How to Paint Shadows & Highlights | Acrylic Painting

How to Paint Shadows & Highlights | Acrylic Painting

27 thoughts on “How to Paint Shadows & Highlights | Acrylic Painting

  1. second

  2. fourth

  3. lol @ all down there 😀

  4. 32549 – 32539 = 10

  5. lol, the comments made me laugh….

  6. I Hate People Who Say "Thumbs Up". Thumbs Up If You Agree.

  7. i cant get over how bad this apple is… an art major and im pretty disgusted by the shit she just produced…i know its a tutorial..but come onn… you can do better im sure


  9. i didn't know a piece of shit was called an apple.

  10. She forgot the razor blade in it!

  11. As an art major, you should know that there are different layers for a painting. This is the first basic layer, I thought that was self-explanatory.

  12. That was crap

  13. she is useless..!! :S

  14. I really enjoy these type of vids pls post more

  15. There is no need to be so mean in your comments. Constructive criticism is fine, but so many of you are just hateful, yet inarticulate. If you don't like the video, don't watch any more in the series. Those of you knowledgeable enough to know about the layers of a painting should also know enough to realize one can only impart a limited amount of information in a less than 3 minute video. This video was successful in conveying the intended information. It was not meant to be comprehensive in teaching every aspect of how to paint a 3 dimensional object.

  16. i could do a better job than she did

  17. Someone forgot how to use marketing… this is supposed to make use want to go buy your tutorials, right? So… why give a crappy lesson as a taste? Someone needs to fire their marketing manager because this was not effective.

  18. This was a “basic” example. If you all don’t understand what a “basic” example is; fundamental, then you all are the ones who need to be taking fundamental English lessons, NOT art tutorials. Shame on you all.

  19. Shadows aren't actually darkest at the bottom edge furthest away from the light. Just a heads up. You can check this fact in photographs, the darkest patch is actually a bit away from that edge, and the rim is lighter. There are physics reasons for this, but for the purposes of learning what shaded objects look like you don't always need to know the specific science behind why light and shadow behave as they do; you only need to know how they behave so that you can portray it to your satisfaction.

  20. This is what I show my students NOT to do. This was pretty horrendous.

  21. This is going to change my paintings forever. I've always struggled with highlighting and shadows. I would use grey, black and white and wonder why it would look so bad. Thank you so much! I have a huge project I'm making for my husband for V-day and I was afraid to ruin in when it got to the shades and highlights.

  22. Not cool boy JK it is cool

  23. What if it was a plant (green)

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