine hammer. The steel on steel will more easily shape the soft spoon.

  6. You're sweet and millions love you all over the world , including Germany . The world thanks youtube. People let us know from what corner of the world you're from.

  7. Awesome. Hi from Florida!!💞🌴🏖️🙏✌️

  8. You my lady are a breath f fresh air! Thank you. Keep it real!

  9. For some odd reason, when I click on the video tab of this channel it doesn’t show the latest videos…. It shows up like she hasn’t posted a video for 8 months.
    What’s up with that? 🤔

  10. Awesome!!!!!

  11. Love your vlogs found you by accident on a vlog tellling people off about judging you really are a talented lady cokneys in london play the spoon and one man bands but its not so popular in the uk

  12. Hi Abby, stupid question time 🙂 Is it safe to assume that spoons made from different material and/or of different size make a different sound? If any of that is correct what is your preference?

  13. Happy holidays! I've been watching you for some time now, and I just want to thank you. Thank you for entertaining me all of these years, for being such a positive person after all you have been through and for being a beautiful person!

  14. ❤️❤️

  15. I saw your most famous video a couple of years back and was happy to hear your music. I found a set of rhythm bones in some family heirlooms a number of years ago and have always been drawn to playing spoons for some reason. I’ve never know anyone who played spoons and hadn’t ever pursued taking lessons but I am SO glad I have found you learn how to play videos!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. 🙂 I’ve been holding my spoons and bones quite differently than you instruct and now I see why it’s been so hard to produce certain sounds and keep track of that bottom anvil spoon. I’m planning on a lot of practice this winter since I’m couch bound with a broken knee and now have plenty of forced down time. Thanks for all of your videos. I really enjoy them.

  16. wtf??? i didn't know u tune the spoons haha good1 Abby. is that your green van, i luv it.

  17. You are too cool!

  18. How would a set of solid silver spoons sound? Do they have more of a ring? Just curious. You are quite talented young lady.

  19. Hi Abby
    I love how you made the spoons just sing while you play them. I was wondering if the spoons have different tones ? I mean are they all the same pitch ? Do some make higher tones than others ?
    Love from Indiana.

  20. Love the tat on ur hand & love ur music ❤️

  21. I didn't know that you tuned them. Pretty cool. Btw, I saw your video on people being unkind to you. I've always thought that you were lovely. I've offered before and I restate it. I'm I'm Ann Arbor mi. If y'all ever get to the area, you're welcome to use my place, just a two bedroom but I'll make you welcome. I'm a chef, I'll feed ya. I work at the veterans hospital, if you could play for the veterans I would be so happy to help in any way. Thank you guys. So much..

  22. Hair is very cute like that. 🌹🙏🏾💕🤟🏼 God bless you sister.

  23. The look of aggravation hitting those spoons is great.

  24. I like the ponytails. Looks good on ya🤗

  25. That big one isn't a spoon… This lesson was not helpful

  26. New subscriber here…your videos got me inspired! Looking for some good spoons now ….

  27. I love how you dress

  28. You are Wonderful!!!

  29. Love you so much Abby! You seem like such a kind, lovely person, and always so positive! Thank you for sharing your music and your spirit with the rest of us! 💜🥄💜

  30. Was she using her toothbrush to make the spoons? 🔨

  31. I like your outfit, especially those boots.

  32. Thanks Abby. My spoons starting to sound better with practice. Not easy. Love your channel. That green bus thou- friggen awesome.

  33. Will you please teach us how to play?? Pleeeeeease??🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  34. The Sweet Heart Of Spoons , Is Who You Are !

  35. You should go buy a bunch of spoons from thrift stores and tune them and play them a little and sell them to fans. At least $50/set.

  36. I was one of those millions of people who discovered you when your video went viral.
    So glad I did. You’re an awesome person and an incredible musician.
    I’m a bass player but started playing spoons because of your inspiration.

  37. Tuning the spoons, that’s an art.
    No one can duplicate, Abbey,
    keep up the great sounds.

  38. So awesome her playing and talent but can she film in a creative and engaging way to make engaging and educational videos for YouTube? Hell to the yea

  39. Abby so in order to play them you have to place 1 or 2 fingers between them and hold the slim end with your thumb?

  40. A1 lady, gives a random pupper a good scratch in the middle of making this video😀

  41. Omgosh a beagle, is it yours?

  42. Such a sweetie!!

  43. I love her outfit!

  44. Cuchara martillo y ya facil, o ahora Energia y talent🐒

  45. How can 76 people dislike this?? She has an amazing talent.

  46. Hey I’m from Canada 🇨🇦
    Love that bad ass bus!!

  47. I love you so much Abby. I like playing spoons but my most success has been playing jew harp etcetera you know what I'm saying I love what you represent I love who you are I come from a very poor family that working cotton Mills all their life I love what you represent thank you for being you it makes me feel good to see people Like Us living and loving life but the most important part thank you for sharing yours with us may God bless you may all your dreams come true but most of all I want to wish you a Merry Christmas have a good day girl

  48. You're an awesome lady

  49. I ruined all my mum's spoons getting tyres off my bike. Ps love the banjo.

  50. There is actually science to what you are doing here. By hammer forging the iron contained in the spoons crystal boundaries align. You are forge hardening spoons

  51. Your personality is just adorable! 🥰


  53. 💕💕

  54. L i b…. I learned me something new today!!😜

  55. I swear to god, this lady got me playing with spoons haha. Never thought I’d be doing something like this

  56. Your talent is just beautiful! Who taught you how to play the spoons?

  57. Hey Abbey, do you have a favorite set of spoons, or do you just not get attached to them like that?

  58. Love your outfit today!

  59. First Fridays in Florence, Al. You would be a HIT!

  60. 💜

  61. Awwwww Lily. ….I love the doggie

  62. You're so sweet, love your dedication to your spoon playing
    Really talented

  63. I'm pretty sure Abby is my favorite human

  64. You are so freaking cool, I really admire you

  65. Go into a cutlery store and film it!

  66. Willie

  67. You spread so much goodness! ❤️💜 it’s inspiring and beautiful. I would love to share my skills with you too! If you’re in the mood for some cool artwork one day, I’m your gal, no charge! Either on canvas or your skin, or both! 🥄🥄 keep spreading that L❤️VE!

  68. I bet she's just methin around, def not serious.

  69. Love you.

  70. You're a sweetheart Abby!

  71. Cute doggie u have there.i have a jack Russell that looks like yours

  72. Good stuff. This is old wisdom. I like it!

  73. Hippie

  74. I luv you and the pup! I always wanted to learn the spoons

  75. Genia!

  76. Glad to see you making more and more videos. Keep up the great work.

  77. Прекрасно владеешь ложками,восхищена!❤️Привет из РОССИИ😘😘😘

  78. You're so brilliant Spoon Lady!

  79. You are great!

  80. В шоке…….

  81. The way she is sitting with the white of her dress showing and them boots remind me of granny clampant off the Beverly Hillbillies love it glad I found this channel love your music

  82. You should try a ball peen hammer that might work well for you. You can get a small one at a craft store or find one when shopping for spoons you like.
    Flea markets are a good place to find them

  83. Love ya Lady🤗

  84. I had to come back to the video the say…. Gosh I just love you!

  85. Love your music. You have a certain way about you that makes you unique and I love it.

  86. You should sell your spoons!!!! I believe that’s a wonderful idea!!!! ❤️❤️❤️ do you sell them already???? I want some!!

  87. I did hit the sub button a while back Ms Lilly lol. I haven't regretted one but.

  88. Bist du deutsch oder wird mir hier einfach alles übersetzt?

  89. Silly

  90. This guy explains how to tune metal drums @ 12:55 and tunes a frying pan @ about 16:10

  91. You said you got your first set of spoons from Paula Deens restaurant. Where do you get your favorite spoons now?

  92. We love you 😍

  93. You are so cool

  94. This lady is a legend ❤️

  95. I freaking love that green on the bus 👌

  96. Your beyond amazing!!! I appreciate your channel…your cool people 🙂

  97. Love your hair like this dude! X

  98. with those spoons you can def, make a sacaida snare sound like trap music.

  99. You are awesome!

  100. I love watching your videos Abby best wishes from England.x

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